Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times

Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

You may wonder when it is best to return a Target purchase you made recently.

  • Target enforces a strict return policy. You can also return goods at the applicable time. Let me tell you, I have done my research.
  • Target Return Hours In 2022
  • Target offers customers the ability to return items through Target Guest Services from 7am-10pm Monday-Saturday and 8am-9pm Sunday. Hours may change between stores and be affected by Holiday hours. Target recommends calling your local Target or using the Store Locator to locate your closest Target.

  • For more information on how to return an item, read this article!
  • Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    When is the best time for a return to target

    The best time to return something to Target would be during off-peak hours, or when the store is less likely to be busy.

    Because there won’t as many customers, you are more likely to skip long queues. Staff will also be quicker to get your order back.

    It’s best to avoid attempting to make a return when the guest services desk is about to close.

    The staff will be more understanding if they follow the store’s policy. This can help save them the frustration of telling you to come back tomorrow.

    You can return your items outside of the Target Guest Service Hours.

    Target would prefer you to return your item to the Guest Services desk if it is an in-store transaction. These staff will be trained and able to handle any request you may have.

    On the Target Store’s specific location, you might ask a cashier for help. This may work, however, it is not advised as staff may not be trained to manage returns.

    Target employees can be of assistance if you need them, since they are known for being extremely helpful.

    Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    Can I return items to the same destination?

    Returns to Target are possible at any time.

    If you have your correct proof of purchase (e.g. Target can accept returns if you provide proof of purchase such as receipts or packing slips.

    What is the best way to return items to Target?

    Target’s return policy states that most items can be returned within 90 days of purchase.

    You will get a full refund or exchange for any item that is in good, new condition. Any items opened may result in a refusal to refund.

    It all depends on what item it is. For more information, call your local store or go to Guest Services.

    Target sometimes offers a modified return policy on certain products. Make sure you keep track of all receipts.

    Target Own Brand products can be exchanged or returned for a refund within one calendar year.

    All electronics and entertainment items purchased at Target must be returned within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

    Closed products (music, Blurays, Blu Rays, and video games), cannot be returned. But, they might be exchangeable in-store for the same title or for different platforms.

    Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

    Conclusion: Target’s Returns hours when are you available?

    Target’s returns hours are from 7AM to 10PM Monday through Saturday, and 8:30 to 9PM on Sunday. But, there may be some exceptions. has a great tool that will help you locate the closest Target store. Or, call and ask for directions. This will allow you to save time and avoid stressing returns.

    Target may accommodate return requests outside of Guest Services. However this is not recommended. The staff may not understand your situation and may find it difficult to work with you.

    Which Time Does Target Stop Making Returns at Target?

    Target’s hours of return are 7AM-10PM, Monday-Saturday, and 8AM-9PM on Sunday.

    Are Targeted Open Returns Possible?

    Target allows you to return open items Target can accept opened items for return. Target will issue a replacement or refund as long as your return is received within 90 calendar days.

    How do I return an item to target? Guest Services is available at 1-800-591-3869. If we have the item in stock, we will process the return and place another order. We honor the original purchase price.

    Target allows me to return clothes

    Target is happy to accept returned unused clothes within the first 90 days following purchase. Good condition clothes can be returned to Target without the tags.

    .Target Returns Hours & What To Do Outside These Times (2022)

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