Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Pads

Top 10 Best Breastfeeding pads to Buy in 2020

The nursing pad is both aid and nursing time. In addition to keeping the baby at the right height, allows greater comfort for the mother. Brands like Chicco, Garcia and Kababy offer models to suit every taste, considering the needs of the baby and mother.

When choosing the best model it is necessary to assess factors such as shape, size, fabric. To help, and explain the reasons for using this type of pad, we prepare a guide on how to choose the most appropriate type and a ranking of the top 10 nursing pads. Check out!

Reasons for Using Breastfeeding Pillow

Many people stop buying breastfeeding pad for thinking that it is not necessary, as it will be used for a limited time. However, it is precisely to assist in this important period that it should be in the baby shower list. It holds the baby weight and decreases the load borne by the mother.

With support given by the woman breast feeding pad is comfortable and relaxed his arm, which facilitates the correct grip of the nozzle and makes the process simpler breastfeeding. Otherwise, tension and fatigue mother can reflect on the baby and cause difficulties.

How to Choose the Best Breastfeeding Pillow

A good nursing pillow should be comfortable, fits your needs and practical to maintain. Below we will explain the factors that need to be evaluated, as the size, fabric, size and types of filling, to help you find the best model for you!

Select the pad type that works best for you

In Brazil, they are marketed two main types of nursing pads: Pad U-shaped and the arm pad. It is important to know both, compare the benefits of each one and choose the one that works best for you

Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Pads To Buy In 2020

Breastfeeding cushion U-shaped is the most popular in the country. It is used usually embedded in the woman’s waist, with the baby backed up, but can be used in other ways to meet their needs. It holds the baby weight and still leaves your hands free.

The format also allows breastfeeding pad is used for other purposes, such as pillow or reducing the cradle and support when the baby starts to sit. Longer models are more versatile while minors are easy to carry and store.

Less well known in the market, breastfeeding pads for arms are super practical, lightweight and ideal for those who want to maintain the best possible contact with the baby at the time of breastfeeding. Soft and elastic, just be stuck in the arm like a pool float.

As is generally small and convenient to be stored and transported. It can be used as a second feeding pad option to for hiking and travel. Anyone who wants can also use it as a pillow or support for babies.

For Comfort and Safety Materials Select Insurance, Prefer 100% Cotton

Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Pads To Buy In 2020

The second thing you should consider when buying a breastfeeding pillow is what it is made. Ideally, it is completely made of hypoallergenic materials and soft to the touch to ensure the safety and comfort of both the baby, as the mother.

Watch the outer and inner parts of the pad, and also in details, if available. These fabrics must be breathable. The more natural they are, the higher quality the pad. Therefore, made from 100% cotton, are the most purchased.

Fillers prefer Firm Polyurethane or Polyester Fiber

Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Pads To Buy In 2020

Breastfeeding cushion must have a firm consistency. That’s because she should keep the baby in the mother’s breast height, without having to lean forward. If the pillow is too soft, the baby’s mother sinks and double back, which will cause a lot of tension in minutes and pains in the future.

The ideal, for it does not, is to prefer pillows with fillings that balance firmness and suppleness. The polyester fiber is one of the most used on the market to have these characteristics, but there are already innovations such as viscoelastic foam made of polyurethane, which also pleases.

Be More Convenience with washable Models Machine and Cover

Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Pads To Buy In 2020

At the time of breast-feeding, it is possible that milk or baby babinha fall in breastfeeding pad. Therefore, it should be easy to wash. Ideally case the model has to be removed and washed separately. Otherwise, it is necessary to wash all of the pad following the instructions in it labels.

The best option are pads made of materials that can be washed in the dishwasher for easy routine. It is also preferred, particularly in case no templates, the filling does not bend with the washings. Remember, even in models with covers, the pad should be washed from time to time.

Aesthetics It is also important

Sure to be functional is the main quality of a nursing pad, but how it will be with you for most of the day, it’s nice to have a look you like. In the current market there are several models with plain colors, various patterns and the combination of the two.

You can choose from soft shades to match the decor of traditional rooms to bright colors and different prints like psychedelic. In addition, some models may have extra details like mini pillows, ties, pockets and even stuffed animals applications.

Who indications tested and approved

Before checking the ranking with the best breastfeeding pads, see the indications of MyBest partners. They are professionals, experts and bloggers that indicate only products tested and approved by them. Check out!

Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Pillows

Now that you know the advantages of using a breastfeeding pad and the factors that need to be evaluated at the time of purchase, is ready to choose the product right for you. Below we show a ranking of the top 10 market breastfeeding pads. Enjoy!

Top 10 Best Breastfeeding Pads To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Breastfeeding Pillows

Breastfeeding Pillow Chevron Gray / Poa Rosa

Breastfeeding Boppy Pillow Baby Wild Flowers

Pad arm for Breastfeeding Star

Breastfeeding cushion Diamond Marine

Cushion Breastfeeding My Baby

Breastfeeding Pillow Brown

Arm pad for Breastfeeding Crown Blue

Breastfeeding Pillow Pink and Gray Clouds Rain Love

Breastfeeding Pad Blue Clouds

Breastfeeding Pillow Baby little cloud

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Now you know that breastfeeding pillow can help a lot while you breastfeed your child. It helps the baby to get the correct height to hit the handle of the nozzle and have a quiet breastfeeding. Still protects your back from wrong postures, avoiding future pain.

Take advantage of our suggestions for choosing the most appropriate cushion for you and if you have any questions, come back here to remind our tips!