Top 10 Best Application In 2020

Daily Top 10 Best Application in 2020

Before it was very common to use the daily paper with notes written in ink. But today there are many mobile applications that have the daily function. They are much more practical to access and write from anywhere! And there are several functions that facilitate everyday life, such as calendar, photos, backup and voice mode.

Companies like Bloom Built Inc, Crater Pixel Ltd and Relaxio s.r.o. develop applications with various tools to help in personal growth and well-being. To help you decide, we made a guide how to choose and list the top 10 daily market applications. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Daily Application

The ideal daily application needs to have functions that facilitate your experience. Choosing the right tools will be much more enjoyable to write every day! It is also important that is compatible with the operating system of your device. See more below!

Check Application Roles

Each application comes with a different amount of functions. These tools can make your more legal and safe experience! Check out some of them below and see which meet their needs.

Daily Top 10 Best Application In 2020

Very yummy read a daily after years and remember those memories, does not it? Even better if it has pictures! Our memory can fail over time and end up forgetting many things. With photos is easier to remember every detail of special moments!

Some applications have the function to insert images. You can put a picture of the day or an important event along with the text. Some may even be connected with social networks automatically saving the photos. Check this function to register with more intensity!

Daily Top 10 Best Application In 2020

Even if the journal is to write personal things, some can serve as an agenda too. There are really nice features for those who like to schedule important tasks. The calendar function is very useful to organize and find the notes of a fast way.

It can serve to jot down birthdays of people close, special events and celebrations. And whenever you need to access an old note just look for the date. Check that you can edit and modify tasks to have more freedom.

Prefer Applications Compatible with Android and iOS

Daily Top 10 Best Application In 2020

There are several operating systems for mobile and tablet. The most popular are Android and iOS. Some applications are compatible with them, but there are those who only work on an operating system. This can be a problem if you use an Android device and want to exchange for an iPhone tomorrow!

The application may not work nor transfer the data to the new system. Thus, you can not even open your diary. It will be very disappointing, is not it? Not to take that risk, make sure it is compatible with various operating systems.

Protect your data with Backup Function

Daily Top 10 Best Application In 2020

The journal is where you write what you feel, think and dream. It is often used to make notes and mark important things I would remember in the future. But there is the risk of inadvertently delete or have a malfunction in the application and thus end up losing data!

To avoid this frustration and have more security, verify that the application has the backup function. With it information can be saved in the cloud, SD card or phone memory. That way you do not risk losing what is important and intimate for you!

Navigate to the Application Tranquility in Portuguese

Daily Top 10 Best Application In 2020

For those who can not speak a language other than Portuguese, the ideal is that the application is in our native language or you can end up being very complicated and stressful to try to understand everything. So, make sure you have the option to set to Portuguese. So you will be able to navigate with ease!

If you are studying or can speak other languages, make sure you have these options. As is a daily application, he may help you to familiarize yourself with a few words. Besides being a great way to train and study while writing! Will that works, is not it?

Start with a Free App and check the Subscription Plans

Many applications are free, but have subscription plans. For those who want to use the basic functions and pay nothing, the ideal is to choose a free app. Already those who prefer to have more tools and support options, it’s cool to opt for subscription plans.

If you are in doubt whether it is worth paying, choose free. Get started and go analyzing, feel the need to use more tools, check the value and benefits of each plan. They can be monthly, quarterly or annual. See what fits in your pocket and enjoy!

Top 10 Best Daily Application

We list below the best daily market applications that offer various tools to write every day!

Comparison table of the Best Daily Application

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Now that you’ve read all the tips, do not waste time and choose the best application ranking. Review the tools that each offer and consider what best matches your style. And remember to see if it is compatible with the operating system of your device!

We hope that you download and enjoy your new daily. It can be a great way to leave the day to day more light and productive! If you know anyone else looking for a daily application, be sure to share the article. And if you need more tips on applications, please feel free to come back to our site!