Top 10 Best Applications Books Read In 2020 (Kindle, Goodreads And More)

Top 10 Best Applications Books Read in 2020 (Kindle, Goodreads and more)

Although many still prefer the smell of new book, read online is the cheapest and most versatile option for those who do not have time or resources to invest. Apps to read books ensure fast access and practical to a virtual library full of titles and books, including copyright and fanfics content.

Some apps are known: Kindle, Goodreads and Google Play Books, each with its differential. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide, with the criteria that you should consider to choose the ideal app. also selected the 10 best applications for reading books. Enjoy reading!

How to Choose the Best Application to Read Books

Meet the criteria that will help you identify the app to read books that best fits your profile. The first step is to define what kind of content you search, but the features and functionality also make all the difference when choosing. Check out!

Select the App Type Agreement reading with the Desired Content

While all applications to read books meet the same objective, there are 3 types available. The choice depends on the content that suits you, as well as the facilities you want to find in the digital library.

Top 10 Best Applications Books Read In 2020 (Kindle, Goodreads And More)

This type of reading is great app to download the online version of physical books, paying less and as extensive catalog as the Internet itself. One of the applications, digital library, the most famous is the Amazon Kindle, which you can purchase and download different kinds of books.

The differential of having this application model to read books is the convenience of having your already registered payment information to buy with just a click. These apps give you access to content from various genres and languages ​​and also send notifications of launches and offers lightning.

Top 10 Best Applications Books Read In 2020 (Kindle, Goodreads And More)

He lowered that incredible book or e-book on your phone or tablet, but in time to open there was no compatible app to make reading? That’s where the reading applications, where you can import and read the files directly on your device.

They can either be just a player for your downloaded books, but can also offer its own music library, or even allow online purchases from it. The most important point is to see if it works with all formats of your downloaded books.

If you like to read non-commercial works, written by other users and novice writers, know that some applications offer this type of content. A great example are the fanfics apps, which are stories created by fans that mix fiction with characters and storylines media.

In addition to the applications focused on that content type, there are also those that include manga, comics, anime and books of various genres. And if in addition to reading, you also have stories that would like to share this kind of reading application is very interesting for you. Bet!

Check out the available resources in the Reading App

To make reading more comfortable and bring the online experience of reading a printed book, the apps offer various features. Some, for example, have different ways to turn the page, and even mark, automatically, where the reading stopped.

If you like to read at night, you will be interested in a reading app with night mode, in which the background color and brightness change. Having a built-in dictionary or translator is great for those who like to read the stories in the original language, and even the option to read in several languages ​​is also a plus.

By downloading a scanning application to study, prefer offering annotation features, text markup and custom font and color. Also, having to put reminders and notifications also helps you to keep reading habits and set goals to finalize the content.

Note If Your Device is compatible with the Reading Application

It is essential to consider the apparatus used for reading. You want to read on your phone, tablet, or computer? Not all applications to read books support all these devices, so make sure your chosen app is compatible with the device you want to use to read.

For all devices work together in a synchronized way, it is also necessary to observe the “Sync” function is activated. Having that automatically feature saves you from having to go looking for where you left off reading, whenever interim between their devices.

Meet Supported formats to Read Your E-books already popular

Top 10 Best Applications Books Read In 2020 (Kindle, Goodreads And More)

To make sure that the reading application can read your files already downloaded, you need to check what are the formats recognized by the app. This makes all the difference if you often receive content from college and work, or like to download from various websites books.

The most common applications to read PDF, EPUB but is also very popular in the online books. You can also find files in EPUB, MOBI, AZW, IBA, LIT, TXT, FB2, HTML and ODF. Being able to read protected files in zip or WinRAR is a great advantage. Keep an eye!

Check if You Can Read Your Favorite Books Offline

Top 10 Best Applications Books Read In 2020 (Kindle, Goodreads And More)

In the rush of everyday life, often the only time we have to read a book are those minutes in the waiting line at the bank, on the bus or even on the plane. If your application has read the offline option, you can take advantage of these precious intervals, even if no internet.

Most applications to read books allows you to read offline the already downloaded content, which makes it much easier. On the other hand, in some apps you can not even open the homepage without connection, so it’s important to take this feature into account before downloading the app.

Bet on the Apps with Option Audiobook

Top 10 Best Applications Books Read In 2020 (Kindle, Goodreads And More)

While some are keen to get the full experience of traditional books, how to read the text and mark the most interesting points, others may prefer the audiobook resource. Who are not used to a reading routine or have vision problems identified with this option.

The reading apps with audio books are great for those who have the mentioned problems, or want to work, driving and walking listening to a book. This type of tool can be found in applications to read books and is an important criterion in choosing the best app for you.

Discover If You will have to pay a subscription or Only Value Of Books

Unless you are downloading a free reader application with full content, you will certainly have to buy content. Some apps offer a subscription to read without limit from a selection of books, while others offer the sale of securities separately.

Keep an eye out, because even with signatures, you may need to buy books separately. The paid version also often offer other advantages, such as get free ads, change the background theme, different ways of organizing the shelf and to allow the publication of the texts themselves.

Top 4 Best Applications to Read Books Digital

Now that you’ve met the types of scanning applications, and how to choose the ideal, best know to read digital books.

Comparison of Best Applications to Read Books Digital

Top 3 Best Applications Downloaded Content Reading

If you already have downloaded books on your device and need a scanning application that supports their format, know the 3 best for this function.

Comparison of Best Applications Downloaded Content Reading

Foxit PDF Reader e Editor

Top 3 Best Applications to Read Stories, Books and Original Texts

For those who like comics, fan fiction and picture texts, these are the three best applications that offer this type of content. Check and choose your own!

Comparison of Best Applications to Read Stories, Books and Original Texts

Spirit Stories and Stories

For Passionate Readers, Check also an App for Organizing Reading

If you are a lover of books and is always thinking of what book will read later, or in the titles you would like to buy a reader application focused on organization can be useful in your routine. There are several options and best of all, some are completely free.

This type of app do not have books, but tools that help you visualize what has been read, which is in progress and those that are pending. Some work even as a social network to interact with other passionate.

Check out the app that we recommend to organize your reading!

Reading Tips Using Application to Read Books in Electronic Devices

If you’re about to download a scanning application on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, a few tips can make it more comfortable and enjoyable reading.

Now that you have met the 10 best applications for reading books and learned how to choose the ideal, you have no excuse not to create a reading routine. It is more than proved how reading is good for the mind and helps you relax and learn more.

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