Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain For Dogs

Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain for Dogs to Buy in 2020

An automatic water dispenser for dogs can be a great advantage for your puppy! It’s possible to provide for the animal an ever fresh and healthy water. However, choosing a good water cooler will depend on factors such as the dog’s size and material of the product, for example.

Brands like Torus, Truqys and Mansa life and bring different water fountains that can surprise. Thinking of helping you choose the right product, made this buying guide. In addition, we produce a list of the top 10 automatic waterers to market dogs. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Automatic Trough for Dogs

To choose the best automatic drinking fountain for dogs you should note details such as the type of water circulation, water cooler capacity, height and material. Check Point to Point below.

Choose Agreement Type to Use

Automatic waterers are containers that provide water to the extent that the dog consumes, without the need for electricity. There are three types in the market: the bowl, the gallon and the pitcher. Learn more about each type!

The jar type, also called “lick lick” is an automatic water dispenser suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, since it has little storage capacity. In this model, the water comes out as the puppy licks steel ball located in the product nozzle, also known as pitcher.

Thus, the animal throughout the wet if less, since water is delivered slowly. In addition, compared to the other types, the water cooler jug ​​makes the dogs get wet less and make prevents mess while drinking water.

However, it is important to mention that the animal must learn to use this type of water cooler, which can end up being a negative point for some tutors.

Although it seems a common pot of water, this type of water cooler has a bottle holder made of plastic and a place for storage of water inside. Its use is very simple: As the dog will drinking water, the liquid is automatically removed from the bottle and placed in the bowl to be consumed.

Thus, the tutor will not need to replace the water from the bowl as often, being more practical for day to day. However, it is worth mentioning that to avoid accumulation of hair or dirt, it is best not to overfill the bottle and change the water regularly.

Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain For Dogs To Buy In 2020

The type gallon is recommended for large animals or staying too long without the tutor around. This is because currently exist in the market models with water storage capacity of up to 10 L.

Similar to the type of bowl, gallon model also releases water according to the animal consumption. However, the main difference is that instead of using a plastic bottle, uses a gallon water storage that is usually already included in the product.

Set the Capacity Agreement with the dog Size

Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain For Dogs To Buy In 2020

The definition of the capacity of your automatic water cooler will depend on two factors: the size of your pet and if you, as a tutor, is a long time away from home. Also, if you have more than one animal, you must calculate the product size based on two animals.

An adult dog to drink each day about 60 ml of water for every kg. Thus, a 5-kg animal to drink about 300 mL. Since a 10 kg 600 ml. A larger, 18 kg, about 1 L. However, always buy a water cooler with greater capacity to ensure that the animal is satisfied.

Drinking fountains plastic or stainless steel are easier to Clear

Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain For Dogs To Buy In 2020

There are basically three types of materials for the manufacture of water cooler for dogs: aluminum, plastic and stainless steel. Aluminum is a sturdy and durable material, but should only be used when you have a jacket to do no harm to the animal.

The plastic models, being a cheaper material, are more common. It features easy cleaning, but can degrade over time. But the stainless steel offers durability and safety, is toxin free and very easy to clean, but unfortunately there are few models available in Brazil.

Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain for Dogs

Now that you know how to analyze best automatic waterers, it’s time to choose your. Check out the 10 best products on the market!

Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain For Dogs To Buy In 2020
Top 10 Best Automatic Water Fountain For Dogs To Buy In 2020

Comparison Leaderboard Drinkers Automatic for Dogs

Automatic drinker Gallon

Automatic drinking fountain with Float

Water cooler and Automatic Feeder

Automatic Mini water cooler

Automatic drinker Praticao

Automatic feeder and drinker

Automatic drinking fountain for dogs

Place the Trough at a height comfortable for Animal

To provide more comfort to your dog, the ideal is that the cooler is placed at a height near the elbow or early breastplate of your pet. Thus, it can hydrate without bending down too, ensuring more comfort and less risk of reflux.

However, it can be difficult to find a product with ideal height for large animals, so a tip is to put the water cooler at a higher location, such as on top of a box. Another option is to invest in models that can be wall mounted or supported for support.

Other types, such as licks licks, for example, are suspended and are adjustable, letting the dog more comfortable to drink water, as the jar is almost directed to the mouth of the animal. Be sure to pay attention to these details!

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Choose an automatic water dispenser dog may sound easy, but there are many details that must be analyzed. You must choose the type and capacity according to the size of the animal. Also, set the material observing the durability and ease of cleaning.

This way, you get to choose a product that best suits you and especially your dog. And if you liked this text, do not forget to share with other tutors who also want to offer the best for your pet!