Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum

Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum to Buy in 2020

The beginning of pregnancy brings many surprises and learning. During this period, the woman is faced with changes in your body, begins to mount the baby’s layette and researching everything about motherhood. Also happens to worry about further aspects of pregnancy, including the lochia (postnatal bleeding).

Soon, moms discover that to contain this bleeding will need to purchase a special absorbent, but how to choose? After all, brands like Plenitud and Sensaty offer several options. That’s what we’ll talk below, then we present the top 10 postpartum absorbent!

Absorbent Postpartum, or Night Geriatric diapers?

Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum To Buy In 2020

After delivery, due to a wound which arise when the placenta and uterus are separated, the woman has blood loss (lochia) for about 40 days. As it is not menstruation, traditional absorbent does not support this flow, requiring the use of postpartum absorbent, the most resistant type.

The postpartum absorbent, which can also be sold as absorbent geriatric, should be used, especially in the early days of that period. After all, up to 7 days or so, the flow is still quite intense, bright red in color and the presence of clots.

Over the days lochia become more clear liquids and, being possible to replace the absorbent postpartum a geriatric diaper. Being tall and resemble a panties, it provides sense of security and comfort. Already the evening absorbing should be used only when the flow decrease enough.

How to Choose the Best Absorbent Postpartum

Then you will understand important aspects of postpartum pads and discover what the best model for you. Thus, you can choose with more security. Check out!

Choose Based Flow Heavy, Moderate or Take

Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum To Buy In 2020

The flow of lochia may vary slightly from woman to woman, some may have more intense blood loss while others have moderate losses. But as a general rule, we believe that initially the flow is more intense, becoming moderate until light.

For safety, before delivery, when you are preparing the suitcase it will take to motherhood, it is better to buy the heavy flow version. It is larger and bulkier. As the bleeding is slowing you can exchange by absorbing light and moderate flow, which are thinner and unobtrusive.

To avoid leaks Opt for Absorbents Postpartum with Layer Waterproof

Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum To Buy In 2020

In general, all postpartum absorbers are quite resistant and therefore prepared to contain lochia. But to have extra security, especially if you are doing something outside the home, she is important that the absorbent has a waterproof layer.

Absorbers with this layer have a protective barrier that prevents the passage of liquids, helping to avert leaks. Thus, you feel much safer to do the tasks of everyday life, without worrying about unwanted surprises.

Absorbent Postpartum Hypoallergenic Reduces Allergy Risk

Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum To Buy In 2020

The vaginal area is a more sensitive nature, requiring some special care. This sensitivity is even higher in the postpartum, when can occur swelling, itching and redness. So, care to prevent allergic reactions in the region must be redoubled.

Therefore, give preference to hypoallergenic absorbing postpartum. They are specially formulated to reduce the risk of allergies, which considerably reduces the chances of you have some reaction. To find out if the item has this feature, just check the packaging.

Absorbent with Soft Touch Ensures More Comfort to Mom

Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum To Buy In 2020

To choose the absorbent common criterion is simple: if you have sensitive skin opt for the soft touch, but if you want to have the feeling of being always sequinha prefer the dry touch. However, in the case of postpartum choice absorbent it is not so simple, it is necessary that the absorbent delivered both benefits.

Thus, when choosing prefer the soft touch, this cover is softer and does not cause discomfort on the skin. But not to feel uncomfortable, it is also important to keep dry feeling, so absorbing choice beyond the soft cover, also have a superabsorbent gel.

Aloe Vera is Healing and Soothing, Prefer Absorbents Enriched with Active This

After giving the normal delivery, it is common for mother’s genitals to become swollen and painful, especially when labor lasts several hours. It is also common to occur numbness in the perineal region. Therefore, it is important to choose absorbers that are as smooth as possible.

A very active used to ensure smoothness in the absorbent is aloe vera, medicinal plant that has, among its many benefits, soothing and healing actions. To enhance this effect, you can also make compresses with teas to follow in the region. At the end of the article we will explain how!

Who indications tested and approved

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Top 10 Best Absorbents Postpartum

After understanding the absorbent postpartum characteristics, it is important that you know the options available in the market. Thus, we have created a selection of the top 10 products. See below!

Comparison table of the Top Absorbent Postpartum

Maxi Biofral Geriatric absorbent Multipurpose

Karisma Absorbent Postpartum

For absorbent incontinence Light, Postpartum, Post Operative

ProtSec Absorbent Postpartum

Premium Absorbent Geriatric

Geriatric absorbent

Bigmaxi Absorbent Geriatric

Geriatric absorbent

Geriatric absorbent, Postpartum and Postoperative

Revenue Compress: Healing and Awkward relief in the Region Vaginal

To help in the healing process and reduce troublesome as swelling, you can make ice cream in absorbent soaked home into a soothing and healing tea. Following is the recipe!

Take care not to overdo the amount of tea as this absorbent it will be used throughout the day and if you have very soggy not absorb the flow.

A cool tip is to make this process with several absorbers once, so every exchange you already have another to use.

New Menstrual Cycle: Check Absorbents Other Indications For Use After lochia

As explained, the lochia is a bleeding resulting from the placenta, or it is not menstruation. The menstrual cycle usually returns only between 2 and 8 months after delivery. Once it restarts, you’ll notice an increase in the flow, but rest assured, it’s completely normal!

This flow increase occurs because each pregnancy, to return to its normal state, the uterus is larger than before, causing the volume of the increase period. Thinking about it, we separate some of absorbing options for you to use so your cycle back to normal. Check out!

Prepare for the arrival of a baby is not easy, is not it? There are so many things to plan and learn that often the moms get a little lost, especially the first time. But rest assured, this is super normal and gradually you will getting the hang.

Our tips will help you a lot in choosing the absorbent postpartum, so do not forget to have them on hand at the time of purchase, okay? It is important to choose the type and the proper flow. It is also essential that it is hypoallergenic and gentle touch. Better yet if you have waterproof layers and aloe vera!