Top 10 Best Bases Synthetic-Free In 2020 (Natural, Organic And Minerals)

Top 10 Best Bases Synthetic-free in 2020 (Natural, Organic and Minerals)

The ideal base ensures smooth skin and flawless texture. Each enjoys a way, some love the lighter, they prefer a visual more “clean”. Others, however, prefer a more powerful base to serve as a “foundation” to make a powerful. And today they already have several functions, you know that many bases can also treat skin?

Yes, brands such as Captive Nature, BIOART and Baims constantly launch several versions of minerals, natural and organic bases that have great ingredients for the face. Therefore, we will explain below how to choose the ideal base for your skin. Then, also check that the ranking elaborated with the top 10 of synthetic free bases.

Bases Minerals, Natural or Organic?

Among the free bases of synthetic components highlights the natural, organic and mineral bases. But I bet you do not know what the differences between them. We will explain to you! Organic bases are those developed only with natural ingredients, wherein at least 95% of them should be organic.

Since the natural bases should be composed of natural ingredients and at least 5% should be organic, ie produced without pesticides. The mineral base, in turn, is a product free of preservatives, dyes, fragrances, mineral oils and other aggressive substances to the skin. These are made with mineral bases, ie, substances extracted from the soil.

Zinc oxide, for example, is very common in mineral products and reduces skin irritation also when combined with titanium dioxide helps face physical sunscreen. Already the iron oxide ensures that the color suits the skin, a more youthful appearance mica and bismuth chloride feeling of creaminess. It was crazy to buy your logo, right? Then check out our tips!

How to Choose the Best Free Base Synthetic

Next, we’ll show you what should be considered when buying a base. These are points that, if well analyzed, will help you choose the right product for you. Check out!

Check the Certification Seal

Usually organic or natural bases have a seal of certification proving that they indeed are what brands say they are. So we will show below what those seals. Check out!

So you can be sure that a cosmetic is actually organic certification companies are inspecting the product from planting the ingredients until the moment it is packed. Thus, the brands that produce organic cosmetics must follow strict standards in all stages of development.

The main certification of organic and natural cosmetics are: IBD, Ecocert and USDA Organic. IBD is noteworthy that, unlike the EcoCert, does the water and the salt present in the formula, so there is no risk of an incorrect amount of computing ingredients. In addition, the Ecocert uses the same label to certify organic and natural cosmetics.

Top 10 Best Bases Synthetic-Free In 2020 (Natural, Organic And Minerals)

There is no specific label to make mineral cosmetics, thus marks only inform the term “mineral” in the product package. So to have greater assurance that the base is actually mineral is important to read the list of ingredients present in the label and look for the following substances: zinc oxide, iron oxide and titanium dioxide.

After all, the foundation of mineral base are these substances, then they must necessarily be included in the ingredient list. It is noteworthy that most of the mineral bases do not contain harmful ingredients to the skin, so it is common that mention brands in packaging terms such as: oil-free, paraben-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free or without talc.

Choose agreement with Your Skin Type

One of the most important points to consider before purchasing one is based if it is right for your skin type. Below we will explain how!

Top 10 Best Bases Synthetic-Free In 2020 (Natural, Organic And Minerals)

The liquid foundation is essential in all seasons, as there are versions for all tastes and needs. A version of low coverage, for example, is ideal for day to day, especially in summer. But if you have an event at night it is better to opt for a base with medium or high coverage, always considering the temperature of the day to avoid the risk of make melt.

In the type of coverage, liquid foundations also differ in respect of types of finishings. Who have dry or normal skin should choose a version with moisturizing ingredients in the composition, this type of base ensures a beautiful glow effect on the skin. Already the matte version is the head of those who have oily skin, it provides matte finish and control shine.

Top 10 Best Bases Synthetic-Free In 2020 (Natural, Organic And Minerals)

The base of loose powder type is ideal for young skins or with few imperfections, since its finish is very natural and therefore is not the type indicated to disguise machas, wrinkles and acne. But do not think that the result resembles the compact, unlike him to powder foundation has excellent adhesion to the skin.

Why not take oil in the composition and deliver matte effect, this kind of base tends to please quite the oily skinned people. However, if your skin is dry, it is best to avoid the powder foundation, for it usually will crease and leave a dry aspect in this type of skin. For an even more beautiful effect, we suggest that you apply this kind of base with the Kabuki brush.

Top 10 Best Bases Synthetic-Free In 2020 (Natural, Organic And Minerals)

The compact is based on more appropriate to have oily skin and should be used sparingly on dry skin. Of course, those who have dry skin and loves this kind of base, can use, but with some care, for example, use a good moisturizer before moving the base. Already in the oily skins the effect tends to be a more matte coverage, and control the brightness.

