Top 10 Best Barbies

Top 10 Best Barbies to Buy in 2020 (Fashionista, Articulated and more)

If you are looking for a toy to stimulate the creativity of kids, bet on Barbie! We will tell you everything you need to know to choose the best model of the most famous doll in the world. Guaranteed fun, new Barbies have various accessories and varied aesthetics.

Barbie brings the important message that every child can be what you want. For this, it has dolls of different topics such as occupations, sports and magical world; Barbie and is hinged to Barbie coloring. Too much! Check out the top 10 market Barbies and make your choice!

How to Choose the Best Barbie

Choosing the ideal Barbie has everything to do with the style and personality of who will play with the doll. It was remodeled and today can be found in different themes and styles, from hair to the body. The most important is to identify with the model and provide a lot of creativity to the game!

Choose the Theme Barbie Favorite Child

Today, Barbie is much more than fashion. It encourages children the message that they can be whatever they want. For this, the doll has several current issues. The ideal is to stimulate creativity, learning and acceptance of children with different models.

The main themes are:

To Teach Respect for Diversity, Invest in Barbie Fashionista

For the child to feel represented and also learn the important lesson of respect for diversity, it is essential to vary the aesthetics of the doll. The new collections of Barbie overcome the stereotypes of beauty and today are betting on representation of real people.

With this revolution, the doll is sold with different colors and types of hair, the blonde to colored, with 24 options from smooth, curly, african, wavy. The body shape also depicts different patterns with curvilinear options, lean, high and low, to show that no one is equal.

In addition, the brand also bet in 7 different shades of skin color, the classic Barbie blonde and beautiful white to black Barbie. The eyes of the doll have 22 options to diversify their color and shape. Choose fashionista Barbie that has everything to do with their children and the values ​​you want to convey.

Dolls that accompany Accessories Stimulate Creativity

Once you decide on Barbie, considering their thematic and aesthetic features, it is worth checking the accessories that go with it. There are models in which the doll is sold alone, but many options include accessories, mainly to compose the look, like shoes and handbags Barbie.

In addition to traditional accessories such as clothing, sunglasses and handbags, the doll can come with items that have everything to do with the personality of Barbie and help in their characterization. Professional objects, scenery and even cars and parts of the house are sold with the doll.

Of course, these versions are often more expensive when compared to models that sell only the doll. However, investing in Barbie accessories stimulates children’s creativity and thus helps the game the kids get even more fun. Think about it!

Articulated Barbie: Guaranteed Drive to Play

Who does not love a doll with movement, is not it? The articulated Barbie options go beyond the simple movement, the legs and arms. In these models, it is also possible to fold hands, elbows, knees, feet and even rake the waist. too much fun!

The hinged Barbie is a great option for kids who like to free your imagination and play with the different movements that mimic the human body. The main line with this differential is the Dolls athletes who practice a sport such as yoga and ballet. Keep an eye on the description of Barbie.

Check Doll Features, has to options that change color

Besides all the features of Barbie, there are options that offer much more than the actual doll. In such cases, the accessories or the toy itself has additional functions like fairy flaps its wings, and Barbie mermaid can change the color of her blouse. Cool huh?

It has up to Barbie coloring, the child can paint and style the doll outfit. With these versions, it is impossible to get bored of the toy and the fun is guaranteed. Carefully read the product packaging or its description to verify if the chosen doll offers other features.

The Barbie dolls models are very varied. Here are 10 great options, with models representing women of various styles and personality. Discover the best dolls available and choose the one that has everything to do with you or the children. Come on!

Comparison table of the Best Barbies

Top 10 Best Barbies To Buy In 2020 (Fashionista, Articulated And More)
Top 10 Best Barbies To Buy In 2020 (Fashionista, Articulated And More)
Top 10 Best Barbies To Buy In 2020 (Fashionista, Articulated And More)
Top 10 Best Barbies To Buy In 2020 (Fashionista, Articulated And More)
Top 10 Best Barbies To Buy In 2020 (Fashionista, Articulated And More)

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Barbie set professions – Music Teacher

Barbie Made Stirring

Barbie Fairy Wings Flying – Dreamtopia

Barbie professions – Pediatrician

Barbie Fashionista Wheelchair Articulated

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Barbie Explore and Discover jet Adventures

Meet Barbie History

Have you ever wondered how this famous doll came? It was in 1959, when the co-founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler watched her daughter Barbara (nicknamed Barbie) playing and saw an opportunity. She liked to exchange the clothes of their paper dolls, but there were choices made from another material.

the time dolls represented only babies, then Ruth launched with her husband Elliot, the first Barbie with teenage appearance and quality material. The idea of ​​Ruth, entrepreneurial and feminist woman, has always been to show girls they could be whatever they wanted.

In 2019, the doll turned 60 and since then has had more than 180 professions, and even went to the moon, do you? In 1965 already existed Barbie astronaut, even before man set foot on the moon. Besides being related to the world of fashion, representation was also always the goal of the brand. Awesome, right?

Barbies are great bets for fun of the children as well as offering options for characters and inspiring women to those who want to collect. So you already know that the doll choose the theme is the most important, so that it matches your preferences, personality and style.

For the game still be more creative, also bet on models accompanying accessories, articulated in the Barbies and offering several functions to play. If our article helped you make a decision, share it with friends who also need some tips. Have a good time!