Top 10 Best Books Illustrated Baby (Up To 1 Year) In 2020

Top 10 Best Books Illustrated Baby (up to 1 year) in 2020

Reading is a habit that can be stimulated from an early age, after all, in the first months of life can put babies in contact with books. This is where the picture books for babies, as they are colorful and full of lovely figures end up calling the attention of the little ones!

If you are looking for a copy to your children know that publishers like Todolivro and Happy Books always throw super legal options. Want to discover how to choose a suitable book? Then check out our tips below. Then check our ranking with the top 10 picture books for babies!

How to Choose the Best Illustrated Book for Baby

From now on we will show how to choose picture books for babies. Tips are super easy to apply, you simply pay close attention to the features of the book at the time of purchase!

Illustrated Books prefer that Work of the Senses Babies

During the first years of life, babies perceive the world through the senses. It is they who allow the baby’s interaction with the environment. Just so it’s important to choose books that encourage them. Here’s how to go!

Top 10 Best Books Illustrated Baby (Up To 1 Year) In 2020

Up to 8 months of life, the baby’s vision has not developed completely. His visual perception evolves as it grows, as your eyes, brain and visual system become more mature. In that process color images can contribute greatly as stimulate vision.

Not to mention that, precisely because this view is not fully developed, it is better that the color illustrations have contrasts and clear or black and white colors. This will further stimulate the development of vision, and help to hold the attention of babies.

Top 10 Best Books Illustrated Baby (Up To 1 Year) In 2020

tactile perception is the ability to perceive, through the skin, characteristics of an object and feel pressure, temperature and pain. It is mainly through this sense that the baby explores the world in the early months. However, for this to occur, you need to provide objects with textures and shapes.

The stimulation of the tactile perception allows proper baby’s relationship with objects and the environment, and the protection and reaction to noxious stimuli. This process also provides an increase in information received by the nervous system, thus contributing to brain development.

For more security, Prefer Books Made with materials resistant

When choosing picture books for babies is very important to opt for versions made with resistant materials. This is because at this stage usually small bite all who see ahead, especially when the teeth begin to emerge.

A very common option is the bound book, they are made with a very sturdy cardboard that does not tear easily. The books made of cloth are another excellent choice, moreover they are super soft, which is very good for baby’s sensitive skin.

It also has the bath books, really cool options to make the bathroom a more fun time. They are developed with materials that are resistant as well as washable. Generally they are made with PVC, vinyl or synthetic leather. In this case, be sure to check if the material is non-toxic!

Books Children Are Easier to Handle While the Baby Safe

Top 10 Best Books Illustrated Baby (Up To 1 Year) In 2020

Many parents like to read stories to the baby in her arms, so they read and ninam little while. It turns out that this can be very cumbersome if the picture book is large and heavy. After all, one hand is used to hold the baby, leaving only one for the book.

Soon, it will be more comfortable for the parents if the book is small, somewhere around 7×7 cm, but if you want something a little more robust, books about 15×15 cm are also comfortable options. With them you can hold the baby and still show the illustrations to it.

Review the Book Content

In addition to the illustrations, it is interesting that the book has a story. But it is not any kind of story that will attract the attention of small. There are some elements that are most effective in this direction!

Top 10 Best Books Illustrated Baby (Up To 1 Year) In 2020

Onomatopoeia are words that imitate sounds such as noises, screams, sounds of nature, animal corner, etc. For example, the term “cri cri” is a word used to represent the cricket corner, so it is an onomatopoeia, a very useful feature to hold the attention of babies.

The same happens with the rhymes, the fact that they give rhythm to the reading makes the story more interesting for babies, who are intrigued by the sound. So much onomatopoeia as the rhymes are ways to play with the sounds and alongside the illustrations make the book more fun.

Top 10 Best Books Illustrated Baby (Up To 1 Year) In 2020

The bedtime stories are used for a long time to pack the babies sleep. These stories always address issues that induce children to sleep and have images and pictures that refer to night. Therefore, they are excellent to calm babies and create a moment of family interaction.

Not to mention that this is a way to put discipline in the routine of their children, because by putting a fixed schedule of the story, the little know they need to go to bed at that time. Also, listen to stories stimulates important brain areas, which is great for cognition of babies.

Top 10 Best Illustrated Books for babies up to 1 year

Now that you’ve figured out how to choose picture books for babies, it’s time to know the options available in the market. Below we show 10 great books for your baby!

Comparison table of the Best Books Illustrated Baby

COMPANY OF Letrinhas

Jungle Noise My First Book Touch, Feel and Listen

Time to play, Thrush!

Fun in the Bath Little Friends of the Sea

Hello Baby! Day and night

My First Sleeping Stories

My First Bible Treasure

Dora Infant colors with Dora and Boots

World Bita Fazendinha

My First Fairy Tales Book

Stories for Children 1 year

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It is very important that you continue encouraging the reading habit in their children throughout childhood. Thinking about it, we have a series of articles on children’s books here on the site. Are items for children of all ages. To check, click on the links below!

The picture books are very helpful in the development of babies, because the work the way you are creating a basis for further knowledge he will learn. But that’s not why you should encourage reading to your baby, but also to be a pleasurable activity.

Reading associated with the pictures make small fantasize and imagine, something essential to make childhood more fun. So well review our tips and apply all of them at the time of buying a picture book for babies. Your children deserve the most charming books!