Top 10 Best Absorbent Cloth

Top 10 Best Absorbent cloth to Buy in 2020

Cloth napkins are up! Because it is a sustainable and economical option compared to traditional disposable. Imagine, along the woman’s life, how many napkins are spent and what the cost of this long-term! It is this thought that has both popularized this product.

Some brands have been highlighted enough in this segment, as Korui, Rome and Natural Inciclo, producing absorbing a lot of quality. To help you, we have prepared a complete guide to choosing the best absorbent cloth and a top 10 with the best options in the market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best absorbent cloth

If you are willing to use sustainable and economic options for intimate care, it is important to pay attention to some details before purchase. So check then all you need to know to choose the ideal absorbent cloth for you!

Choose the type Suitable for Your Need

To avoid problems during the day is necessary that the absorbent is of the appropriate type. Factors such as the length of time between changes the intensity of menstrual flow are crucial to make a good choice. Check out the following types most common and their characteristics.

Top 10 Best Absorbent Cloth To Buy In 2020

Designed for everyday use and comfortable, the small absorber is indicated for women with light menstrual flow, to the final days of menstruation, to use along with the menstrual cup and feel safe for leaks with this daily breathable absorbent.

Another very common use of such absorbent cloth is for those with urinary incontinence frame or even some kind of discharge. In such cases, the absorbent mini can well avoid stains or any unwanted leakage.

This type of absorbent is environmentally friendly and the most common used. Some brands even sell this as one size fits all. Usually it has sufficient absorption capacity for moderate flows, managing to avoid leaks and hence unwanted stains on clothing.

Due to the fabric to mold the body better than disposable, its use is comfortable. However you must be careful if you need to stay long periods without change it, because remember, it was thought to normal and moderate flow use. To use for long periods chooses a larger one.

Top 10 Best Absorbent Cloth To Buy In 2020

For women with heavy menstrual flow as indicated is the night absorbent because its absorption power is far superior to the others. So it is widely used in the first weeks after birth. This absorbent cloth can keep you free from leaks and stains on clothing.

Another indication is for women, even with light or moderate flows will need to be long periods without changing the absorbent, such as overnight or on the road, since the back is slightly larger, ideal for get much time sitting or lying. Always good to have a night absorbent!

Cotton prefer absorbers to avoid skin irritations

Top 10 Best Absorbent Cloth To Buy In 2020

Something extremely uncomfortable, especially during menstruation, is the feeling of irritability of the skin, itching and even allergy. To avoid this kind of problem to give preference made on absorbent materials that you already know and know it does not irritate your skin.

In the market, most models use natural and synthetic fibers, such as cotton, polyester and polyamide. For women with more sensitive skin, it is best to opt for a cotton tampon because they cause less irritability. So think carefully and evaluate these materials.

Kits with more than two parts are Most Affordable

As all know, during the menstrual period it is necessary to maintain a constant exchange of absorbent to prevent leaks. Thinking about it, many brands sell kits with 2, 4 or even more parts, and this provides that get a lower price than the unit purchases.

Moreover, with kits so you can be sure that you will always have an absorbent hand while already used are drying. Surely this is the best way to save money and still maintain an intimate care adequate and sustainable.

Top 6 Best Absorbent Cloth

With everything you’ve seen so far, it was easier to choose the absorbent cloth that best fits your needs is not it? So here’s a ranking of the top 6 best absorbent cloth, and remember that all listed products are of excellent quality. Check out!

Top 10 Best Absorbent Cloth To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Absorbent Cloth To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Top Absorbent Cloth

Absorbent Comfort Dry

Absorbent Comfort Natural

Absorbent Green Coverage Seca

Absorbent Reusable Dry Comfort

Normal absorbent cloth

Top 4 Best Absorbents Kits Cloth

Now that you know the best options on the market that give such a list of the top 4 best absorbent kits cloth? Here you’ll find the most complete kits and best value available. Check below!

Comparison table of the Top Absorbent Kits Cloth

Flushing the Absorbent Cloth

The cleaning of absorbent cloth is similar to the underwear, but requires some care. The main thing is in relation to the cleaners. To prevent allergy or skin irritation problems, use only mild soap, preferably liquid. This way there will be waste in the tissue.

Many women make the absorbent wash while bathing itself, but another way to do this is to let the piece sauce for the blood that has dried to be diluted in water. This provides a more thorough cleaning, however, is not recommended to use bleach, be careful with that.

Check Absorbents Other Options and Collectors Menstrual

Maybe one day you need other types of absorbent, in addition to absorbent cloth, or even other ways to protect yourself during menstruation. Take the opportunity to give our best indications of menstrual collectors, absorbers postpartum and absorbent internal. Just click the links below!

Now that you knew more about the details involving the choice of an absorbent cloth, you can certainly make a good choice. Remember to pay attention to the type and the used material. This will ensure the selection of a suitable absorbent reusable and safe for you.

So is the recommendation to better research the products listed here in the top 10 best absorbent cloth. Surely some will serve perfectly for you. Do not forget, sustainability and personal care can go together, just choose correctly. See you!