Top 10 Best Blushes

Top 10 Best Blushes to Buy in 2020 (Ruby Rose, Mac, Vult and more)

Opt for a wrong color of blush can put all your makeup to lose, leaving the appearance of heavy face and without harmony. To avoid this effect, the ideal is to stay attentive to the tone chosen, ensuring that it check your skin a natural effect, with balanced tones. There are specific blush shades to white, yellow, brown and black skins. Check out the ideal for your.

If you are confused about which blush color buy, be attentive to your skin tone. White women with cool undertones should opt for blush in pastel shades. Bet on blushes beige, pink or a blush peach. The cherry blushes are also welcome. These tones will brighten and give a healthy, natural look to your face.

Who has yellowish skin can invest in pink tones with bronze pigments and brown. These tones will neutralize the yellow face and are very natural. Already brunettes should go away from the orange blush, and invest in the earth, with gold and bronze pigments, which give natural skin color.

Black women can abuse the terracotta tones: wine, dark brown or coffee and burned pink with gold and bronze pigments enhance the beauty of your natural skin tone without seeming artificial. Already redheads can invest in blush peach with gold background in orange blush, bronzer or pastel pink.

Now that you know what the ideal shades of blush for your skin, let’s talk about textures. To make a beautiful and harmonious, in addition to choosing the right color, you need to evaluate which combines more texture to your skin. If you do not know the difference between the creamy blush and liquid, for example, know now the textures available in the market and find the most suitable for you.

Texture most common and popular of all, the powder blush can come in compact or loose powder. It has fine texture, natural finish and good durability on the skin. Dry touch makes it the favorite among oily skin consumers, but can be used by all skin types. The advantage is that your application can be built for both the natural effect as one make more marked for the night.

The application is made with specific brush, and the format is great for carrying in the bag. Who chooses the packaging with loose powder, you should be careful not to overdo the amount, always giving little tap the brush to remove excess, and keep the case tightly closed when you carry in your purse.

The liquid blush is quick drying, so you need to apply and spread over the skin quickly, to prevent your face is spotted. A tip to make good natural effect, so it is applied after the base, finishing and sealing with compact. The disadvantage is that they can let your fingers a little stained.

The creamy blush can come in pots or stick, super practical formats to carry the bag. It gives brightness to the skin, and can be applied patting at your fingertips, with a specific sponge or with a foundation brush. Its texture goes well for those who have dry skin or mature.

With oils in its formulation, the creamy blush is not suitable for those who have oily skin. There are some oil free formulations, yet the sparkling finish that some of these products usually leave may displease. The use is not indicated if the temperature is high, or if you sweat a lot, since it could end up melting and leaving the stained face.

Who have sensitive and easily irritated skin can invest in a mineral blush. Loose powder or compact texture, mineral blushes give a natural super finish with good length, not clog pores, and are still free of oils, dyes, fragrances and other substances that can cause skin allergy. With so many advantages, it ends up being a bit more expensive, but worth the investment.

Before choosing the perfect finish to give that corzinha the face, evaluate the type of light to which you will be exposed. For day to day, when we are under the sun or office light, opaque blushes offer a more natural result and discreet.

But if the intention is to play in the evening, the blushes with sparkling finish are super valid, and give that illuminated, giving more glamor to make up, and leaving skin brighter appearance. Also, a matte effect helps to disguise skin oils, while the twinkling give more light to those who have dry skin.

They are beautiful to look at and very easy to apply. The moisaico blushes won the hearts of consumers with different nuances in the same estojinho. The idea is that when you pass the brush, take a little of each to your face, creating a color that fits perfectly to your skin, since all vary on the same tone

Another advantage is being able to pick apart with your fingers or a brush sponge just a dark color to get around the face, decreasing the nose by applying the side, for example, or light some parts with lighter colors. A real joker!

The way your friend apply the blush is not always the best for you. This is because each face shape has a certain angle to be worked, valuing what is most beautiful and disguising small imperfections. To avoid the risk of making mistakes and let your inharmonious face, careful to keep your face shape and the best way to apply blush.

Who has round face can narrow applying blush in a straight line, diagonal, on top of apples. Begin by applying two or three fingers away from the nose, rising toward the top of the ears. To find the right place on the application, you can make a pout and apply in the part that protrudes. Avoid applying apples, not to increase the cheeks.

The oval faces are easier to apply the blush. Its versatile format supports various application angles. The most common is narrow down the cheeks by applying on top of apples in diagonal, toward the corner of the lips. Leave two fingers away before reaching the mouth.

Triangular shapes are most harmonious with rounded apples, applying blush at the center of the cheek and slightly pulling the temples. The trick is not to make a very fine line, and smudge and to harmonize the facial lines.

The square faces ask a rounded application to smooth the lines. Put down the blush on the cheeks in a circular motion without pulling to the side. Esfume a little of the product on the sides of the forehead and chin. Esfume fine apples, not to get the “effect June Festival”.

Now that you know all about blushes and knows the best the market can now make your purchase safely. Follow the link of your favorite, and run to ensure this essential item in necessaire. After all, beautiful makeup is one that values ​​their strengths and still leaves you with that healthy corzinha.