Top 10 Best Baby Teether For In 2020 (Maozinha, Sophie Giraffe And More)

Top 10 Best Baby Teether for in 2020 (Maozinha, Sophie Giraffe and more)

The teether is an important item for the oral phase of a baby. He massages the gums and relieves the discomfort of this step. He needs to be in accordance with the child’s age and it is important to be composed of non-toxic materials. In this case, some brands like Vulli, which makes Sophie Giraffe, and Fisher-Price are highlighted.

In this post you will learn how to choose this item, will give a ranking of the top 10 baby teethers market and will still figure out how to clean it properly. Wants to better understand this topic? You’re in the right place! Check out all of the following tips!

How to Choose the Best Baby Teether for

When a family gets a baby the intention is to always offer the very best. This primarily involves the safety of each object and also features such as color, shape and so on. The following explains what you need to evaluate before choosing the best teething ring for your baby.

To Fulfill their Role the teether Must Be Recommended Age Baby

Top 10 Best Baby Teether For In 2020 (Maozinha, Sophie Giraffe And More)

Most manufacturers indicate at what age their teethers are suitable. Always follow this recommendation, even if it seems irrelevant. Babies use this object from 3 to 18 months, when you start the oral procedure. Some teething rings can be offered from the first month.

Thus, there are teething rings for each of these phases. Some of them can be heavy or too big to babies under 6 months. Others may be too simple and not draw attention after the baby has already advanced some stages of its development.

As materials Latex and Phthalates May Cause Allergies in Baby

Top 10 Best Baby Teether For In 2020 (Maozinha, Sophie Giraffe And More)

A baby is extremely sensitive and it is not uncommon that they acquire allergies, especially when in contact with toxic materials. Many biters may contain allergenic material such as latex and phthalates. It is also possible that the baby has a specific allergy, although it is rare.

To avoid this problem, it is best to look for biting compounds of non-toxic materials, natural and phthalate-free. Examples are polystyrene, vinyl and non-toxic natural rubber. BPA is another component that parents should avoid in teethers. Let’s talk about it below.

Teethers with BPA may Compromising the Health of Your Baby

Top 10 Best Baby Teether For In 2020 (Maozinha, Sophie Giraffe And More)

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a compound that appears in various plastic items. While it is widely used, it can cause extensive damage in the human body, such as precocious puberty, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This risk is even greater in the first years of life.

In 2011, the Brazilian government banned this compound in baby bottles, but there are several toys and teethers containing BPA. Many companies have already removed this component of their products, but not unanimous. Therefore, when buying a bite, look for the “BPA Free” phrase.

Teethers with Inmetro Seal Have Security Guarantee

Top 10 Best Baby Teether For In 2020 (Maozinha, Sophie Giraffe And More)

Inmetro – National Institute of Metrology Quality and Technology – is responsible for testing and ensuring the quality of products. With biting is no different. Vouch for the safety of this item is essential to ensure the baby’s safety, since this object is constantly in the mouth.

Not all teethers have Inmetro seal. Some manufacturers use international certificates, others do not have any collateral. Before choosing a teething ring for your baby is essential check for a label that guarantees the quality and safety of the product.

Additional Resources How Refreshing Effect Bring More Benefits

Top 10 Best Baby Teether For In 2020 (Maozinha, Sophie Giraffe And More)

The goal of a biter is to relieve the troublesome teething in the baby. Some additional features bring a greater benefit. A good example is the recurring cooling effect. Some teethers have liquid that can be refrigerated. The cold sensation promises to be more effective against pain.

Other features also be able to compose the teether. It is common to find options with rattles, textures, anatomical shape and so on. This is an important factor to consider, since the bite characteristics can call much the attention of a baby.

Top 10 Best Baby Teether for

Up here you already know what points should be considered in choosing a biter. Still, it can be difficult to decide between so many options on the market. Thinking about it, we make a ranking of the top 10 teethers baby. Check it out!

Comparison Leaderboard Teether for Baby

Sophie Giraffe Teether

Teether Rattle with Maozinha

Biters Amigos da Selva

Teether rattle Tiny Love

Massager Gums Banana

Colar Sela Mordedor Pula

Biter with Cool Water Play

Teether with Gum Massager

Extra tip: Follow the instructions to Avoid Dry Bacteria and Fungi

Biters will constantly to the ground, since the first months the baby loose objects frequently. In addition, they are always moist and saliva favors the growth of fungi and bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to clean them frequently, the right way to protect the baby some risks.

It is essential to read the washing instructions. Some objects can not be heated, such as teething rings with liquid inside. It is important to use a mild soap to prevent the baby has irritations. Finally, let it dry completely and be careful not to let water from inside.

As you gave this guide, choose a teething baby can be challenging. There is a number of models on the market, of all shapes, materials and colors. The first step to set this choice is to ensure the safety of the object. From there, the personal choice of the baby’s own account too.

They may be more interested in a model that other, so you can test what works and what does not call the attention of your baby. Anyway, you can come back to this post and check our ranking whenever you need an inspiration.