Target Baby Registry 2022

Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

Target has a wide range of products for babies and children in-store as well online. Target even offers a baby registry service, which will allow new parents to be prepared with the basics before they are due.

  • If you’re going to have a baby and want to make sure you’re best prepared for the birth, you may be wondering how exactly does a Target baby registry work? This is what I know about it!
  • Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    The 2022 Target Baby Registry: How does it work?

    Target allows you to create your baby registry online, in store, or by downloading the Target Registry App. You can share it with loved ones and friends. Target baby registrations come with free welcome kits (over $150 value) along with discount coupons. You can return or exchange items within one year of your baby’s due day.

  • Keep reading to discover how to set up a Target baby registry. What items come in the welcome kit? And what perks and benefits you receive as part of the Target baby registry.
  • How do I create a Target Baby Registry

    Target allows parents to set up a registry for their baby via a variety of methods. This includes the Target Registry App,’s registry tab or visiting Guest Services in-store.

    Simply follow these steps to set up your Target Registry App.

    Simply log into and navigate to the registry site.

    Then, click the baby registry> button. You can now select the items that you want to add to your Target baby registry and click on the ‘create’ button.

    If you’re visiting Guest Services in-store to make your baby registry, you will be guided by a Target employee regarding all the steps you need to take to make the baby registry.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    What does a Target Baby Registry Starter Kit look like?

    If you create a baby registry at Target, you will receive a welcome kit that is valued at over $150 and designed to help you decide which baby products you like the best and would prefer for your little one.

    Target’s best-loved brands are included in this welcome kit. They come packaged in reusable bags.

    What Are The Target Baby Registry’s Essential Items?

    Target Baby Registry Kits come in a wide variety of contents. However, most often they include several coupons and handpicked samples from Target’s most popular brands.

    The items range from baby diapers and burpcloths to nursery decor and clothing for maternity.

    Additionally, Target has even been known to give Starbucks coupons for free coffee to new parents in their welcome kits.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    How Do I Get My Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

    You can collect your welcome kit in-store at Target by visiting the Guest Services desk with your baby registry barcode which can be obtained via your account.

    This barcode can be scanned from a printout or from your mobile device. Unfortunately, the barcode needed for your welcome kit is not currently accessible from the Target registry app.

    Note that the free baby Registry Welcome Kits from Target are quite popular so it is worth calling the store to ensure they have one in stock before you make your visit.

    Target makes it easy to get your baby registry welcome packet shipped as part your regular Target order. Simply sign into your account to locate your baby register.

    The benefits page allows you to choose whether or not to mail the welcome kit. You may also continue shopping as normal. You will also get shipping free if you spend over $35

    What are the Benefits of Target Baby Registry?

    Target provides other perks and benefits that will make your registry a success, in addition to the welcome kit.

    Target is offering a flat 15% discount on remaining baby registry items if the baby’s arrival falls within 8 weeks.

    This will allow you to receive discounts all year for Huggies.

    Target provides returns and exchanges up to a whole year after the event for any baby registry item.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    Are you able to view the buyers of my baby registry target? offers a gift tracker that allows you to keep track of who bought gifts on your registry. offers a handy gift tracker tool that you can use after logging in.

    Click on the gift tracker icon once you’ve chosen your baby registry. It will display a listing of items bought along with quantity, date purchased, and purchaser name.

    Target provides a convenient feature whereby you can indicate “Thank You” next to every item. This allows you the ability to keep track of everyone you thank and mark them off.

    The gift tracker will display items on your baby registry once they have shipped. The gift tracker currently does not support group gifts.

    Is a Target Baby Register able to last for a long time?

    You may review and maintain the registry for 548 (eighteen months) from the day of the event for a baby registry.

    The gift giver can search your baby registry for up to one full year.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    What time do I have to return the items on Target Baby Registry

    Target will accept new, unopened items in your baby registry up to one-year after the date of the event.

    How can I return products from my target baby registry?

    Register to and locate your Target Baby Registry page.

    To the left of the homepage’s registry page, you will find an option for returning items. Choose the preferred store that you’d like to return items to, then select the item to be returned and create a return code.

    The Target Registry App allows you to make returns to items on your baby registry. To get your barcode, use the App Options to choose ‘Make Returns’.

    Make sure you bring a valid government-issued photo ID when visiting the store to make your return since this will be used for verification.

    Notice that the barcode used for your Baby Registry Return is only valid at the particular store from which it was generated. Target gift cards are accepted for refunds on Target baby registry items.

    Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

    What should I include on my Target Baby Registry

    Target also offers checklists which can be used to help parents feel more confident about what they should put in their baby registry.

    Target’s free Welcome Kit is intended to help parents decide which products and brands they should choose for their baby.

    Target Baby Registries often include items like diapers.

    Learn more at our post on Target’s baby registry, Target’s baby formula return policy and Target’s baby registry return policies.

  • Conclusion
  • The Target Baby Registry allows parents to make a list of items that they want for their child, which can then be bought by family and friends. You will also receive a welcome kit that includes coupons and samples to get you started on your registry. If the items are not used or new, parents have one year to exchange them.

    How can I obtain my Target Welcome gift for free?

    Register on your Target account from your mobile phone. Select your registry from the Registry page. Go to the Registry page and select “Get Welcome Kit” from the section entitled Offers & Benefits. This barcode can be presented to Guest Services Target staff to redeem your welcome package.

    How Can You Save on Baby Registry Registration?

    While not every retailer offers completion discounts on their baby registry, some do offer savings of up to 10 percent. This registries can vary greatly in terms. These include when the discount ends, how it starts and when it ends. Also, you have to compare them. 17 January 2021

    Can You Use The Target Baby Registry Coupon More Than Once?

    How many times can I use my registry coupon? You can use your registry coupon twice: once in-store and once online. Plan your shopping trip and online purchase so you can get everything you need from your registry.

    How Does The Target Baby Registry Work?

    The Welcome Kit: You’ll be eligible to receive a Welcome Pack once you set up your registry. Head to your local Target store to pick up a mix of coupons and free samples (a $150+ value), or get it shipped to you for free with orders of $35 or more.22 Dec 2021

    .Target Baby Registry 2022 (Welcome Kit, How To + Discounts)

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