Top 10 Best Air Humidifiers In 2020 (Mondial, Elgin, Britain And More)

Top 10 Best Air humidifiers in 2020 (Mondial, Elgin, Britain and more)

With the arrival of autumn, the weather tends to get a little drier certain regions. For this reason, the purchase of an air humidifier can be a good alternative to keep the environment more pleasant, especially for people with respiratory diseases, children and the elderly.

Brands like Mondial, Elgin, Britain and G Tech are good examples of environmental humidifiers that can ensure adequate humidification and a great durability. So we prepare a comprehensive guide to choosing the best option as well as a top 10 best air humidifiers. Check out!

For that serves the Air Humidifier?

Top 10 Best Air Humidifiers In 2020 (Mondial, Elgin, Britain And More)

The air humidifier serves to keep the humidity in a healthy and pleasant level. Function that is very useful and important, especially for people with respiratory problems, rhinitis, sinusitis or living in drier regions.

For clarity, the World Health Organization – WHO states that for men, for example, the ideal humidity is between 40% and 70%. Ie outside these parameters the body begins to encounter some difficulties, which can cause dry cough, worsening of allergies, dry throat and others.

What is the difference between Humidifier and Air-conditioner?

To address this question, we will summarize the difference for you. The humidifier has the primary function of the improvement of air quality, contributing to a healthier breathing. Although it also makes the environment more pleasant, the air conditioning is not part of its functionality.

Already the climate control system aims to minimize the ambient temperature by wind and humidity. That is, its function is not to balance the moisture in the environment, or even promote a healthier air, but provide a more comfortable temperature at the site.

How to Choose the Best Air Humidifier

To ensure that your air humidifier has the best technology and deliver the best benefits, it is important to note some points regarding the main features of this equipment. now know what to look for before buying a humidifier.

For more humidity Adequate, Opt for type Ultrasonic

Top 10 Best Air Humidifiers In 2020 (Mondial, Elgin, Britain And More)

As stated before, the humidifiers are great for keeping the air quality, especially for those with rhinitis, sinusitis and allergic conditions. This is because the ambient air is a lot easier to breathe, avoiding the inconvenience caused by drier climates. There are 3 types of humidifiers:

Prefer the air humidifiers ultrasonic! They use more modern technology, which has the advantage of controlling the humidity of more appropriately, releasing water in the form of cold gas, which results in a much more pleasant, air-conditioned environment.

Note that the reservoir capacity is Adequate

One of the most important points to consider before buying an air humidifier is the size of your water tank, which must have sufficient capacity for the room size. This will avoid the need to be completing the reservoir during use.

If the environment to be conditioned is small, such as bedrooms, a humidifier air of up to 3 U is sufficient to maintain the necessary moisture. However if you use the in larger environments the best thing to do is to choose options with greater capacity.

See if the Run Time is Suitable to Your Use

Top 10 Best Air Humidifiers In 2020 (Mondial, Elgin, Britain And More)

To avoid pitfalls in the use, keep in mind the size of your environment and the length of time you want to use the air humidifier, as the main models of market umidificam on average for 10 to 20 hours. Recalling that, larger environments take longer to humidify.

Of course, at minimum power the humidifier can work longer. Remember to leave the humidifier on for long hours can end up doing harm to the environment and to health. Excessive moisture facilitates the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms and fungi.

The humidifier Weight Can Restrict Use

Top 10 Best Air Humidifiers In 2020 (Mondial, Elgin, Britain And More)

It is very common to associate the air humidifiers portability, and in this regard the weight can greatly influence. heavier and robust devices tend to hinder the mobility of the rooms of the home or even while traveling and sightseeing.

Typically, humidifiers weigh on average 1 kg, some more than others, however, it is worth remembering that you put water in it and can easily add between 4 and 5 kg in larger models, and this can hinder the mobility, since the liquid can swing while you carry the device.

Make sure the voltage is 110v, 220v or Bivolt

Top 10 Best Air Humidifiers In 2020 (Mondial, Elgin, Britain And More)

Not all places have the same voltage, so you need to be aware of this information. Connect the air humidifier as well as any electronic device, the wrong voltage may cause damage and even burn the device.

Thinking about it, many manufacturers produce multi-voltage humidifiers, which are more recommended as they can be connected to sockets 110 and 220v, thus avoiding the risk of accidents and increasing versatility, since you can use them anywhere, with no worries.

Top 10 Best Humidifiers Air

Now that you know how to choose a good product, check out a top 10 best air humidifiers. We emphasize that all listed options have excellent quality, so search for each of them, for surely some will fit perfectly to what you are looking for.

Comparison Chart of Top Air Humidifiers

Comfort Air Humidifier 6

Ultrasonic humidifier

Humidifier and Diffuser Design Italy Acque

Ultrasonic Humidifier Air

Ultrasonic Humidifier Allergy Free

Ultrasonic Humidifier Air

Digital Air Humidifier

Ultrasonic Humidifier De Ar

Fresh Air Humidifier

Now you surely know enough to choose the air humidifier with everything you need, right? Do not forget to observe the above items, such as type, capacity, uptime and others, as they are key to making the correct choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not delay, see the products listed in the top 10 best air and choose your humidifiers! Remember that in addition to the well-being, these devices contribute to health, since they improve the air quality in the environment. Go shopping?