Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

titleist ts3 driver review


Two factors are driving the TS-drivers’ rave reviews: low ball speed, and higher spin.

Ball speed on from the TS3 is very strong, and, more importantly, it’s robust. The TS3 driver is less accepting than the other drivers. However, the TS3’s MOI is higher and the face is thinner which helps to maintain a high ball speed even when the player moves off center. The fear of Titleist drivers as being only “for better players” should officially be a thing of the past.

Titleist has brought down spin for this generation of driver. Most golfers now realize that high launch and low spin are the keys to longer drives. Although it may not be the most spin-killing driver, the TS3 can compete with, and often beat any other driver.

Titleist has made the TS3 driver adjustable in two ways. The SureFit Hosel is their most popular product, and has been used for generations. The SureFit weight is another. This was first introduced by Titleist in their 818 hybrids. However, they have made an excellent upgrade to the TS woods. Rather than asking golfers to have two weights – one Neutral and one Draw/Fade biased – they’ve created one weight which can be neutral or biased. It is placed into a port located in the head to keep the adjustment hidden.

Titleist still offers an extensive selection of stock-shafts. They have two relatively new offerings from Project X – the HZRDUS Smoke and the EvenFlow T1100. Two MCA shafts are available – Kuro Kaage and Tensei AV Blue. After fitting with Titleist, I chose the EvenFlow T1100. It is smooth to the touch and features a sturdy tip.

titleist ts3 driver review

Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

Titleist Updates Their Drivers To Give You More Speed. For many rounds of golf, and range training sessions I was able to use the TitleistTM TS3 Driver.

This is my overall opinion and review of the club and how it performed for me!

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Titleist has always had loyalist that would play their driver no matter what. It didn’t matter how many holes it took, they loved the look, sound, and feel of the driver. These golfers were simply happy to have a Titleist driver in their bag. Titleist wasn’t happy that so many people who tried other company drivers would get yardage. Spin was a key factor in my experience. Many Titleist drivers turned too quickly, often leading to a loss in distance. Titleist was well aware of their slight fall in speed and launched the TS initiative 2 years earlier. The plan was to catch up and surpass their competitors in the driver market. Titleist offers drivers even non-loyalists need to check out, as it delivers speed.

Titleist strongly recommends to all golfers that they get a suitable driver for their new line. They have done this before with other clubs. But if your goal is to make the most of your driver, get fit. The company offers free fittings every Thursday throughout the country. This is a great introduction to Titleist and there is a strong possibility you might just walk away with some new clubs. You can rest assured that you’re getting the right model, loft and shaft for your golf swing. Talking Stick Scottsdale was the place where I purchased mine. The fitter had all the heads and all the new shafts to let me swing away and see if I could best my current gamer. Trackman Launch Monitor was available to assist us with dividing shots and data in order to make me the best Titleist driver. The numbers started to shake out and I was able to get a TS3 8* head with HAZRDUS 60g 6.0 shaft in 45”. I had the most spin and launch numbers with this combo.

Titleist TS3 will be appealing to Titleist loyalists. The driver has a pear form, simple colors, and is mostly made out of black. For the perfect fit, the SureFit Hosel has 2 cog settings. The TS3 model has an adjustable weight for moving the CG and changing some flight characteristics. You will notice the biggest improvements “under-the-hood”, with lighter titanium crowns, speed chassis and hotter faces. The new T3 is faster than any previous Titleist driver, and that’s exactly what it is.

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I’ve reviewed Titleist drivers in the past and was even fit for them, but it seemed no matter how hard we tried, we could never really “best” my other drivers. I am impressed with what I get out of Titleist this year, and I fit for it. It was better than the game I was playing. The numbers do not lie. It was a great pleasure to have this driver join me on the course. To me is the most important aspect of testing. Although nets can be wonderful and numbers great, they are not really important if the test is done on a course that has water on one side and OB on another. This club was very interesting to me on-course testing.

That club I carried in my first round was incredible. All day, bombs were thrown down the middle. It had mid-high speeds that carried nicely and came out well. It was phenomenal, easily the best Titleist driver that I have ever encountered. After that, it was dominated by driver swing yips. After the 3rd round, I became a complete mental wreck. I was unable to swing the driver and could not even reach the driving range. He kept pace with me when I took it over to a friend I often out-drive. Titleist’s driver was my real breakthrough. It was amazing to see how well he could hit this driver. It was quickly returned to my bag, and I had my swing back on track. Then it was time to go back and bomb it.

titleist ts3 driver review

Titleist Ts3 Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 was the first time we reviewed and tested 28 new drivers. Below are the results for the Titleist TS3 driver.

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Price: $499 / BUY NOW lofts: 8.5@, 9.5@, 10.5@. Titleist’s SureFit CG cartridge, located in the sole of the midlaunch, low-spin TS3, allows for the adjustment of the center to create a fade or draw. It is easy to understand why Tour players like Justin Thomas rely so heavily on the TS3.

ClubTester’s (0-hdcp),: You can feel the ball bouncing off of the head. Clean look and easy to swing an easy sell for a good player.”

Robot’s take: Delivers low spin and a more penetrating ballflight for faster swingers.


Are The Titleist Ts3 Good Driving?

The TS3 can accelerate balls at a very high speed, but it is robust. … While the TS3 is not the #1 spin killing driver, it’s more than capable of competing with – and often beating – any other driver on the market. Two options have been added by Titleist to the TS3 driver. Oct 18, 2018.

Is Titleist Ts3 Forgiving?

The TS3 doesn’t have as much forgiveness, but the forward weight will mean that it spins a lot less. The face is a little bit deeper which is going to bring the trajectory down, so that better player who is trying to reduce the spin and hit that ball farther will be able to get that.Jul 22, 2019

Which Is Better Ts2 Or Ts3?

The TS2 driver is less forgiving than the TS3, while the TS3 features a weight cylinder, which shifts the center point of gravity between draw- and fade bias. … Titleist’s past drivers had a shaft length of 45.5 inches. The shaft weight savings allows the TS2 or TS3 drivers to have a shaft that is half an inch longer. Sep 6, 2018.

What do the pros think about Ts3Driver?

Eric Axley (9.5 degrees)Rafa Cabrera Bello (9.5 degrees)Charley Hoffman (9.5 degrees)Adam Scott (10.5 degrees)Webb Simpson (10.5 degrees)Justin Thomas (9.5 degrees)Jimmy Walker (8.5 degrees)Richy Werenski (10.5 degrees)More items…*Jun 14, 2018

.Titleist Ts3 Driver Review

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