Top 10 Best Buy Varnishes In 2020 (Risque, Anita And More)

Top 10 Best Buy Varnishes in 2020 (Risque, Anita and more)

nail polish can improve their self-esteem. However, not everyone has the time and money to go to the salon frequently. Thinking about it, many people began to make their own nails at home, but the choice of an appropriate shade or a good glaze is not an easy task as there are a multitude of products.

To help you figure out which product to buy quickly, we have created a comprehensive guide explaining how to choose and set up a list of the top 10 glazes to market nails, brands with great products like Risque, Colorama and Dailus, who will guide you at the time of choice. Enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Nail Polish

There are on the market various styles of glazes, but the most widely used, popular and easy to find is creamy, containing dense, glossy cover. To choose the best, the flask volume and the components present in the formula must be analyzed. Check it out tips to avoid mistakes when choosing.

Avoid components such as Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutylphthalate

Top 10 Best Buy Varnishes In 2020 (Risque, Anita And More)

To give the expected aesthetic effect on the nails, enamels have various chemical components in its composition. Although most of these chemicals are harmless to our body, there are ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) should be avoided.

These compounds can cause allergies, peeling, itching, redness, and can be unhealthy. Fortunately, there are on the market hypoallergenic nail polishes that are free of these components. So before you buy, make-up and choose free glazes such formulations.

Also check the volume of the bottle

Top 10 Best Buy Varnishes In 2020 (Risque, Anita And More)

The glazes can be commonly found in 5 to 15 ml vials. Not to err in the choice, always check the packaging the product volume. And if you use glazes often work in salons or prioritizes income, opt for a 10 or 15 ml enamel.

If you are already using some enamel or need a product only to touch-up a bottle of 5 or 8 ml longer meet their needs. For reference, please note that 1 ml of enamel painting on average a couple of hands. Knowing this, check the information on the packaging as the need to use.

Combine the glaze color to your Skin

Top 10 Best Buy Varnishes In 2020 (Risque, Anita And More)

If the tone of your skin is clear, there are many colors that will match. light colors and some intense, for example, can be good options for you. Among the colors that you should experience we have different shades of pink, baby blue, pastel or bright red.

On the other hand, if your skin is dark or tanned you can avoid cold colors and bet on dark red, black and some nude tones. It may seem a bit obvious, but dark shades combine more dark skin tones, so try shades of brown, caramel, plum and wine.

Now meet our ranking with the top 10 glazes available. In it you will find vegan options, color neon, resistant technology chips and more. Enamels for all styles and tastes. Check out!

Top 10 Best Buy Varnishes In 2020 (Risque, Anita And More)
Top 10 Best Buy Varnishes In 2020 (Risque, Anita And More)

Comparison Leaderboard Enamels


Esmalte Shine Last & Go!

Esmalte Pink Positive

Enamel amazes Boredom

Keep Your Nails Clean Year Round

Nail wonderful all year, it is important to take some precautions. Take enough water throughout the day, for example, help to leave the healthy nail, avoiding that they are brittle. Moisturize your hands every day is also a recommendation to keep them beautiful.

Sanding or doing nails at least once a week makes them stay strong, to grow beautiful and healthy. As for the enamel look better, clean nails before painting and avoid heat in the first 12 hours so there is no appearance of bubbles in the glaze. Simple, is not it?

See also the instructions of Our Sandpaper Nail

Besides a good enamel, having a nail file to keep the beautiful and well manicured nails is essential. So we created a guide with several tips and ranqueamos the best sandpaper nail for you to acquire. Now meet our article on nail files on the link below!

Now that you have learned several tips on how to choose the ideal enamel and met our selection of the top 10 products on the market, analyze the options of our rankings and make your choice today!

When making your choice analyze the components of the formula and avoid ingredients that can be harmful to health. Feel free to come back to this article and remember our tips and suggestions. And if you liked this article, share it with someone you like!