Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes

Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes to Buy in 2020 (3M, Meguiar’s and more)

The automotive wax is perfect for those who want to protect the bodywork and restore the car shine. The most dedicated to automotive care using wax to protect the car sun, rain and dirt everyday. In addition, the wax delivers a unique finish to the car.

There 3M automotive waxes, Meguiar’s, Cadillac and other brands. However, what is the best? In this article, we explain how to choose the right option for your car and present the top 10 automotive waxes the moment. In the end, as we explained further apply wax. Check out!

Benefits of Wax Automotive Application

Who loves to take care of the car knows he must protect the paint against the action of the time or even the wear and tear of everyday life. When applied, the wax creates a temporary layer that protects the car paint, element which is above the ink applied to the bodywork.

The automotive wax also restores the car brightness, delivering a wet look or mirrored depending on the paint condition. Incidentally, this is one of the most sought after attributes in the automotive wax, waxes although some also provide the benefit of clean and decontaminate the vehicle paint.

All waxes should be applied after the car wash, with it dry. But despite being famous in the automotive industry you know how to choose the best wax for your vehicle? We will explain point by point what you should observe to choose the next wax to be applied to your car, check!

How to Choose the Best Automotive Wax

To choose a good automotive wax observe what kind, the function of wax and is indicated for the color of your vehicle. Also, choose the most practical consistency for your application and check if you have water-repellent. Learn more about each aspect below.

Choose Wax Type As the Application Frequency

There are automotive waxes made with essentially synthetic materials and waxes having natural bases, made mainly carnauba. Check out the differences between them and understand the benefits of implementing each.

Carnauba wax is the most dedicated owners. If you like to keep the car with a well-groomed appearance, automotive wax Carnauba is the best option. With high power of brightness, this wax seems to mix the paint and can deliver a beautiful aspect of wet shine to the car!

In this wax, carnauba wax is mixed with synthetic compounds, to facilitate the application. Silica and silica, for example, deliver a little more durability for the wax, which on average lasts 3 to 8 weeks. So this wax must be reapplied every 1 to 2 months.

Synthetic waxes are made from petroleum (naphtha), polymer (silicone) and even minerals such as silica and kaolin. In addition to noting the brightness, these components form a durable protective layer. Moreover, durability is the differential of synthetic automotive waxes.

The synthetic wax must be applied to every 4 or 6 months, depending on the vehicle use conditions. The appearance is given a mirror reflection, clear and consistent throughout the car. These waxes involve high technology, so are generally more expensive than carnauba.

Wax Cleanser or protection: Choose As the situation Car

Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes To Buy In 2020 (3M, Meguiar'S And More)

Cars contaminated with paint should receive the first wiper wax which must be applied after the car wash. This wax removes light stains, fine scratches and impurities that imbue the paint, preventing the reflection of the bodywork. She hands a little sparkle, but how abrasive serves more to prepare the car for the protection of wax.

The protective wax is the most common, it forms a layer in the varnish and well underscores the gloss paint. It can be used alone, but as the two waxes have complementary functions worth using in most cars ‘careless’ a cleaner wax, remove and then apply a wax protection.

Choose Consistency As Your Profile

There are two consistencies for automotive wax is in liquid or paste. The slurry was made to be applied manually and carefully. On the one hand delivers a refined finish, the other takes longer to apply. If you have more time available to look after the car, choose the wax paste!

Traditional liquid waxes are applied by hand or with a polishing machine (waxing machine), they spread easily and provide optimum performance. The fastest liquid waxes to apply, as well as the liquid spray, used for specific applications in small areas of the car.

It is worth noting that regardless of the displayed consistency, waxes of the same brand usually have the same specifications. Both liquid consistency as the paste have the same features. Then consider within your profile one that is more pleasant to apply, so you will take better care of your car!

Make sure the wax is Indicated for the car color

Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes To Buy In 2020 (3M, Meguiar'S And More)

Most waxes used for vehicles of any color. But some automotive waxes are specific to dark shades, light or even made especially for red cars. If the focus is to enhance the color of the bodywork and not only the brightness, check the tone indication of wax!

Prefer Waxes with repellency Water

Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes To Buy In 2020 (3M, Meguiar'S And More)

Over time the drops of rainwater create temporary patches on the car bodywork. To avoid this, the most fans in automotive care love the waterrepelent waxes. When they have this ability, automotive waxes literally repel water. Prefer!

Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes

Now that you know all you should follow to choose a great automotive wax, do not waste time and check out our selection of the top 10 waxes of the moment.

Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes To Buy In 2020 (3M, Meguiar'S And More)
Top 10 Best Automotive Waxes To Buy In 2020 (3M, Meguiar'S And More)

Comparison Chart of the Best Automotive Waxes

NXT Generation Tech Wax Automotive Wax 2.0

Automotive Wax Blend

Mega wax Automotive Wax

Automotive Wax Cleaner Wax

Automotive Wax Cleaner Wax

Automotive Wax Dark & ​​Black

Cera Automotiva Luxury Gloss

Automotive Wax Spray Wax

Automotive wax waterproofing

Automotive Wax Wax Shine

How to Apply the wax Automotive Properly

The automotive wax should be applied to the car clean, washed and contamination-free. To check this, move your finger along the bodywork and make sure the surface is rough. If so, it is worth using a clay bar for decontamination (removal of the impregnated dirt).

With the car in the shade, use the applicator that comes in paste wax. To wax liquid spray or use a cotton cloth. Start the hood with a small amount of wax. A circular, gentle movements. Apply evenly throughout the car, putting more wax when necessary.

Allow the wax to dry as indicated by the manufacturer. Then wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove excess. You can use one side of the cloth to remove excess wax and the other side to give a final finish in waxing. This wax will look like a professional!

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Now you know now how to choose a great wax to clean, protect and renew the shine of your car’s paint. Explained in this article all you need to know to select the best automotive polish, and present a ranking of 10 great options for you to buy today!

Start taking care of your car and use any of the recommended waxes. Here automotive carnauba and synthetic waxes, for black, dark or light vehicles. Oh, and if you know someone passionate about cars or who need to take care more of the vehicle, share this article!