Top 10 Best Action Games For Ps4

Top 10 Best Action Games for PS4 to Buy in 2020

It owns a PlayStation 4 and is looking for a fun action game? The video game console from Sony is packed with titles that fall into this category, offering everything from the most simple and casual to the most cinematic and developers challenging as Insomniac Games, Rockstar Games, Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games.

With so many games available and sometimes for a price so high, the task of choosing the right game to play or give as a gift for someone can not be very easy. To help you, we will bring some important details that can be taken into consideration at the time of purchase and a ranking of the 10 best action games available in online stores.

How to Choose the Best Action Game for PS4

action games vary widely in a matter of gameplay and types of stories. Most include subgenres elements such as adventure and RPG, so it is difficult to speak of the general genre. However, there are some important details that will make the difference at the time of purchase. Check out some of these factors!

Know Subgenres of Action Games

There are many ways to categorize the games according to their gameplay. With each generation advancing technology, it is natural that a title of a genus includes other elements, fitting into multiple categories. Discover below some of the main subgenres of action games!

Beyond those three mentioned above, there are several other genres such as beat ’em ups, platform games, rhythm, struggle and survival. Each category has a different gameplay, so it is worth trying all!

Choose Between Perspectives on First or Third Person

It is important that the player know his preference for games with perspective in first or third person, as this may influence the final shape your experience. We will explain below the advantages and disadvantages of both types!

The first-person perspective puts the game camera in the body of the controlled character. Thus, the player can better observe every detail of the scene, seeing only the arms of his “puppet” generally holding an item, such as a gun, flashlight, among others.

Despite thereby allowing the player has a better sights on shooting games, many express discomfort due to sudden movements of the camera. It’s really a matter of preference, so it is important to try to find out if you like or not.

Games in the third person ever leave your character in the scene, offering the player a full view of the body of his “puppet”. In many case it is also possible to directly control the camera to observe the scene around him.

This mode may not be as immersive as the first-person perspective, but it is the most common out of the shooter genre games. The player can not only get a better sense of your place in the game environment, but also more easily notice the presence of elements such as obstacles and enemies.

Some games include modes or Multiplayer Components

Top 10 Best Action Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020

While many action games focus on one player adventures, some allow the fun extends to you and your friends online. The number of supported players information can usually be found on the back cover.

If the game has a multiplayer option, just look for the main menu for this mode. Sometimes you need to download an extra component that specifically brings this online functionality. Anyway, it is likely that the game itself will guide you in the right direction to play with your friends.

Remember, however, that most PS4 games require a subscription to PS Plus service to be played online.

The Age Rating Indicative is a factor Important

Top 10 Best Action Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020

While the PS4 is home to the most varied types of games, it is important to keep an eye on indicative age rating, since there are provided titles for all ages even those recommended for players over 18 years.

This factor becomes even more important if you want to give this game to someone, because if a child is gifted, maybe a title presenting inappropriate content for their age is not the best option. Similarly, an adult may not enjoy a game with children.

Make sure the game has been located for Brazilian Portuguese

Top 10 Best Action Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020

Many action games have complex storylines full of dialogues between characters and texts to further deepen the story. It is therefore important, especially for those who do not understand English, the game is localized in Portuguese.

Fortunately, we can consider ourselves lucky in this area, since the most popular action games of today have not only texts translated into our language, but also voiceovers, often of remarkable quality.

Keep an eye on the back of the game or cover the description available in online stores as they often include information about the location.

Top 10 Best Action Games for PS4

It’s time to know our selection of the top 10 action games for PS4 available. We are sure that at least one of them will win you. Check below and have your choice!

Top 10 Best Action Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Action Games For Ps4 To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Action Games for PS4

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Red Dead Redemption 2

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The action games are ideal for players who want to challenge and improve your reflexes and coordination. Many bring unprecedented adventure and very striking. You can go into action as a soldier, a superhero or even a simple delivery.

When choosing the perfect game, remember to check if it supports the prospect of your own, multiplayer modes and Brazilian Portuguese language so you do not miss any detail of the narrative or how to play. When in doubt, just go back and re-read our tips!