Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Photos In 2020

Top 10 Best Applications to Edit Photos in 2020

With a smartphone device in hand, it’s easy to take pictures and edit them with a few taps. The photo editing applications have several interfaces, with basic and some more advanced features. Filters, stickers, touch-ups and collages are the most popular features of the moment!

Want to discover how to do that differentiated editing in your images ?! Then check out the ranking of the best apps to edit photos on Android and iOS, iPhone, the Apple Store and Google Play. See also our tips, which make it easy to choose the ideal photo editor app for you!

How to Choose the Best Application Edit Photos

To choose the best application for editing photos, you need to pay attention to some details. A simpler interface and professional effects, are the two points that most make a difference in an application. See our tips below!

Make sure the Application for Photo Editing It has the Basic Features

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Photos In 2020

Applications for photo editing are very similar in their basic functions, essential to any issue. Tools such as cropping, exposure adjustment (brightness, contrast, shadow), and color (hue, saturation) are present in virtually all editing applications.

For the trimming function, the ideal is that the application allows the free cut. Thus it becomes easier to define what will be out of your image without following a cutting pattern. An application with these simple functions, it may be enough if you want to give just a touch on your image.

Check out the Other Functions that Open Space for Creativity

In addition to basic functions, editing applications also have a number of tools to modify your image. They allow your photo is unique, fun and even more beautiful! See below for serving the filter functions, adhesives and glue and glue.

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Photos In 2020

The filters have revolutionized the way to edit photos, as they are very practical to use. For those who do not want to waste time, or do not have the practice with the colors and exposure settings, simply apply a filter and voila! His image gets a totally different touch, and even film.

There are several filter types, such as monochrome, vintage and vibrant colors. Each creates a different setting for your image. Many applications have filters ready for use, but in others, you can create your own filter and save to use in another edition.

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Photos In 2020

In addition to the filters, which has done very successfully, especially for the younger audience, are the effects. With them, you can insert objects, adhesives or a new frame your image. The effects of facial image manipulation and body, has also gained popularity.

Just a few taps on the screen, and your face will be no stains, thinner and even makeup! This type of tool is great for those who love taking selfies and want to stay with even better appearance. The effects are also great fun and combine with any age, use at will!

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Photos In 2020

Imagine together multiple photos of a particular time, or multiple times in a single image? With the bonding tool, you can do this! A photo editor application to present this function provides a number of possibilities and makes room for creativity.

Set the format of the images, such as circles, rectangles or squares. Choose how the images will be distributed, add borders and text, if desired. This type of tool is very useful for those wishing to pay tribute to someone, bringing together your best photos together.

Extra Features Offer Possibilities Beyond Photo Editing

Top 10 Best Applications To Edit Photos In 2020

Some photo editors applications have the functions mentioned above, but have special features. These apps are very useful for those who want more comprehensive applications to do much in one place. For example, a photo editor app you can also edit videos.

Other features are the direct sharing application for your social networks, or in a separate and exclusive community, print services, and even issues step by step, customized for you and several other users. Then look for extra features if you want practicality!

See if the application requires payment

Virtually every photo editing apps available on Google Play and App Store, enables download free. However, be aware of the specifications of each of them, to avoid surprises. Make sure the application requires some kind of signature or whether it is a free trial version.

For basic effects, the free version is enough. Most applications also sells individual tools. But for professional use, or if you need more filters to photos or to remove watermarks that the free version puts it, it is worth investing the premium version!

Top 10 Best Applications to Edit Photos

Of the simplest applications to the most complete range of options is huge. Therefore, we separate the 10 best apps for editing photos, considering all the points mentioned above. They are available for Android and iOS, check!

Comparison table of the Top Applications Edit Photos

Lightroom Photos Professional Editor

Photo Editor PicsArt

AirBrush Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor

Facetune2 Editor Selfies

InstaLab Editor Instant Photos

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In this article you learned about the main functions of an application for editing photos on your phone. In our ranking, you can find very complete and free options for all public! Remember that the application should be easy to handle, so you have a better experience.

First make sure the photo editor is iphone or android. Now runs there in Google Play or the App Store and download the application that combined more with you! Did you like the content ?! So, share with friends and photography lovers!