Top 10 Best Beer Cups

Top 10 Best Beer Cups to Buy in 2020

The lagers are still in the hearts of Brazilians, but the wheat, Belgian and IPAs is being increasingly appreciated. As each type of beer calls for a different cup, you need to be aware. After all, you may have heard that the beer is much more delicious when served the right way, does not it? And it’s true! Use the right glass makes all the difference in taste and aroma.

Therefore, in this article we explain all about choosing the best glass of beer. We talk about materials, formats and even gave gifts tips. In addition, we ranqueamos the top 10 glasses of beer time! Glasses of famous brands, imported and domestic, as Stella Artois, Erdinger and Colorado are also in the ranking. Check it out and let your even better beer!

How to Choose the Best Beer Glass

The kits of famous brands are great for gift giving, but to choose the best glass option is important to know the kind of beer that the person likes, as the Ideal Cup format changes for each type. Also, choose only glasses of glass or stainless steel, which does not influence the properties of beer.

Below is all you should consider when choosing a glass of beer, either for you or for a friend!

There is a cup format for each beer type

The formats of the glasses show and enhance the attributes of each style of beer. Therefore, there are dozens of models. The main function is to retain them or not foam, the famous collar, a few glasses with the narrow mouth facilitate training, others value the aromas to avoid foaming. See this and more below.

Top 10 Best Beer Cups To Buy In 2020

Extremely versatile, this is a wildcard glass to take home! The caldereta can be used with any style of beer, so it has balanced characteristics that allow both foaming as the pronunciation of aromas.

Because of this versatility, it is a widely used glass in Brazilian bars, especially to serve chopps. You have certainly taken a beer in caldereta glass in a bar, how about now have that option at home?

Top 10 Best Beer Cups To Buy In 2020

Made exclusively for wheat beers, also known as Weissbier, the Weizen glass allows the formation of a large foam layer, a common characteristic of beers with high carbonation.

Another feature is that the elongated cup size which generally holds 500 ml or more, thus, serve the entire contents of the bottle of beer at once. As it is necessary to mix the bottom of the bottle with the remaining yeast before taking the liquid, it is important to serve all drink at once. So, you get to enjoy the maximum flavor of wheat beers!

Top 10 Best Beer Cups To Buy In 2020

Ideal to observe the evolution of foam and for the assessment of aromas, the cups in cup and cup shapes are used for beers which form a creamier foam, such as Belgian and ales. The rod to hold prevents the exchange of heat between hands and beer and also facilitates the circular movement of the glass to release aromas.

The purchase is necessary to pay attention to the name, these glasses are originally recognized as tulips, but in Brazil we use this term for the pilsner or lager glass. Therefore, when buying, make sure that you are choosing the right glass.

Top 10 Best Beer Cups To Buy In 2020

We Brazilians call these tulip glasses that has official name of pilsner and lager. With elongated and tapered shape, these glasses are perfect to enjoy the look of translucent lagers and Witbier, which are lighter and have more obvious bubbles.

The difference between pilsner and lager glass is the mouth, while in the first mouth is wider and facilitates the appreciation of aromas not so evident in the second is closer and ensures greater retention of the foam cream. Therefore, the glasses lager are also very used to serve chopps.

Top 10 Best Beer Cups To Buy In 2020

There are dozens of cups options, if you are a connoisseur demanding will thoroughly enjoy the pint glasses, which ensure a greater detachment from the aroma of beers more full-bodied, as European and American. Since the cylindrical glasses allow greater foaming, but not value both aromas.

more fun options are also a great choice! The Nordic drank beer in cups in the Horn format, since the Germans in the soles own boots, the best of all is that there are cups with these formats today. If you want to value the tradition and moreover have fun with friends, have one of these at home!

Select the Best Material for Your Way of Making Beer

As the material directly influences the beer making experience, made of glass or stainless steel are the perfect because it does not interfere with the appearance, taste and aroma of the drink. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages. See what follows.

Glass is the best material to enjoy all the beer elements, as is inert, does not influence the taste or aroma. Beer is best presentation in a transparent cup, where you can see all the elements and treat your taste buds, not by chance, the reference are the glasses.

glass cups are easy to clean and practical to use, perfect to take home and enjoy your favorite beer!

Also known as thermal cups, stainless steel models can keep the beer cold for up to 4 hours. Of course no one waiting so long to have a cold, however, in very hot areas and open this attribute is valuable.

Ideal for summer for barbecues on the beach or the pool, this type of glass is less known in Brazil, which is great for those who like to try new products and be the first to launch trends!

Kits and cups Famous brands are Great Gifts

The kits over a glass or included beer bottles are perfect for gifting someone. As usually the beer is served in a group with a kit everyone can enjoy the same experience. Besides, no one will complain to drink another bottle or have a glass of unit more if the other is broken, is not it?

A good choice are the kits of famous brands, domestic and imported, which provide even greater connection to connoisseurs of beer. If you know the person’s preferred brand is even better, she will love it!

Top 10 Best Beer Cups to Buy Online

Now that you already know the attributes to choose the best glass of beer, meet the ranking with the main options for you to buy online, will greatly facilitate your decision! Select and call someone to toast!

Comparison table of the Best Beer Cups

Weissbier Kit Cup and Beer

The beer glasses make all the difference at the time of tasting a good beer. So it is crucial to choose a format that leverages aromas and keep the creaminess and beer foam. As a general recommendation, the glasses must be made of glass, a material that protects and does not influence the taste of beer, but stainless steel can also be considered.

Now that you know how to choose the best glass for each type of beer and also knows the ranking of the top 10 choices of the moment, do not waste time and get the model you like best to you or even to give away to someone who loves beer!