Top 10 Best Auto Feeders For Cats

Top 10 Best Auto Feeders for Cats to Buy in 2020

automatic feeders are products indispensable for those seeking a practical and easy way to feed her kittens. There are two types in the market: the common and the digital. To choose your need to note some details, such as capacity, material and practicality.

Brands like Magma, Nagano and Truqys Pet bring models and a complete cost-effective. Thinking of helping you choose the best automatic feeder, we developed a tutorial to purchase and select the top 10 automatic feeders for cats market. Enjoy and see!

How to Choose the Best Auto Feeder for Cats

Before buying you need to analyze some points to ensure a product that meets your needs and your cat. Note the type of feeder, the size, if they are easy to wash and the material is resistant. now check out all the details!

Choose Agreement Type to Use

There are two types of automatic feeders for cats, ordinary and digital. Below we talk about each of them. Check out!

Common automatic feeders are the ones that depend on the animal action so that the food is offered. This type of feeder is very practical and cheaper compared to programmable, but does not guarantee total control of the food by the owner.

There are two models of this type: the first is the one that releases the food according to the animal consumption. Since the other option stimulates Kitten intelligence to make the animal hit the paw on certain lever for food to be released, for example. Great for cats that are too long alone.

Digital feeders, also known as programmable, allows you to program the time and set the amount of feed that will be available to the anima. Some models can even be controlled by mobile applications, more great for owners who are long time away from home.

Because they are more complete, these feeders have a rather high price. They work, in most cases, by batteries, but there are also those on the power base. So, be sure to check the type of operation and the voltage of the product before you buy!

Set the Capacity Agreement with Animal Size

Top 10 Best Auto Feeders For Cats To Buy In 2020

To set the automatic feeder capacity of your cat, first note the size of the animal and how much it consumes. Typically, a 2 kg cat consume daily 25 to 40 grams of feed. A 5 kg, 40 to 60 grams. Already a 8 kg cat, can consume up to 100 grams.

In the market we can find feeders of up to 5 kg, so it is not necessary to be placing the food in the feeder every day. Very handy for those who spend a lot of time away from home. But always remember to follow the recommendations of the veterinary and manufacturer to feed your kitten properly!

Drinkers Prefer Washing Easy

Top 10 Best Auto Feeders For Cats To Buy In 2020

Common automatic feeders have a food reservoir to save the cat food and a tray to dump the food. To facilitate cleaning always prefer models that have removable parts. This is because, with use, can end up accumulating by, food debris and saliva.

As for the digital models for having electronic parts in general can not be washed. So it will be necessary to clean the product with a damp cloth and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations.

Top 5 Best Feeders Automatic Common

Select below the top 5 common automatic feeders on the market. Check and choose your own!

Top 10 Best Auto Feeders For Cats To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Auto Feeders For Cats To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Auto Feeders For Cats To Buy In 2020

Comparison Leaderboard Feeders Automatic Common

Feeder Automatic Document Feeder Intelligence

Feeder and Automatic Trough

Automatic Pet Feeder Double Mini

Pet Feeder Dual Function

Top 5 Best Digital Automatic Feeders

Comparison Leaderboard Feeders Automatic Digital

Electronic Automatic Feeder for Dogs and Cats

Feeder Feeder Programmable Pet

Feeder Automatic With Application

Eatwell Automatic Document Feeder for Dogs and Cats

Automatic Feeder Simple

Pay attention to feeder height is comfortable for Animal

Did you know that a very low trough can bring discomfort to your cat and even cause reflux? Therefore, always observe whether the feeder is at a height close to the elbow or at the beginning of the breastplate of your cat. This height ensures that the pet does not need much down to feed.

But when you are purchasing the feeder not find a suitable template, you can improvise by placing it on higher ground or on top of a box, for example. Thus, the height will be appropriate and the animal can eat quietly.

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Select a good feeder for your kitten can be a challenge! There are so many options on the market that sometimes is difficult to choose. So it is important to note what type of feeder and what is the capacity that best fits your routine and your pet.

Also, always pay attention if the feeder is easy to wash and produced with durable material. A good product can last for years and behold essential to your cat’s life. Like our tips? So do not forget to share!