Taylormade M5 Driver Review

Taylormade M5 Driver Review

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taylormade m5 driver review

Test Results Impressive

Practical Golf doesn’t focus on club reviews because no one person’s experience can predict the results of others with that particular club. Because I know you are interested in data, I will be happy to share it with you.

. I used the same shaft, and randomized shots between both drivers so we could get an accurate depiction of its performance. Tests were conducted on a Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor, one of which is considered to be the best launch monitor in the world. Also, Woody Lashen from Pete’s Golf made sure we had the proper loft on the M5 for optimal performance.

Club Ball Speed in mph (rpm) Total Spin at rpm (degrees). Launch Angle at ° Carry Yards Total Yards

Titleist 917 D3 149.9 1732 15.0 262 288

TaylorMadeM5152.31832 16.2 271 293.

The data proves that the M5 has delivered as promised. I saw consistently higher ball speed on almost every shot I hit, which translated to more distance. Additionally, my drives had tighter dispersion. TwistFace was probably responsible, although there were measurably higher performance overall according to Foresight. It’s possible to make incremental gains, but it’s not going to be anything spectacular if this driver is in place.

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These white stickers were used for testing and are not intended to be part of your face. While the look and feel may vary from golfer-to-golfer, I loved the feeling it made at impact. TwistFace can be a distracting feature as it is hard to notice the difference between other drivers’ faces at address. Also, the matte appearance was much better than the reflective option that some golfers may find distracting.

taylormade m5 driver review

Taylormade M5 Driver Review 2021

If your main concern is to hit your Driver further than your buddies, you have found your next Driver in the TaylorMade M5.

This driver is very long.

They are being used by tour men. TaylorMade’s heavy marketing campaign on the M5Driver this year has resulted in a substantial amount of reviews. It’s as good as people say.

TaylorMade Motorbike Driver. Click to Get Price. But you can do more than 180. TaylorMade M5 Driver features a speed-injected twist face. TaylorMade implemented the Speed Injected Twist Face in 2015.

The USGA and R & A regulations allow them to go beyond the limit of legal driving.

Taylormade’s Taylormade driver provides more precision and speed for ball control than previous models.

The Driver has been made more adaptable than the M6 by the additions of the T Track, Moveable Weights and the T Track.

taylormade m5 driver review


This TaylorMade M5 Driver Review explains why it is considered one of the top golf clubs.

Every company repeats this every year, and it is annoying, even if your equipment has been upgraded.

You should consider upgrading your equipment if it has been a while. The M5 driver will impress. It offers everything you need: adjustability, sliding weights as well as low spin, increased ball speed, and lower spin.

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You can find great pricing for the M5 Pilot here.

Click to Check Price

taylormade m5 driver review

Taylormade M5 Driver Review – Pushing The Limit Of Speed

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Review No Comments I will be reviewing the TaylorMade® M5 golf driver.

TaylorMade has redesigned the Twist Face technology in the M3 to create the M5, and carefully calibrated it so the head can achieve as high a speed limit as R&A or the USGA legally allows. Redesigned weight tracks allow for precise ball flight adjustments.

What is the M5’s actual performance? Compare it with other models such as the or. What is the value of having it in the bag?

Let me tell you what this review will cover:

Features & Technologies Performance Look, Sound & Feel Where To Buy This Driver Online Conclusion

Learn more to help you make informed purchases

taylormade m5 driver review

Taylormade M5 and M6 Drivers Reviews

TwoGolfGuys could earn commissions for any purchases through our links. The price you pay is not affected and neither are our reviews. We are able to continue creating high-quality golf content. We appreciate your support!

By: staff

Editor’s note: Dustin Johnson can carry the ball 346 yards with this thing. This is what you’ve been warned about.

TaylorMade is the tech innovator when it comes to driver technology. They introduced the big head, and continue to push the envelope in terms of aerodynamics as well as general clubhead speed-boosting tech. That’s right, the same things we hear all year.

TaylorMade M5/M6 drivers could continue to build on their legacy as innovators.

Today we take a deep look at this year’s new line of TaylorMade drivers to see what they can do, and how they differ from one another.

It’s likely that you’ve seen this commercial more than 20 times if you watched any of the golf videos from the year.

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taylormade m5 driver review

Taylormade Vs. M6 Driver Compartment Test

Golfmagic GolfMagic has two TaylorMade new M5 or M6 drivers in competition. Which one wins?


With its brand new M5/M6 Speed-Injected Twist Face Drivers, has released them into the marketplace. But how do they compare and which is more appealing? We’ve got all the answers.

Jack Seddon, GolfMagic Equipment Editor, took the M5 & M6 drivers along to Farleigh Golf Club in order to take them down with SkyTrak Launch Monitors. They were then tested on the range before being put to their test on the course.

Please watch our whole Head-tohead video review.

TaylorMade Drivers Review – M5 vs. M6

Taylormade M5: Is It a Good Driver?

The TaylorMade TaylorMade M6 driver has more adjustment than the M5. However, it is also the most expensive. … It is expensive but it’s worth it. The M5 driver has a TaylorMade face that can be customised for you using all the adjustable options. Jan 3, 2019.

Taylormade M5 Driver is Forgiving

TaylorMade M5 drivers have unlimited potential because of their adjustability. Good forgiveness. Great sound and feel.Feb 18, 2019

Taylormade’s M5 Driver is Good for Beginners

TaylorMade Golf M5 M5 Driver (460cc). TaylorMade Golf’s M Series has achieved great success due to its technology. This allows both beginners and highly handicappers to be more accurate even with off-center strikes.

Which M5 Driver is Better?

If you are looking to maximize your driver’s performance through trial and error, then the M5 might be more suitable. The M5 offers less forgiveness, is easier to adjust and can be tweaked to suit your needs. May 23, 2020

.Taylormade M5 Driver Review

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