Top 10 Best Soccer Balls

Top 10 Best Soccer Balls to Buy Online in 2020

All playmaker needs a good soccer ball! Brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Topper Penalty renewed every year its main models, so there are several options on the market, the most expensive to the cheapest. The balls vary in size, shape of the buds and the presence of certification. There are also specific models for natural or synthetic lawn.

With so many options you may end up getting lost in choosing the best for your game or even to gift someone. Thinking about it, we have prepared a complete guide to choosing the ideal soccer ball! And to make the decision even easier, we also made the ranking of the best balls for sale in Brazil. Then check out our tips and score a great goal!

How to Choose the Best Football

You may even find that the best football is the World Cup, but many prefer the models used in the Champions League or the Brasileirao, for example. So, how to decide? You do not need to rely only on models of the major leagues! We list below some important points to assist you in choosing the best football for their matches!

Choose agreement with their Age. As Newest, Smallest!

Top 10 Best Soccer Balls To Buy Online In 2020

To get children need smaller balls, minis balls (labeled 1 and 2) are good entry options. Since three sizes (between 59 and 60.5 cm) and 4 (63.5 to 66 cm) are the reference for children under 13 begin training. The size 5 (between 69 and 70 cm) is FIFA standard used in competitions in amateur categories and field staff, so they are the main market.

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Can a child get used to playing with a soccer ball size 5, but the chances of injury are greater. So it is best to choose a model with the proper size for the skeletal development and the child’s muscle.

Choose agreement with Place You Play. For each field type, a Different Model

The passionate players are always ready for a game regardless of the place, in the unspoilt countryside, synthetic or terrace. Top talent dribble, defend and disarm opponents, every day. But did you know that choosing the right ball according to the type of place that you play can make the game easier? Let’s talk more about this below, check!

The natural grass field or ground has irregularities, for the team to make better plays is important that the ball ping over. And also that it is soft to avoid injury.

The models marked “Field” are made to drop a little more than others, in addition, the buds sewn impart softness to the ball!

Top 10 Best Soccer Balls To Buy Online In 2020

One of the biggest mistakes among Peladeiros is to use the same natural lawn balls on artificial turf. Not to affect control of the moves in this type of terrain the balls need to drop less than the natural grass as the floor does not have so many irregularities.

With the smooth floor, but with equal strength the grass, the ball does not rotate so easily, which makes the game slower. The balls that land may be the “Society” style, with an average size between 66 and 69 cm, and weighing up to 450 g, it is important to put the pressure indicated by the manufacturer, so the ball does not bounce too.

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Prefer thermo-bonded balls for External Areas, They Are More Durable

The old balls were made of leather and hand sewn nowadays are basically made of polyurethane and can be glued between the buds. Many models are still sewn with the advancement of more accurate and reliable joints offer good durability to the ball and especially softness.

However, termocolados models are more resistant, avoid 100% the water inlet on the ball, which directly affects the game in open areas, so it has less wear and durability, although they are a little tougher than sewn balls.

To Train Seriously Use balls Certified

Known as replicas, certified balls for football bodies (such as FIFA and CBF) have undergone numerous quality tests, which put them in accordance with professional soccer parameters.

For those who want to train for a competition, it is very important to get used to the style of an official ball. This prevents confusion about the trajectory and speed of the ball, giving confidence to the player “Mitar” in each competitive match.

Top 10 Best Soccer Balls Buy Online

Now that you know how to define what the best ball of style to buy, we list the Top 10 with a mix of the best soccer balls in official size to play on natural grass, synthetic or terrace.

Top 10 Best Soccer Balls To Buy Online In 2020
Top 10 Best Soccer Balls To Buy Online In 2020
Top 10 Best Soccer Balls To Buy Online In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Soccer Balls

Telstar FIFA World Cup 2018 Top Glider

Finding the perfect ball goes far beyond choosing a good material and a good sewing! It’s super important to also decide on a ball that offers comfort in time to kick. However, after all the tips we gave in this article, the perfect football is just one click!

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Set well what your starting style and choose from one of the options of our Top 10. And if change is like to play, we will be happy if you refer back to this article!


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