Top 10 Best Buy Tallies In 2020 (Taiff, Gama, Nano Titanium And More)

Top 10 Best Buy tallies in 2020 (Taiff, Gama, Nano titanium and more)

The hair plank, or flat iron is an essential item for those who like to keep always straight hair. You can find various brands in the market like Mondial, Taiff and Gamma Italy. There are also different technologies such as ceramics, titanium, negative ions and tourmaline.

With so many choices is difficult to choose, is not it? Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide on how to choose the perfect board for you and indicate the top 10 flat irons available for purchase online! With this, you’ll roll with super straight hair, soft and shiny!

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron

It is common to be doubts in choosing the right flat iron for you. Just below, we list all the points you need to consider when choosing yours. Keep reading!

Prefer ceramic plates, or Titanium Tourmaline

The flat iron plates are precisely the part that will contact their wires. Therefore, prefer taps plates coated with ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. These materials ensure better heat distribution plates and by maintaining the temperature for a longer time.

The characteristics of these materials are essential to prevent damage and ensure faster straightening! In addition, each material has its own characteristics. The ceramic plates guarantee a better sliding of the iron the hair, avoiding breaks in the wire and facilitating straightening.

The tourmaline plates keeps moisture from the wire, and is great for chemically treated hair or dry. Those of titanium, in turn, protect the wires and will give you softer hair and shiny.

Models with Negative Ion and Infrared are the Best Option

Negative ions help seal the cuticles of the hair, keeping the natural hydration and the thread nutrients. Also, ensure that the wires are smooth much longer. However, the greatest benefit of this technology is that it avoids the appearance of so hated frizz!

As for the models with infrared help eliminate toxins from the hair. This technology cleans the inside wires out, restoring health and appearance of the wires. Therefore, the infrared taps are very suitable for people with chemically treated hair.

Choose a model with Temperature Above 180 ° C

The ideal temperature for smoothing the strands is about 160 to 180 ° C for normal hair. Thicker hair or very curly will require slightly higher temperatures and dyed hair lose color if subjected to more than 140 ° C.

However, the temperature is actually transferred to the hair is always a little lower than the temperature reached by the sheet. Tallies warming to 180 ° C, for example, when the first abutting wires will heat them just 100º C on average.

To ensure faster straightening, the maximum temperature of the iron should be slightly above the desired. But be careful when heating the wires with very high temperatures, they can be irreparably damaged. The ideal is to pass the flat iron only 1 or 2 times by the same lock.

The width depends Chapinha As You Will Use It

Top 10 Best Buy Tallies In 2020 (Taiff, Gama, Nano Titanium And More)

Wider planks can smooth a lot of hair at the same time, so they are very useful when you are in a hurry. Also, it is the most suitable for voluminous hair. However, they tend to be heavy and difficult to handle.

Already the narrower models, although not borrowing to smooth many threads at once, are much easier to handle. It is ideal for modeling short hair and fringes. Not to mention that if you have skill with them gives even to shape curls and waves in their threads.

Prefer a model with cable Electric Swivel

One of the great difficulties to straighten your hair with a flat iron is the wire position. It may seem just a detail, but the possibility of putting the iron in various positions will ensure you a smoothing much easier and faster, and to reduce the risk of accidents and burns.

To facilitate this process, many models already have swivel cord. To make your life easier and prevent the cable hinder time to straighten your hair, opt for these models.

Models with smooth plates suspension to the hair thinner

Top 10 Best Buy Tallies In 2020 (Taiff, Gama, Nano Titanium And More)

The plates or roller suspension system operates as a buffer. It ensures that the plates are better suited to ensuring the perfect tresses straightening up of very thin strands.

These models are a great choice for all types of hair. But they are even more suitable for those who want smooth fringes or those hairs that cismam being born near the forehead.

Top 10 Best Flat Irons

Now that you know everything that a good board for hair should be, we will introduce you to the best flat irons on the market taking into account the prices, reviews and popularity of the products. Choose the one that has to do with you and let your hair the way you like!

Top 10 Best Buy Tallies In 2020 (Taiff, Gama, Nano Titanium And More)
Top 10 Best Buy Tallies In 2020 (Taiff, Gama, Nano Titanium And More)
Top 10 Best Buy Tallies In 2020 (Taiff, Gama, Nano Titanium And More)

Comparison table of the Best Flat Irons

Prancha Nano Titanium

Tourmaline Ion Digital Plus board

Straightening board Tourmaline Ion Plus

Prancha Eleganza Infinity One Wide

Now that you know what the best hair plank for you, we’ll show you the best way to use your flat iron! So you get to avoid irreparable damage and will also ensure hair soft, shiny and, of course, perfectly smooth.

Do not Use Oil for Hair Smoothing Before the Wires

In an attempt to make the most beautiful hair is common that some people apply oils to hair before straightening wires. It may seem a good idea, but really, if you do there are many chances you seriously damage your strands.

This is because the oil will enhance the heating power of the iron literally frying their wires. The same happens to the smooth damp hair. Ideally you invest in thermal protectors for hair or styling themselves for use with a flat iron or dryer.

Separate the hair in Wicks

This may be an impossible task when you are in a hurry to leave, but surely you will ensure a much better result. This avoids you having to spend several times the iron in your hair, reducing the wire break chances.

You can divide your hair in various ways: in two halves, four shares or even in several small sections. This will help you to smooth only small sections at a time ensuring that the heat is transmitted more evenly.

Straighten Your Hair Always Pulling Down

To ensure a perfect smoothing, always pull their hair straight and down. This will prevent your tips are curled or your hair from getting marked. Also, doing this way you avoid the wire breakage.

Want More Ways To model the wires? See the Best Dryers, Rotary Brushes and Babyliss!

Having a dryer or a modeling brush at home can be very handy when it comes to dry and style your strands. Having a curling iron is also a great option for those who like to leave the most stylized and curly hair. Check the links below which are the best products on the market!

The Hair Straighteners are an accessory that we use almost every day, so it’s important to choose well before buying. And now you know how to choose the right flat iron for you and also knows the best options for purchase online !!!

I hope this article helps you in that choice. Remember to come back here as well whenever you want to know how to flatten your hair the right way. So your hair will always be bright, healthy and, of course, smooth.

Writing: Ana Barros / Revision: Camila Ogawa