The cover of the compact base is average and can be used on a daily basis, especially in the most important events that call for a more elaborate or make the evening in relaxed environments where the basis of high coverage is not necessary. Remember that at the time of application is important to take extra care, because if it is not well spread skin can be checked.

Top 10 Best Bases Synthetic-Free In 2020 (Natural, Organic And Minerals)

Generally creamy base has moisturizing ingredients and vegetables or essential oils in its composition, which is very cool for people with dry skin or mature. Moreover, creamy foundations are denser and offer the high average coverage, so it is perfect to be used in special or evening events, when the intention is to cover blemishes and acne.

The cream base can also be used in normal skin, but with some careful not to “weigh” too. Despite the bases with natural ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin, it is best not to overdo it or to avoid it, in warmer weather, if you have oily skin. This is because they may end up melting on sunny days.

Choose Bases Components Help to Treat Your Skin

Natural, organic and mineral bases are developed with several important plant extracts to the skin. Check out the following substances which can not miss in your base!

One of the advantages of buying minerals, natural or organic bases is the fact that most of the time they are composed of ingredients that treat the skin. A fairly common ingredient in the composition of this type of base is vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, prevents premature aging and keeps the skin healthy.

In addition, vitamin E also stimulates the production of collagen, something so important to keep skin tone. Not to mention that it promotes hydration, essential care to have a more lush and smooth skin. Therefore, besides the aesthetic care, bases composed of this ingredient also treat the skin.

Pracaxi oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil and geranium oil are just some of the oils found in minerals, natural or organic bases. Each has a specific action on the skin, coconut oil, for example, has antiseptic and healing action, being excellent for devitalized skins.

Already the almond is rich in vitamin A and B, so it moisturizes dry skin, improves elasticity of the face and can even be used on sensitive skin. However, in general, all plant and essential oils work deeply nourishing and moisturizing the skin. So, it is interesting to choose bases having at least one vegetable oil in the composition.

If You Want To Save, Prefer Natural Bases

The mineral and organic base usually have a higher price due to the purity of ingredients and the complexity of the manufacturing process. But if you seek a base with quality ingredients, but with more affordable price, opt for natural bases, they offer an excellent value for money.

That’s because, despite these bases are formulated with only natural ingredients, not all of them are 100% organic, which slightly cheapens the product. On this basis there is a blend of natural and non-natural organic substances 100% organic. Still, they remain a healthier option than conventional bases, but with a lower price.

Top 4 Best Bases Minerals to Buy Online

Now meet the best bases made from minerals and choose the one that suits you. Check out!

Comparison Chart of Top Bases Minerals

Base Mineral Original

Top 3 Best Natural Basis for Buy Online

Discover below which natural base longer meets the needs of your skin. Check out!

Bases of Natural Comparison Table

Base Foundation Excellente Skin Porcelana

Base Facial Liquida Oil Free

Top 3 Best Organic Bases to Buy Online

The following show the best organic bases, find out which of them has more to do with your skin!

Comparison table of the Best Organic Bases

Compact Base Average Organic

Tips To Find The Ideal Tom

There are 3 types of undertones, cold (bluish and pink tones), warm (yellow and orange) and neutral (beiges, browns, grays and greens). You’ve probably noticed that many bases are more yellowish, right? These bases are meant to warm skin people. Already the bases with pink background are ideal for cold skins. Neutral skin, in turn, also combines with more neutral tones.

Check below the simplest ways to identify your skin undertone.

Stretch the arm and verify that your veins are green, blue, brownish or purplish. Who has the cool skin has blue or violet veins, as in the warm skin veins are brownish or green. Generally those with neutral undertone has greenish and purplish veins

Just put on your forearm a coin silver and then a golden coin. If the golden coin combines more with your skin, then it is hot, but the silver combine more it is cold. In the case of the two currencies remain well into the skin, the undertone is neutral.

Attach all the hair, remove the makeup and go to a well lit with natural light. In this environment and in front of the mirror put a white cloth near your face. If your skin appears to be slightly pink or bluish undertone is your cold. But if instead she gets yellow or faded the undertone of your skin effect is hot.

Try to test with an ivory fabric too, if he favor you you can be sure that your skin undertone is warm, but if he leaves you with the faded face is because your skin is cold. It has been well with both fabrics? Then you know it? Your undertone is neutral.

Now that you know what your skin undertone, just use this information when choosing.

Ufa! There are so many steps to choose a base, is not it? It is also no wonder, it is the part of the makeup that more is apparent on the face, after all covers the entire skin. Well, but now with our tips will be much easier to choose the right foundation for your skin type. And remember, whenever you hit that doubt at the time of purchase, come back and re-read our article!

Mineral, natural and organic bases combine aesthetics and health, as well as coverage and perfect finish, treat the skin!