Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Marmita In 2020 (Masculine And Feminine)

Top 10 Best Bags for Thermal Marmita in 2020 (Masculine and Feminine)

Thermal bags for pot are indispensable for those who like to save and eat healthily anywhere. They are perfect to take lunch box to work, gym or even on trips because it keeps the freshly baked food! There are male and female options, with different capacities and formats, for more fitness and productive people.

Brands like Jacki Design, Dagg, Keeppack Barbell and offer bags of high quality thermal. But to help you choose the right model, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to everything you should consider before purchasing. In addition, we set up a ranking of the top 10 thermal bags for pot market! Enjoy and choose the best for your routine!

How to Choose the Best Thermal bag for Marmita

Thermal bags of pot are fundamental in a race routine as they help arrange meals and keep them at the right temperature. To choose the best thermal exchange, note the capacity and size, the inner and outer coat as well as the presence of handles and magazines. Also assess the durability of temperature and additional items. Check out!

Check the capacity and thermal bag size for Marmita

It is always necessary to choose a product that is ideal for the number of meals that you do in your everyday life. Therefore, analyzing the size and lunch box capacity is fundamental.

The volume of the freezer bag should follow to the lunch boxes that you use on a daily basis. Smaller kettles are 2 to 4 liters, suitable for people who only take lunch or a meal to work. In this case, a small cool bag already gives the trick. The grants 5-7 liters are ideal for those who need to take more than one meal a day as fruit and a snack.

But people who eat lunch at work and do exercises, always seek to eat healthily, several times a day. In this case, the ideal is a thermal lunch box with capacity over 7 L. So you can load many meals, fruit and drinks, without bothering to go off the diet or spending too much money on the street.

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Marmita In 2020 (Masculine And Feminine)

It is always good to look at the size and shape of the thermal bag because some people prefer the more compact, while others need to carry items in addition to the pot, as cutlery and bottles, for example. Note the dimensions: small thermal bags have an average of 18 cm x 10 cm x 14 cm (L x W x H); medium bags are about 23 cm x 15 cm x 21cm; Large arrive to measure 38cm x 29 cm x 29 cm.

Prefer layers of 10 mm in the thermal insulation

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Marmita In 2020 (Masculine And Feminine)

Efficient Thermal bag has coating can keep the temperature for a considerable time. The pockets more thermal tops are coated internally with a layer of insulator, typically 10 mm. Among insulators are used the EPS foam (polystyrene / polystyrene), polyester and polyethylene (pack) reference materials.

Moreover, the entire bag is coated internally and externally by tissues still give higher heat insulation. The pockets 100% aluminum is the best, but there are liners made of PVC or nylon. On the outside of the top fabric are nylon and polyester, can also be used but the ecological leather and other materials.

Then, if it can invest a little more, prefer cold packs have reported that layers of insulator 10 mm, inner and outer aluminum coating nylon and polyester fabric. However, do not discard the other options that do not follow this recommendation, first assess the temperature shelf-life that it offers!

Evaluate Temperature Hold Time of Marmita

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Marmita In 2020 (Masculine And Feminine)

Choosing the temperature preservation time will depend on their daily lives. Most grants retain longer cold than hot lunch boxes. Typically, they keep warm temperature between 2 to 5 hours and chilled from 6 to 9 hours. It is good to avoid getting opening and closing the bag at all times, because it undermines the conservation of temperature.

Thus, a bag that retains the temperature 2-3 hours is ideal for those who arrive at work and has put the pot in the refrigerator. Now, if the food is long in the bag, ideally a bag that keep longer. then search models including gel bags to help maintain the temperature, although more expensive, are more efficient.

For Bags with more than 5 liters, Prefer models with two or more compartments

The magazines help a lot in maintenance and organization of food and drinks. Some bags have no partition, only the single compartment lunch box, but we found models with up to 6 offices. The pockets and special compartments, external or internal, also serve to hold cutlery, napkins and even keys, cell phone and other objects.

The more magazines, more organized you can keep cool bag to carry your lunch box, snacks and belongings anywhere. The smaller models (up to 5 liters) may have one compartment, as in larger bags prefer with two or more compartments to keep everything organized!

Choose handle Easier to Your Routine

Carry a cool bag should be easy and practical. So it is important to choose a model with the most appropriate handle for your routine! There are 2 types: the hand and the shoulder. The first is most commonly used in thermal small bags, but is present in most models.

Already the shoulder is removable and appears in some thermal bags models, this handle can be used across or as a backpack. Especially for those who are tired of carrying the weight of the pot in the hands, the bag with shoulder strap is better. If in doubt, prefer bags with two types of handles!

Check the accessories that accompany the Product

Some thermal bags are true kits for you to feed anywhere. If you do not have a pot to pot, it is worth considering the thermal bags that have these items included. The advantage is that the pot will fit just right on cool bag, without worry, since the pots are sized for the model.

Also consider bags with bottles and glasses! Furthermore, some bags accompanying thermal gel pockets that help maintain the frozen for even longer pot. For those who use supplements or need to medicate during the day, some bags accompany holder tablets. Keep an eye!

Top 10 Best Bags for Thermal Marmita to Buy Online

Now that you know what to watch in a cool bag to pot, it’s time to choose your. Check out the best models apart here, we have thermal handbags women and men, to personal fitness or take pot at work!

Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Marmita In 2020 (Masculine And Feminine)
Top 10 Best Bags For Thermal Marmita In 2020 (Masculine And Feminine)

Comparison table of the Best Bags for Thermal Marmita

Thermal Economic Box Charm bag

Thermal bag Fitness Gym Leather

Thermal bag and Women Backpack

My Lolla With Kit Marmita

Thermal bag Marmita

Thermal bag CBRN07974

Thermal bag Termobag

Thermal bag Small

Thermal bags and help on a daily basis. In the fitness world they have gained popularity, especially for organizing and keeping food and supplements at hand, anywhere! If you are looking for a bag to carry the pot to the gym or at work, pay attention to how many meals you do per day to set the size and capacity of the product.

In this paper we present all aspects to choose the best thermal bag to pot. Carefully read our nominations and choose your great among the 10 models presented. It has thermal bags for women’s and men’s lunch box, for every taste. Oh, and do not forget to share this guide with someone who is looking for the best thermal bag to pot!