Top 10 Best Beds Single Box

Top 10 Best Beds Single Box to Buy in 2020

Choosing a bed is important, but need not be difficult. If you have limited space or do not need a double bed, single beds box are ideal for its practicality and compact size. At the time of choice, the main decision is on the base, which can be combined or separate. Here’s how to choose yours!

Major brands such as Ortobom, present several options to the base, the mattress and the extra items. The most important is to identify the bed that best fits your needs, comfort and pocket. To make it easier, here are our buying tips and the ranking of the top 10 single beds box on the market!

How to Choose the Best Bed Single Box

The box single bed can be the solution of comfort and space issues for children and adults. She usually measure 88 x 188 cm. To choose yours, it is important to check some details such as the base and the type of mattress. Separate tips that will make a difference in your purchase!

Choose Between Base Combined or Separated

The beds single box, as well as those of other sizes (double, queen, king), have two basic options: a combined and separate. This difference determines some possibilities for your bed and undoubtedly influence on its value.

The bed base box has single combined mattress and fixed base each other. This is the most affordable option in the market, as well as being practical and compact size. On the other hand, have pegged mattress and base makes it impossible to exchange the mattress only, limiting the use of bed time as a whole.

Already the litter box separate base has single mattress and different base. That is, you can exchange the mattress after a certain usage time keeping the base, providing long-term economy. In this case, it is important to note the lining of the base and its resistance and may need extra protection.

Choose Mattress More Comfortable and resistant

The mattresses can be made of spring or foam, being softer or firmer, longer lasting or less. Also, one should check the supported weight. To ensure a good choice for your health and comfort, we will see some tips on the types of mattress, it is fixed to the base or separately.

Top 10 Best Beds Single Box To Buy In 2020

The foam mattresses tend to be soft and flexible and are differentiated by the type of foam. The most common is polyurethane, is also the cheapest type in the market. However, there are more modern foams such as latex, viscoelastic foams or a combination of adding an extra layer.

By being more malleable, the mattress made of foam completely loses firmness with the use of time and therefore may end up having to be replaced more quickly. On the other hand, for many people it is more comfortable, and require less investment.

Top 10 Best Beds Single Box To Buy In 2020

spring mattresses have the latest technology. Many of them have a layer of foam on the springs, bringing comfort and flexibility of the first type. Although more expensive, they are more durable models, since the springs do not lose stiffness so easily and are more adaptable to the body.

The structure of mattress springs can be only when all the springs are connected to form a single network, or individual, when the springs are separated from each other. Prefer separate springs, also called bagged, they tend to adapt better to the body.

Do not Forget to Check the Supported by weight Mattress

Top 10 Best Beds Single Box To Buy In 2020

All mattresses, either foam or spring, have a maximum weight supported. The foam mattresses are classified by density. The Inmetro density table indicates which foam density functions for each weight and height of the user, ensuring a comfortable and healthy mattress.

Despite not having a specific classification, spring mattresses tend to support higher weights. The springs are also more durable, delaying the deformation of the mattress by the weight employed therein. The maximum weight display is always in the Product Data Sheet, check!

The height also varies Beds!

Top 10 Best Beds Single Box To Buy In 2020

The litter box of height may vary by the size of the structure and also the mattress size. higher mattresses may be more comfortable to have a combination of spring and foam layers. And higher bases may enable more storage space or a comfortable extra bed.

However, higher beds can also be a limitation on the time to get to or elderly users with mobility restrictions. Most beds have a height between 50 and 70 cm, but we can find models with up to 90 cm tall. You have to pay attention to the specification!

See the Options Extras: Storage and Double

Besides being comfortable and ensure a good night’s sleep, the box single bed can provide storage space with chest at the base of the bed, and the possibility of a second mattress. These extra options are valuable advantages for those who have children at home or little space in the room!

Some models have a trunk at its base. When lifting a lid below the mattress can use the storage compartment for objects, bedding or toys, according to your need. This is an advantage for those who have little space in the house since it optimizes the area occupied by the bed.

The opening of the chests in various models, is made by technology of a piston damping, avoiding the need for power for the opening as well as the risk of the top close abruptly causing an accident. This is a safe option in the use and convenience in storage.

Receiving visitors in a small space, whether adults or friends of the children, can be a challenge. The box single bed with auxiliary bed is a compact and practical solution to this problem. The second bed is fitted to the base, it is necessary only to slide it to open the second mattress.

In most models, the auxiliary bed comes with caster feet so that the slide is lighter and practical, while the main bed may have fixed feet, with more stability. Thus occupying the space of a single bed in your room, you have use of two mattresses.

Top 10 Best Beds Single Box

After all these tips on the main characteristics of box beds and aspects to note when making your purchase, take a look at our ranking models available on the market!

Top 10 Best Beds Single Box To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Single Beds Box

Box bed with Single Chest and Auxiliary bed + Mattress Springs

Box bed Single bed with mattress springs Auxiliary + Bagged with Pillow Top

Box Single bed with mattress + Chest Springs Bagged

Bed Box + Single Premium mattress spring bagged with D33 foam and viscoelastic NASA

Box Single Bed + Mattress Spring PocketĀ® Silver Star AIR Double Face

Single Bed Box in vinyl + Mattress Springs Bagged with Pillow Top

Bed Box Coupled Single Premium Auxiliary bed

Box Single bed with mattress foam D33 + Chest Anti Allergy

Box Single bed + mattress foam D33 Anti Allergy

Bed Box Coupled Single Union Ortopedic

Other sizes for beds Box, see our indication!

If you have more room or she needs a bigger bed because it will not be used by only one person, it may also take into account several of the features described herein. However, it is important to think about some specific issues of size beds, queen or king. For that, just click on the link below!

As you can see here, the box beds are products full of practicality and functionality. From simple to complex, each will fit a need, ensuring diversity of models and prices in the market.

Once you know the most important features of box beds and the best chance of the market given our rankings, you will no doubt find the perfect model for your needs! Is for you, your children or guests, your solution is here!