Top 10 Best Absorbents Night In 2020 (Always, Always Free And More)

Top 10 Best Absorbents Night in 2020 (Always, always free and more)

Every woman knows the importance of a good absorbent to feel safe and comfortable. During the night, so adequate protection is essential for a peaceful sleep. The industry knows it and every day brands like Always, Intimus and always free throw different absorbent nighttime options.

But you know how to choose the best absorbent night for you? Our paper provides everything you need to know to choose without risk of error. Following even prepared a ranking of the 10 best night market absorbing, with brands such as Always, Intimus and always free. Check out!

How to Choose the Ideal Absorbent Night

The night absorbent should have some different characteristics of the daytime use to be more efficient and keep you safe and dry all night. Here’s what makes an absorbing evening an effective and safe product, even in the days of more intense flow.

Prefer Absorbent Gel in your composition

There made in various absorbent materials such as cotton fiber or polyethylene, for example. But some models have, between its layers, a type of gel in its composition that offers a greater absorption power.

Therefore, particularly when it comes to absorbing nighttime, give preference to those having gel. It absorbs the flow and immediately solidifies, preventing him back and have contact with your skin. Thus avoids possible irritations, leaks and that unpleasant feeling of moisture.

Choose Agreement Type to Use

There are several types of night absorbers in the market and understand the difference between them is essential for you to choose the best for you.

Top 10 Best Absorbents Night In 2020 (Always, Always Free And More)

If you bother with absorbent height can experience an ultra-thin model, also called adaptive. Much thinner than traditional, they are hardly noticeable under clothing and to be more flexible, adapt to the curves and movements of your body.

Top 10 Best Absorbents Night In 2020 (Always, Always Free And More)

If its flow is intense and you need that extra protection also during the day, consider an absorber model Night and Day. They are designed to be a bit more discreet for daytime use, but still bring the power of the night protection.

Top 10 Best Absorbents Night In 2020 (Always, Always Free And More)

The usual absorbent have an average of 28 centimeters in length. This is often enough to retain its flow without leaks. However, when the flow is heavy, the ideal is to invest in longer absorbent, especially when you’re staying more than four hours without changing and the body lying.

Some night absorbent even have up to 40 centimeters long, ensuring that even the increased flow of nights you stay safe and well protected. Some women even choose to use absorbent longer night on a daily basis to have the safety of extra protection.

Absorbent Night with Tabs have better fixation

Top 10 Best Absorbents Night In 2020 (Always, Always Free And More)

Regardless of their favorite design of absorbent for the day, always prefer tabbed absorbent night. They adhere better to the panties, preventing its absorbent move overnight, giving more safety and comfort to your sleep. Furthermore, the flaps completely surround the edges of the panties, preventing the side leakage.

However, there are people who are allergic to models with tabs or feel uncomfortable, so some brands also offer nightly models without flaps that can be used for more sensitive people. If this is the case, confirm that the product has no or tabs before buying.

Choose between coverage or Soft Dry

Top 10 Best Absorbents Night In 2020 (Always, Always Free And More)

As daytime absorbent, the night also have two coverage options: dry and smooth. If your skin tends to become irritated when using absorbent, opt for soft coverage. Made of cotton or cellulose, they are more natural and less aggressive skin.

But if your flow is heavy, dry coverage is the best option. With porous surface, the dry coating quickly absorbs the flow, keeping it inside the absorber and away from contact with the skin. Therefore, the most sequinha sensation may be more comfortable for those with heavy flow.

Check Amount Per Package

The standard absorbent package is 8 units, but most places manufacturers in promotional issues market with 10, 15, 20 or more absorbent at a lower price. Therefore, when evaluating the cost-benefit of a night absorbent, check the amount of package units and save the purchase!

Top 10 Best Absorbents Night

Now meet our ranking with the 10 best night market absorbers. They were chosen considering important criteria such as material, length, presence of tabs and type of coverage.

Comparison table of the Top Absorbent Night

Absorbent Night Always Hyper Long

Always absorbent Night Nights Walkable

Absorbent Night Intimus Gel

Absorbent Night Always Free Soft Touch

Ultra Absorbent Night

Absorbent Day and Night Sym

Absorbent Night Intimus Smooth

Ultra Absorbent Pads Organic Super

Absorbent Night Ladysoft

Absorbent Basic Care Night +

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Now that you know all the important criteria to evaluate in a night absorbent, you are ready to choose your with much more security. Always consider the intensity of its flow to determine the best length, material and cover for you.

If you have a friend with the same questions, share this article and help more people to make right choices. Consider the product of our ranking, they were selected judiciously between what is best in the market. We wish an excellent buy, with nights more peaceful and secure from now!