Titleist Ts2 Driver Review

Titleist Ts2 Driver Review

titleist ts2 driver review

Titleist Ts2 Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 was the first time we reviewed and tested 28 different drivers. The Titleist TS2 driver results are below.

Prices: 499/BUY NOW Lofts : 8.5@, 9.5@, 10.5@, 11.5@. Our Take: The 460cc-TS2 was designed for unadulterated, pure distance. Titleist chose to keep the profile clean and focused on forgiveness throughout the face, rather than adding a SureFit CG cartridge at the sole for adjusting shot shape.

ClubTester’s Take (10-hdcp ): This seems to be able to meet all of my requirements. It is a cheeseburger. You can’t go wrong with it.”

Robot’s take: One of the best for reducing unwanted spin for mid swing speed players.


titleist ts2 driver review

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titleist ts2 driver review


The TS2 was designed for maximum distance, forgiveness and launch height.

You will be able to increase your distances by using the extremely low, deep, fixed-CG location.

It is a powerful machine from the moment you hold it. It looks great and is fast.

Its gentle design inspires aggression in your swing, while its high MOI design gives you the ability to maintain your full swing.

You can expect to travel long distances at a staggering speed thanks to the incredible acceleration. The TS2 driver is great for anyone who swings like a pro golfer or 25 handicapper.

Review: Titleist TS fairway trees could be your missing link in

.Titleist Ts2 Driver Review

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