Top 10 Best Base Brushes

Top 10 Best Base brushes to Buy Online in 2020

Use a brush to apply the foundation is may seem simple, but guarantees a perfect and more natural finish on the skin. However, using an inadequate or poor quality brush can put a whole make to lose. What is very frustrating, after all, no one wants to invest time and goods and still not have the desired result, is not it?

Brands like Macrilan, Real Techniques and offer great MAC brushes. But there are so many options, it is not always easy to choose. To help you, we explain all about choosing the perfect foundation brush for you. In addition, we ranqueamos the top 10 markets for the basic brushes and in the end we still show how to wash your brush. Check and devastates with incredible makes!

Why Apply Base Brush?

Top 10 Best Base Brushes To Buy Online In 2020

This is a very common question and the answer is simple: the use of the brush ensures much better results! The brushes provide greater adhesion of the base to your skin, better spreadability and natural finish. With a good brush, you can even leave your skin that made “glow”, ie, lit and with vigor.

In addition, the brushes reach every part of the face, resulting in excellent coverage. And beyond all that, you also save your base, because, unlike sponges and beautyblenders, brush bristles hardly absorb the product.

For those who prefer to use your fingers, it is noteworthy that this is not always a good option. Fingers can heat the product, impairing the efficiency and adhesion of the base. In addition to transferring oils for the face. For this, use a good foundation brush is the best option. So, check out our tips below and choose the ideal foundation brush for you in our ranking!

How to Choose the Best Base Brush

There are best suited for brushes and other liquid foundations for versions powder. It also has those that cater to both types. Also, depending on the chosen brush, the end result may also change. We break it all down. Thus, you will know what the most important points to consider when buying a foundation brush. Check it out!

Choose Agreement brush with the base texture and Coverage Desired

There are several types of brushes to base here and we’ll talk about the five most common types: Cat tongue, round, fiber duo, flat top kabuki brush and brush. liquid and creamy basis of the call for different brushes used for powder foundations. In addition, each type of brush has different finishes and coverings. We’ll tell you all then check!

Top 10 Best Base Brushes To Buy Online In 2020

The brush cat language offers good coverage and adhesion of the base. Therefore, it can also be used to apply corrective quite accurately. Another positive point is that it is easy to find and has a very affordable price. How often have synthetic bristles is recommended for the application of liquid or creamy foundation.

However, the finish of this brush can fall short. If you do not practice, its bristles, which are firmer, may end up leaving some risquinhos the base. To avoid this, a cool tip is to apply the base by short dashes. If you still get some little mark, you can smudge the area with your fingers or with a sponge.

There is also the brush straight cat language, which has a straight edge, but it does not vary much in terms of results and application. It is up to you to decide which you prefer, but generally rounded are the most used.

The brush type brush has a huge concentration of bristles, that is, super dense. Generally the bristles are natural, giving a flawless finish. It adapts well to all corners of the face, especially the medium-sized version, so the coverage becomes uniform. In addition, as the kabuki brush, this version does not leave marks.

Most often it is used to apply liquid or cream base. However, it can also be used to apply powder or contour. Now to apply the contour you should have a little care and a lot of skill. Because it is a brush with many bristles, the outline can be marked or even stain your make.

Many bloggers have elected the brush Flat Top Kabuki as the darling for net basis, but it also works well with the powder bases. It is a very dense brush and straight tip. With it, even the less experienced will achieve high coverage and natural effect without difficulty. You can choose to spend the base patting or by dragging the brush from side to side.

There are also some variations of this brush. The option with beveled tip may come in larger or smaller sizes. The smallest are ideal for the region of dark circles. Now the rounded and pontudinhas options, also in two sizes, are perfect to spend the face based on the corners. The version with a diagonal edge is indicated for a natural contour.

Top 10 Best Base Brushes To Buy Online In 2020

Duo Fiber Brush has two colors and combines different types of bristles. The dark fibers are shorter and tend to be natural bristles, since the lighter are longer, ie correspond to the top bristles and usually are synthetic bristles. While longer serve to apply the base, shorter esfumam the product, giving a perfect finish.

It is a brush suitable for all kinds of bases. For bases powder he still has the advantage of “catch” the optimum amount of product to leave the skin with a good coverage without leaving it heavy. For a net basis, the smoky effect he leaves naturally avoids the use of sponges to correct the skin after application. It is an excellent brush for those who like practicality.

