Top 10 Best Cycling Backpacks

Top 10 Best Cycling Backpacks to Buy in 2020

When making a pedal around town or trail, cycling backpacks are great allies of cyclists. Easily portable and useful compartments, the athletes can bear from the basic items, such as helmets, to water tanks to remain hydrated during the journey.

But with so many versatile models on the market, it is common to feel doubt about which is the best option, is not it? Thinking about it, we have prepared this guide to buying tips and even a ranking of the 10 best cycling brands like backpacks JWS, Atrio, Nautika and Curtlo. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Cycling Backpack

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or are starting to pedal, the backpack for cycling is a useful partner for any route. To make a good buy is important to assess the structure, the material, the ability and accessories carefully. In this section, we detail each of these items for you.

Choose the type Backpack Ideal for your routine

The models of bike backpacks vary according to the route and items you want to upload. In this section we will explain the features and usefulness of the main types of market backpacks for you to make a good choice.

Hydration backpacks are the most popular among cyclists who usually make long trails and in places without water available. This model has an internal water reservoir 1.5 to 4 liters with hose to the handle that facilitates hydration of athletes during the entire route.

Some backpacks are coated with thermal blanket that keeps the cold water longer. Being compact and lightweight, this backpack does not bother during cycling and does not hinder the performance. However, it has a reduced internal space, where only fit small objects.

For those who walks the way home to the bike work, urban backpack is ideal. This model has ample internal space to store the helmet, clothing and other objects of everyday life. It also has internal pockets to keep everything organized and functional.

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Urban backpacks are great and useful for transporting objects, so are suited to both short as long pedals. However, it can be a little uncomfortable to carry this model during a competition. Generally, this backpack model has a more expensive price.

Pectoral abdominal belts and the balance avoided Knapsack

A good backpack for cyclists is one that does not wobble while you pedal. In practice, the recommended is that the bag remains firm and close to the body, like a vest, all the way. So choose a model with adjustable ribbons on the chest and abdomen.

This type of attachment provides greater stability and comfort because it prevents movement of the backpack or even hurt the skin it from slipping when you are on the bike. This reduces the chances of the rider losing balance on the bike and even suffer some kind of accident.

Pick a backpack Comfortable, Breathable Fabric and Waterproof

Top 10 Best Cycling Backpacks To Buy In 2020

How will you use the backpack frequently and for a long time, it is important to analyze the fabric carefully. Prefer models with side handles and padded and resistant fabrics such as polyester, polyamide, nylon and EVA.

Another cool tip is to check if the bag is made of breathable fabrics. This type of material facilitates the passage of body sweat, which thus prevents the warm skin and be soaked. This provides a sense of comfort, especially on hot days.

Thinking on rainy days and routes with water, also make sure the backpack is waterproof. These models are water resistant and allow personal effects remain dry. Some products are not waterproof, but offer raincoat to protect the backpack.

To avoid overload, Prefer Backpacks Up to 1 kg

Top 10 Best Cycling Backpacks To Buy In 2020

The weight of the backpack for cyclists is another factor that must be considered at the time of purchase. After all, if it already is heavy, it will be difficult to ride when you add items from the trip. In the long run, this can cause back pain and affect your performance on the bike.

Therefore, so that the backpack is not a burden, choose the maximum templates 1 kg. Thus, in long pedal when you need to take helmet, water bottle and raincoat, the bag will not be so heavy and the trip will not be as tiring for you.

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Choose Capacity Agreement with the Route Distance

There are backpacks for cyclists with capacity ranging from 3 to 30 liters each is shown to go through paths of different lengths. For short pedals with about 10 to 20 km, the ideal are the backpacks with 8 capacity up to 12 liters.

On the other hand, if you intend to make a long-distance pedal greater than 100 km, choose a backpack with capacity of 12 to 20 liters. At this size, you will have enough space to put clothes, helmets and other heavier items.

Also stay tuned to capacity water tank. In this case, the bags with a capacity of 1.5 to 3 L are indicated for short tracks to 2 hours. For paths with longer routes, opt for higher capacities.

Check Accessories Extras Backpack

To ensure practicality along the way, some models of backpacks for cyclists are equipped with useful accessories. One of them is the output headphone jack that lets you listen to your favorite playlists or answer calls easily while pedaling.

There are also options with side pockets that are useful for storing small objects such as documents, keys or cards. Other cool items and help a lot are the flashlights and whistles stuck in the bike buckle, they help in routes on trails or the city.

Top 6 Best Hydration Packs

Now that you know how to choose a good backpack, check our ranking with the best backpacks for cycling. To facilitate the purchase, see a selection of 6 best hydration backpacks!

Top 10 Best Cycling Backpacks To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Hydration Packs

Top 4 Best Urban Backpacks

Now check out our selection with the fourth best urban backpacks to pedal around town.

Top 10 Best Cycling Backpacks To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Cycling Backpacks To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Urban Backpacks

See also Our Cycling Gloves Notes

To have the best experience during your adventures with the bike, what about leverage and also ensure a cycling glove? Follow the link below and check out our tips on how to choose the right product and a ranking of the top 10 models on the market!

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Prepared to choose the best backpack for cycling for you? I bet you do! To make a good buy just choose the ideal model for the way you usually do frequently. Also be careful about the material, capacity, weight and extra accessories pack.

If at the time of purchase you still in doubt, check our rankings and will surely find the ideal model for your needs. With the right backpack for cycling, riding their bikes will be more functional and comfortable.


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