Titleist Tsi3 Driver Review

Titleist Tsi3 Driver Review

titleist tsi3 driver review


Titleist answers my biggest question about the TSi3 drivers: “Can a middle or high handicap player play it?” With both weighting (ATI 425 Aerospace titanium) and materials, Titleist made the TSi3 driver very efficient at controlling ball speed, spin rate, launch angle and launch angle. I was surprised by how far I could get from mishits as I went into testing. While it’s not going to forgive poor swings as well as the biggest, most forgiving drivers, the TSi3 is very stout for a players driver.

Titleist remains committed to the SureFit hosel since its inception, but they don’t mind changing their weighting system. With the TSi3, they offer yet more adjustability. Five positions are available on the SureFit track at the rear of the head: two toward the heel and one towards the toe. While it looks very sleek and stealthy this weight system doesn’t really move much. This means you will not see any significant changes in your ball flight, even if you have a good record of ball striking. Adjustable weighting is not for you. This will make your baby easy to handle.

titleist tsi3 driver review

Titleist Tsi3 Driver Review – Cg Precision

Paul Club Review Golf Product Reviews Comments This review focuses on the TitleistTM TSi3 driver.

The TSi3 is the “players precision” model in the TSi line of drivers. It shares the speed-boosting technologies of other TSi drivers but has a Tour-inspired profile and a special track on the back of the sole to dial in CG and ball flight.

The TSi3 has new face technology advancements and an improved MOI. It also boasts enhanced aerodynamics which are characteristic for the entire TSi series.

The CG track is useful in optimizing ball flow. How playable is the driver on the course? Who should put it in the bag?

These questions will be answered and others in the review. These are the topics I’ll cover:

Features Technology Performance Look, Feel & Sound Where You Can Buy This Driver On-line Conclusion

Keep reading for more information on how to purchase informedly

titleist tsi3 driver review

Titleist Tsi2/Tsi3

TSi2 8@. 9@. 10@. 11@. TSi3 8.9@. 10@. 11@. Our verdict: We are amazed at how well the faces of the TSi drivers perform, look and feel. Excited tester says: “It seems a bit bubbly,” but the ball flys hot off its clubface.” Titleist is proud of having created a unique titanium driver clubface.

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OUR TAKE: The TSi driver faces are amazing. We cannot believe how well they look and feel. A club tester exclaimed, “It is quite bubbly but the ball flies hot from the clubface.” These are great praises for Titleist given the challenges Titleist faced in creating a driver made of an aerospace-grade titanium. The DETAILS: This new titanium clubface offers Multi-Dimension Stability which gives the driver a narrower range of spins between shots struck on an off center of percussion. Improved aerodynamics help to include clubhead speed and carefully positioned weights optimize launch conditions. Two models are available: the TSi2 and TSi3 versions for optimal distance. The SureFit CG track adjustable bar allows for additional control and weight CG manipulation. Both models come with adjustable hosels for custom-fit ballflights. Read 150+ ClubTest-2021 gear expert reviews. View our Product Titleist TSi3 Director. OUR TAKE. The TSi3 drivers’ faces are stunning. A club tester exclaimed, “It has a bubbly look, but the ball flies hot from the clubface.” We are blown away by the amazing face on the TSi3 drivers. MULTI-DIMENSION STABILITY is a new feature on the titanium clubface. This allows for more spins between shots hitting off center of percussion. Aerodynamic improvements include improved clubhead speed, and weight positioning to optimize launch conditions. The TSi2 model is for the longest distance and the TSi3 to allow for weight CG control via SureFit CG track adjustment bar. Each model comes with an adjustable hosel for customized-fitting ballflights. Review 150+ of our Gear Experts in the ClubTest 2021 Collection View Product Details: The ATI 425 is a hot face. This material was initially developed for military uses, including tanks and body armor. It features multi-dimensional stability which allows for tighter spin range between shots that are hit far away from the center. The aerodynamic package has been improved to reduce drag, speed, and place weights strategically for launch optimization. You can choose from the two models: the Tsi2 for best distance or the Tsi3 for more control and weight.

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titleist tsi3 driver review

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Could the TSi be the best driver that Titleist has ever made? To compare their ball speeds, launch angles, spin rates, forgiveness, and ball speed, the TSi3 & TSi2 are tested in this first review.

titleist tsi3 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Vs Tsi3 Driver Review Vs Alternatives

Titleist Driver Review: TSi3 vs Titleist Ti2 I love Titleist vehicles, have owned several and hope to purchase many more.

Their design and soft feel at impact are something I have loved for years. The subtle look of them is what really makes me love them.

Today we are going to have a look at the new offerings from Titleist, the TSi2 and TSi3, as well as the other competitor clubs out there.

We will help you decide what clubs you should be thinking about and trying if you’re in the market for a new driver.

The TS Project When Titleist dropped the D designation for driver models they were telling the world that something new was coming.

They launched the first four drivers of the TS1-TS4 generation.

The TSi line is now the improved version of these outstanding clubs but do not think that Titleist have made slight changes and done a paint job here.

titleist tsi3 driver review


WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Irons, Wedges and Putters Apparel Shoes Cars Grips Shafts DMDs Training Tools REVIEW: The Titleist-TSi driver Titleist-TSi2 Titleist-TSi3 Titleist drivers Gear New Gear Review. Titleist-TSi2 Titleist-TSi3 Titleist drivers Titleist drivers New Gear Review. Titleist-TSii drivers have the best performance and are a great option for longer and straighter shots.

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For many years, the titleist driver in the has had the reputation that it was reserved only for more skilled players.

This reputation, while not based on my view, has prevented Titleist drivers perhaps from getting into more golfers’ bags.

* Titleist TSi drivers – FIRST LOOK!

Titleist was not impressed with the TS line up two years ago. Their incredible performance and speed helped counter this perception.

Two drivers are now available with the TSi series. They could just as easily make their way to your bag like mine.

These big sticks can be described in one word: consistent.

Is The Tsi3 A Good Driver?

Titleist combined both the materials (ATI 425 aerospace titanium) and weighting to make the TSi3 driving machine very efficient at controlling ball speed, launch angle, spin rates and other important parameters. … While it’s not going to forgive poor swings as well as the biggest, most forgiving drivers, the TSi3 is very stout for a players driver.Jan 11, 2021

Is Titleist Tsi3 Forgiving?

Titleist TSi3 does not have the best flight control. … The new Surefit Hosel and sliding rearweight can be used to dial in an even flight pattern.

Which driver is more forgiving, Tsi2 or Tsi3

It’s the more forgiving, higher launching of the two models. It is safe to predict that Titleist’s driver sales in 2021 will be dominated TSi2. Positioned for the better player, the TSi3 trades a little forgiveness for a more compact shape and adjustable weighting.Oct 15, 2020

What is the Tsi3’s advantage over The Ts3

We compared the TSi3 with the TSi3 in order to find that the TSi3 was faster overall, and more spin-friendly than the TS3. One of our most favorite discoveries was that the new weight tracking is simpler and more flexible than before. … Ball speed and spin rates almost equal to the TSi3

.Titleist Tsi3 Driver Review

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