Top 10 Best Buy To Leave In 2020

Top 10 Best Buy to Leave in 2020

Many women use the leave in after washing the hair as it contributes to various aspects of health and hair beauty. Among the benefits are the subject of wires, eliminating frizz, maintain hydration, nutrition and reconstruction, among others.

Brands such as Loreal, Kerastase, Revlon, Joico, Alfaparf Avlon and are great examples of diversity and quality of this product. And to help we, we have created a comprehensive guide to choosing the best leave in for you, plus a top 10 best leave in. Check and choose your.

How to Choose the Best Leave In

To choose a good leave in you need to consider some important factors, which will be possible to know whether the product is really suitable for your hair type. Here in this section you will find everything you need to know to make the best choice possible. Follow!

Select Leave In Suitable for Your Hair Condition

Top 10 Best Buy To Leave In 2020

Nowadays it is possible to find specific products for each type or hair condition. So it is important to be aware of the use of indication given by the manufacturer, because even if most are recommended for all hair types, some are thought to leave in specific types of yarn.

Among the most popular are the indications for dry and damaged hair. To suit these specific formulation in the leave is thought specifically, more moisturizer, and so can give a more effective result to these wires.

Select the Leave In Agreement texture with the result that you want

Choose to leave texture in suits your hair will ensure better implementation and effect in wire termination. On the other hand, if it improperly may result, for example, wired or a heavy aspect dried. To avoid this, see the following indication of each texture.

Top 10 Best Buy To Leave In 2020

Being a liquid, usually leave in this comes in spray packaging, and are characterized by being very light and practical to apply to hair. Thus, it is possible that the product is used both for women with straight hair as curly and frizzy, more or less damaged.

Another advantage of this texture is the possibility of reapplication of the product throughout the day without the hair is with an oily appearance or “greasy”. All leave in must be applied to damp hair, but leave in liquid can also be used in already dry strands.

Top 10 Best Buy To Leave In 2020

The leave-in cream has a texture more dense than the options in sprays, but if used properly, does not give the hair a sticky feel. Therefore, it is important to note that this type of product should be used sparingly, and is well spread over the wire.

Otherwise, the sense of weight may appear and bother, especially for those who already have oily hair. A curiosity is that in leave in cream can be used along with combing cream, resulting in a more loose hair and hydrated, especially in curly wires.

Top 10 Best Buy To Leave In 2020

Oils are finishers, so it should not be used before the use of flat irons or dryers. They are responsible for providing hair glare post brush, commonly seen in salons. In addition to the brightness, they ensure the control of frizz and much softness to the hair.

The use of oils before curling iron or brush burning wires and destroys the hair fiber. So, avoid the product before these procedures is essential to the health of wires. Remember, the oils have high moisturizing power, and so assist in the repair of damages caused by these procedures.

To avoid damage, Choose products with Thermal Protection

Top 10 Best Buy To Leave In 2020

Currently, some brands invest in creating products that protect the wires in the face of common assaults that hair can go as flat iron, brush and styling. Therefore, the ideal is to invest in options that also meet this need, after all, protection never hurts.

Thermal protection is not present at all in leave, but some of them have technology for wiring shield when there is exposure to high temperatures. Nevertheless, they do not guarantee any treatment in hair already damaged, that is, the function is only protective.

For day to day, consider products with Sun Protection

Although most people believe that yes, not all leave has in sun protection. Even as thermal protectors, these products have specifications to prevent damage from the heat, and not because of UV rays.

Knowing the needs that each person has some brands have developed products that serve both for use before procedures such as flat iron, curling iron or brush, and for consumers in need of protection when there is exposure of the wires to the sun.

Check the indication Who tested and approved!

How about meet in a person leave to understand the subject and uses the product? Below is the statement of one of the partners of MyBest.

Now that you know how to choose a good product, why not give a Top 10 Best leave in for your choice to be even more effective and right. Our list has great brands and was based on product quality and consumer experience. Check out!

Comparison Leaderboard Leave In

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Leave in Keracare Conditioner

Leave in Semi Di Lino Diamante Illuminating

Leave in Absolut Repair Cortex Lipidium

Leave in Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment

Leave in Resistance Ciment Thermique

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To keep always hydrated and nourished hair, in addition to choosing a good leave in is also important to create a wire moisturizing routine. For this, nothing better than a good mask or hydration treatment. Thinking about the health of their wires, selected the 10 best shades for you, click the link below and check it out!

Knowing how to choose the leave in right for your type of wire is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Now, you already have everything in their hands and can make the best choices to further enhance the beauty of your hair. After all, they are the face frame is not it?

So what are you waiting, use everything you saw here and choose the product that best fits the characteristics of your hair. Whenever you need, review the contents of the section choosing as well as our top 10 best leave in. If you liked the content be sure to share!