Top 10 Best Blushes Creamy

Top 10 Best Blushes Creamy to Buy in 2020 (Nars, Vult and more)

Natural makeup has gained space among women, as well as cosmetics to ensure that effect. The cream blush is one of them, but one must know how to choose. There are several colors and finishes that provide different results. There are also numerous brands such as Nars, Vult and Clinique.

In this guide, you will learn how to choose a creamy blush, will give a ranking with leading products on the market and will still earn an extra tip at the end. So if you want to check the top 10 blushes cream to buy just check this tip!

How to Choose the Best Blush Creme

A creamy blush can have different colors, textures and compositions. Each of these features will provide a different result, so it is important make the right choice. If you want to learn how to choose the best cream blush, check out these tips!

Practicality needs in routine? Bet on the Blush Stick

Top 10 Best Blushes Creamy To Buy In 2020 (Nars, Vult And More)

The blush stick is practical, compact and can be easily stored in necessaire. It is perfect to carry in your purse and facilitates retouching product throughout the day. This type of blush tends to be less oily and therefore are more popular in Brazil.

But the blush pot requires a brush or sponge for application. Its texture tends to be more creamy and oily. Compared with the bat, the pot version is less convenient and requires more time for makeup. It is a good alternative for extremely dry and mature skin, which require more hydration.

Be sure to check the end of this article our extra tip on the application of blush stick!

Peach to Wine: What is the Best Color For Your Skin?

Top 10 Best Blushes Creamy To Buy In 2020 (Nars, Vult And More)

The first thing you need to consider before buying a creamy blush is the color. According to the characteristics of your skin, the product can enhance or disrupt the visual. So see these recommendations to decide the best color for you.

If you are not sure about the color most appropriate blush, no problem. Avoid lines with little variety of colors or shades universal. The secret is to look for a color that is similar to the tone of your skin. Finally, you can opt for blush peach, which is considered a wildcard tone.

Natural Finish, Matte or Glossy: What Them Matches Your Style?

Top 10 Best Blushes Creamy To Buy In 2020 (Nars, Vult And More)

After setting the color is time to think of blush finish. A number of effects provided by this product, but we can summarize them in three: natural, matte or glossy. The natural finish is ideal for day to day, is not bright and it just seems that you are flushed from the sun.

The matte blush is one of the most popular, as it provides a sequinha skin effect. This is an option sought after by women who have oily skin. In this case, there is no shine and the skin gains a silky appearance, as with the blush powder.

The glossy finish can provide different results from the most discreet to the most striking. So it is not unusual to find products with effect “pearl” or “light”. While it is widely used in everyday life, it is common for women to pursue this option for the night.

Look for an Oil Free Blush Any Time Avoid Oily

Top 10 Best Blushes Creamy To Buy In 2020 (Nars, Vult And More)

Formulas are greasy and oily enemy acneic skin. So a blush with mineral oil in its composition is not beneficial for this type of skin. For this, there are oil free products, which provide a dry feel to the skin and inhibits that glow that can accumulate in the face.

There are also products with oil in the composition, but have matte effect and do not cause feeling of greasiness. Even better if the product using a vegetable and organic oil, which treats the skin while glosses. The blushs stick or stick are drier and great for oily skin.

Escape from Parabens If Your Skin Be Sensitive

Top 10 Best Blushes Creamy To Buy In 2020 (Nars, Vult And More)

Parabens are chemicals used in cosmetics to keep them preserved. They eliminate microorganisms and increase the shelf life of a product. On the other hand, this type of chemical has great potential to trigger allergies, irritations and skin sensitivity.

So if you have a sensitive and irritated skin that is easily prioritize is essential blushes that do not use parabens. Products that do not have this chemical in their composition usually come accompanied by the phrase “without parabens”.

To Support the Cause Animal Give Priority for Cruelty Free brands

Not today we know that many brands test products on animals. This has been a concern for many people, since buying these brands is how to finance mistreatment. You can search for the phrase “cruelty free” on the packaging and make sure your blush has not been tested on any animal.

It can be challenging to find cruelty free marks for everything in life. Therefore, it is possible to find a balance and start slowly. Whenever possible choose a product not tested on animals you can prioritize it.

You Maquia with frequency? Invest in products with more than 8g

Another important point in choosing a blush is the amount of product. If this is an item that you use often can be advantageous to invest in larger options above 8g. Who does not often glosses can get smaller versions and prevent the product reaches its expiration date.

It is also important to do a cost-benefit ratio. There blushes expensive that deliver very few grams of product. If you use blush every day, it will not be long until you need another. also analyze pigmentation, ease in spreading the blush on the skin and its durability.

Top 10 Best Blushes in Cream

Now that you know how to choose the best cream blush, how about give a ranking of 10 products that have featured in the market? They are available in different colors, sizes, shapes and prices. Check and find the best for you!

Comparison Leaderboard Blushes in Cream


Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush

Creamy Blush Almanati

Blush Cremoso Souly Beauty

Extra tip: For a Natural Result Bet on Brush Duo Fiber

Those who opt for a creamy blush usually looking for a natural effect. However, you need to bet on the right brush or your face can be too marked. The duo fiber brush is one of the best options. It is composed of natural and synthetic bristles, which alternate between size and spacing.

The blush stick can be applied directly in apples and smoky with fiber duo. The application is also possible with the fingers, but this can lead to oily skin. But the blush pot requires you to use the brush all the makeup process.

However, you may be looking for other results beyond the natural, is not it? Thinking about it, we brought another reading tip. Find out which are the 10 Best Blush Brush and choose the best pair you!

Choosing a cream blush will depend on your skin and your personal preferences. It is also important to examine your routine. Who travels a lot benefit from practical packaging that fit in the trunk. Who does not like elaborate makeup can bet on an easy option to spread his fingers.

The important thing is that the blush is functional and useful for you. The variations are many and the choice of tips as well. The good news is that you can read this article whenever you need a help!