Top 10 Best Bleaches In 2020 (No Chlorine, Vanish, Bright And More)

Top 10 Best Bleaches in 2020 (No Chlorine, Vanish, Bright and more)

At the time of washing always comes up that question: I use bleach? With chlorine or chlorine? Can I use in colored clothes? It is to answer these questions we’re here. There are many types of bleaches in the market and we want your choice to be the easiest and most appropriate possible.

Prepare an article where you will meet different bleaches famous brands such as Bright, Omo and Vanish, you will see how to choose the best for each use and how to use it. In addition, we chose and compared the top 10 bleaches available in Brazil. Ready to leave everything in the open?

Top 10 Best Bleaches In 2020 (No Chlorine, Vanish, Bright And More)

To understand what a bleach is first necessary to know what is bleach. It is a liquid that disinfects and eliminates microorganisms environments, fruits and vegetables. It has a small concentration of chlorine, from 2.0 to 2.5%. Cleaning, it is used in kitchens, bathrooms and tiles in general.

The bleach is a chlorine bleach type having colorants, and perfume ingredients that make foam. Therefore they can not be used in foods. The bleaches also eliminate molds, bacteria and viruses, may be used to lighten the cleaning and linen.

How to Choose the Best Bleach

When choosing the bleach you should take into account the base of the product (chlorine or hydrogen peroxide), which will use it (white or colored clothes), it is better in liquid, gel or powder and even the size of the package. Next, we’ll give you step by step to find the right product for every use and need.

To Choose Well Know the Best Different Types

The dozens of available brands may have bleach flavored, colored, transparent, liquid or powder. But some essential features all have in common: the bleaches are formulated chlorine-based or hydrogen peroxide base. Learn a little more about these types of bleaches.

Top 10 Best Bleaches In 2020 (No Chlorine, Vanish, Bright And More)

The chlorine-based bleach is made primarily of a mixture of water and active chlorine with stabilizers, dyes and various perfumes. It must be used diluted, only to lighten or remove stains white clothes, and can not be mixed with other cleaning products.

The chlorine-based bleach is stronger and is not the best choice for clothing, for speeds up the wear of the fabric and let it dry and rough. Moreover, it should never be used on colored fabrics as it may cause irreparable stains (remember: it’s like bleach)

Top 10 Best Bleaches In 2020 (No Chlorine, Vanish, Bright And More)

If you want to lighten or remove colored clothing stains, use a non-chlorine bleach, also called spot strip. Done with hydrogen peroxide sold in liquid or powder form has the advantage of being mixed with the soap powder or liquid in the washing machine housing.

The bleach to peroxide-based preserves best clothes to be softer than chlorine. If used in the washing machine with hot water the result will be even better! But always take care to check the label of the clothes, because some can not be washed in hot water.

Liquid, gel or powder: A Consistency for Every Need

Top 10 Best Bleaches In 2020 (No Chlorine, Vanish, Bright And More)

The liquid bleach to peroxide base are more suitable for everyday use and perfect to remove the bad smell of the clothes, as many are flavored. Already liquid chlorine are to be used sparingly, only to remove stains, and it is recommended to be diluted in water.

The powder bleaches are more alkaline, strong and concentrated. They are not suitable for use on a daily basis. They should only be applied to remove deeper stains on white and colored clothes. Already bleaching gel differentiate by offering more control in the application and less waste.

Choose Size Package As your Need

Top 10 Best Bleaches In 2020 (No Chlorine, Vanish, Bright And More)

You wash very dirty clothes every week? Time to buy a bleach, consider the frequency of use. If you only remember when you need to take a bleach stain, packaging under 1L or 450g, they are sufficient. So you do not waste product or money.

If you used bleach powder and found a package of ideal size in liquid and wonder if it’s worth, here’s a tip: a powdered bleach with 900g corresponds to about 1 L of liquid bleach and, moreover, the bleach powder yields more water by not having the formula.

Top 10 Best Bleaches

Did you see that there are specific bleach for white clothes and colored clothes. Now, check the ranking that we did with the top 10 best bleaches, chosen from the best-selling and best-evaluated. They are all good products. Choose your according to your need!

Comparison Leaderboard Bleaches

Omo clothes stain remover White Gel 750 ml

Vanish Pink Gel Multiuso 1,5 L

Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White 450 g

Strip Bright spots Antibacterial 2 L

Bleach Bright Floral Utile 2 L

Active Chlorine Bleach Bright L 2

Chlorine bleach No Makes 5 L

Chlorine bleach No Colored Clothing Gentile – 2 L

Removal non-chlorine bleach Ultra 1.5 L

Bleach Triex Multipurpose 1L

See Necessary care when using bleaches

Bleaches are very potent chemicals, and if you can not use all right, it can cause great damage in their clothes. Now that you know how to choose the right product, just check how to use bleach! To do this, pay attention to these tips:

Get the Best Care for Softeners Still Best Clothing

The chlorine bleaches are useful in a pre-wash, while no chlorine can be used for the washing itself, with the washing powder or liquid. Wondering what to do after that? Check on the following link 10 best softeners and various tips to soften and perfume your clothes!

Did you see how bleach is not all the same? Now, with our tips and our ranking of the top 10 bleaches, you are prepared to choose the best for your home and your clothes. See what is best for you, with or without bleach chlorine, only to remove stains or to clean the house as well.

Gel, liquid or powder, each has its advantages consistency. And also remember to always follow the operating instructions and check the labels on the clothes before washing. We hope that our article has cleared up all your doubts! If you like, share it!