Top 10 Best Bronzer

Top 10 Best Bronzer to Buy in 2020 (Australian Gold, Bronze and carrot and more)

Tanned skin, little marks bikini and smile, are the true signs of a summer well spent, is not it? And to ensure a golden hue in the body rely on the sunscreen! Whether in oil, cream, or spray, they are allies of those who love the beach and swimming pool, and wants to ensure that bronze.

Australian Gold, Bronze and Carrot and Banana Boat offer great tanning, which in addition to leave the dark and glowing skin, also have protection from sunlight. To understand how to select this disputed product, check out the tips in this article and the ranking of the top 10 tanning of the year!

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen

To raze the choice of sunscreen, you just need to know some tips on its features. Always prefer products with a sun protection factor and find out what more texture blends with your skin, so you’re sure to sunny days will end with a bronze beautiful.

Prefer Tanning with Sun Protection Factor

Top 10 Best Bronzer To Buy In 2020 (Australian Gold, Bronze And Carrot And More)

Whoever thinks that, for sunbathing, it is not necessary to use sunscreen. In fact, tanning with sun protection factor (SPF) are the most appropriate when the goal is to win that golden, glowing skin without being unprotected during exposure to the sun.

This is because these products do not only contribute to the production of melanin in the skin, responsible for the color, but also protect it from the damaging effects of sunlight. This way, you ensure the desired effect of healthy and natural way.

Remember that people with lighter skin should choose tanning with SPF 30 or more. Already those who have dark skin, you can bet on products with SPF 20 to 15. In addition, if you prefer a tanning without sun protection, use it in conjunction with your shield.

Choose Product Agreement of texture with the Application and your Skin Type

Tan are sold in different textures: oil, cream, liquid spray and gel spray. To choose the best for you, consider the ease of application and also the benefits of each of the available types. The most important is that the product is suitable for your skin!

Top 10 Best Bronzer To Buy In 2020 (Australian Gold, Bronze And Carrot And More)

The tanning spray is perfect for you that seeks to ease in time to apply the product. With a light texture, liquid or gel, it is super convenient to spread and ensures that you easily reach the whole body. And with all this practicality, reapply the product will not be a nuisance.

This type of sunscreen is ideal for those who do not like to feel the luscious skin because it gives feeling of freshness and lightness. It is also a great bet for those too lazy to move the product and for those who want to sunbathe on the beach in days and moments of outdoor sport.

Top 10 Best Bronzer To Buy In 2020 (Australian Gold, Bronze And Carrot And More)

Tan cream are great for people with normal and dry skin, as its creamy texture and full-bodied and ensures the most hydration to the skin. The tanning lotions are popular among those who want to prevent damage to the skin, as they usually offer higher FPS.

They are also easy to apply and spread, but may bother those who do not like the most luscious and creamy feel on the skin. People with oily skin usually do not do well with that kind of texture, naturally more oily and dense.

Top 10 Best Bronzer To Buy In 2020 (Australian Gold, Bronze And Carrot And More)

The suntan oil is the favorite of those who want to ensure the effect gold quickly. By its very oily consistency to apply the product the skin is already visibly more beautiful and bright. As the products in cream, it is more suitable for those who have dry or normal skin.

Products in oil tend to be more resistant to water, ie, great choice to enjoy the summer days with lots of beach and pool. But do not forget that its texture is more sticky, so may annoy those who do not like that kind of feeling on the skin.

Check out the ingredients in Sunscreen Composition Gifts

Top 10 Best Bronzer To Buy In 2020 (Australian Gold, Bronze And Carrot And More)

Most every possess tyrosine in tanning composition, the natural amino acid that accelerates melanin production and thus contributes to pigmentation of the skin. But beyond this substance, most of the products also has other moisturizing ingredients.

If your goal is to tan, but maintain healthy skin, bet in bronzing products that have moisturizing elements such as shea butter and almond oils, coconut and argan. carrot extract is also a powerful natural ingredient that nourishes the skin and speeds up the tan.

Since vitamin E is known to accelerate the process of skin pigmentation and delay aging. To check the components of the formula, check the description of the products or read the labels and then select the option that offers the best combination for your skin!

Choose products Resistant Water for Getting the Sea and Pool

If you plan to use sunscreen on days of beach or pool, choose the options water resistant. This type of product can resist the dives and sweat, but remember that even so, it should be reapplied every two hours, at least, to be truly effective.

In the description of the product or package itself, you will find the term “water resistant”, so be sure to check out your favorite sunscreen offers this advantage. Those who want to sunbathe during outdoor workouts should also opt for versions waterproof.

Bet on Sun Products with Color if You Are Very Pale Skin

Some tanners have an extra function: the color or instant bronzer. With these products you already arriving at the beach or in the pool with the coveted golden tone even before sunbathing. This is because they have color and logo in applying your skin an instant win bronze.

Bronzing with color are not self-tanning! That is, there is no point spending and not sunbathe. The golden color comes from pigments that come out in the shower. But it is the ideal product for anyone who is ashamed to put the bikini after that winter in the legs and belly were months without seeing the sun.

Top 10 Best Tanning

It’s time to know the ranking with our selection of the top 10 bronzers available in the online stores. With domestic brands and imported options, find out what the best product for you to ensure that bronze this summer. Come on!

Comparison table of the Best Tanning

Australian Gold tanning Instant Bronzer

Tanning Effect carrot and Gold Bronze

Bronzeador Sundown Gold

Banana Boat Suntan oil Gold

Sunscreen Spray Oil

Tanning Lotion Carrot Annatto

Tanning Lotion Intense and Bronze

Stimulator Tan Sun Marine

Bronzeador Deep Tanning Dry Oil

Sunless Suntan oil Annatto

As Browning Way Healthy

In addition to choosing a great suntan, some simple behaviors can help you achieve a natural tan, healthy and lasting. First, remember to sunbathe on the right! The indicated is sun exposure before 10 am and after 16h.

Hydration is also key so that your skin does not suffer from the effects of the sun. Remember to always carry a bottle of water with you, either to the beach or pool. In addition, a balanced diet and the use of after sun moisturizers will help you keep the bronze longer.

Discover also Great Sunscreens Options

As you already know, use sunscreen is essential, both to enjoy the summer, as in everyday life. If you are in doubt when choosing the best option for you, check out the links below, which offer great advice sunscreen spray and cream. Good reading!

We have no doubt that you are now ready to enjoy the summer while still ensuring a tan beautiful body. Remember to choose a sunscreen with a sun protection is critical to the health of your skin, so invest in products with appropriate SPF for you.

Who loves dips also can not forget to check if the preferred sunscreen is water resistant, all right? If this article helped you make a good decision, share it with friends who are also excited to secure a golden tone to the skin. Take care and enjoy the sunny days!