Top 10 Best Base Brushes To Buy Online In 2020

The round brushes are very fluffy and have a rounded tip, which facilitates the application of the powder base. It serves to apply both the compact and loose. The coolest is that it leaves no mark on the skin. Moreover, as it has many bristles he can “get” enough dust once and still delivers good adhesion of the product to the skin.

How he can “get” a lot of dust at a time, there is a risk you apply more product than desired and end up with a too heavy makeup. However, if you know how to use it the best way and get the right amount of product, this brush will offer you a natural finish and a super well levinha coverage.

Natural bristles or Synthetic? Choice-Based Finishing Desire

Already made to realize that the brushes are indispensable items, right? But, in addition to choosing between the various shapes of brushes, another point to be considered is the type of bristles. Basically your choice should be between the brushes natural bristle made from animal hair or synthetic bristles. Each type offers a different finish, see below.

Top 10 Best Base Brushes To Buy Online In 2020

The main difference between natural and synthetic bristles are synthetic ones tend to be less soft. However, some makeup explain that it is possible to find synthetic bristles that are super soft and brushes with natural fibers which are even longer than synthetic durinhos. Anyway, in general, synthetic bristles really are less tender.

However, do not think that’s a handicap! With firmer bristles you can get more product and apply it more accurately. Therefore, the brushes with synthetic fibers tend to deliver a much better coverage. In addition, synthetic bristles absorb less product, helping to save the base, and are excellent for applying liquid or creamy products.

Because they are basically plastic, this type of cleaning brush is also much simpler. Not to mention that natural brushes can warp over time, which happens less with synthetics. Also, many people care about the origin of goods, discarding, for example, anything that involves animal suffering. If this is the case, synthetic bristles are the best option.

Unlike synthetic fibers that are made with nylon or taklon, natural bristles are made from animal hairs. To develop these bristles is used by animals, so they have a texture closer to human hair. Are soft and need to be washed and cared for with a certain affection.

Being softer apply less color on the face. Thus, this type of brush is recommended for those who like a natural makeup because it spreads make smoothly under the skin. These bristles are fine for when you need to smudge or pass powder products. It is noteworthy that it absorbs more product, so you can spend a little more basic, but nothing to cause damage.

Top 10 Best Base brushes to Buy Online

Now that you know all about makeup brushes, it’s time to choose your. We selected the top 10 based brushes available for purchase online! So, you will not even need to leave home to pick the perfect brush for you. Check out!

Comparison Leaderboard Base Brushes

WB200 – Brush Kit Professional for Face

Pincel Flat Top Kabuki 12

Mariana Saad Round Kabuki K18

Kabuki Brush Base Spiked

Kabuki Brush Bevel 08

Brush Oval Small F88

How to Clean the Makeup Tips Brush

It is very important to keep the bristles of the brushes always limpinhas to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and also to avoid staining your face with traces of products used previously. You can wash them every 15 days, so the brushes will always be clean and safe to use. To clean the bristles you can choose to use neutral detergent, shampoo, or a sanitizer brushes.

Mix of these options with warm water and let them soak brushes for about 10 minutes so that all waste from sticking with ease. After that, wash brush by brush, but do not apply excessive force or pull the bristles. For cleaning more effective, use a circular motion until a thick white foam. After that, remove excess soap under running water.

Do not forget to wipe the brushes well with a clean towel. However, you will realize that they will continue even after the wet to dry them with the towel. So it’s important to let them resting on a flat surface in a cool place for at least eight hours. And remember nothing dry them in the sun and even with the dryer, right? This can ruin your brushes.

Choose the perfect brush is essential to leave the way of makeup you like. But you know that make a perfect make-up can be much more complex than it looks, is not it? Therefore, in this article we explain all about basic brushes, so will be much easier to rock the production.

You want a lighter make? Then Duo Fiber is perfect. Weekend is coming and emerged an amazing party? Kabuki is the best friend of its production, it offers flawless finish. And do not forget to do that outline bafao with brush kabuki brush or rounded. Finally, sanitize often that item so important. He deserves all the care.

The ideal brush is the best friend of his make! So buy one for you already! And whenever you have questions, come back here and check out our tips.