Top 10 Best Cages For Hamster

Top 10 Best Cages for Hamster to Buy in 2020

Hamsters are cuddly pets, fun and playful. But to ensure their well-being is important to invest in a cage for hamster with enough space for them to run and exercise frequently. The new home of the pet should also be safe and comfortable.

They exist in the market many cages for all types of hamster from Syrian, cheap, dwarf and even large breeds. In this article you will learn how to choose the ideal product and giving a ranking of the top 10 cages for hamsters, brands such as Braganca, American Pet and Ferplast. Stay with us!

How to Choose the Best Cage for Hamster

To secure a new home comfortable and safe for your pet, it is important to consider factors such as material, size, floors and accessories of the cage for hamsters. In this section, we will explain each of these points so that you make a good buy.

Choose agreement with Material

The cages for hamsters can be divided into two different materials: plastic or wire. To make a good choice, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each. See more below!

Top 10 Best Cages For Hamster To Buy In 2020

The cage has hamster wire grids on the sides and ceiling, but its lower base is usually plastic. This structure ensures the air circulation inside the cage, which increases the sense of well-being of the pet in the house. Ventilation also helps to dissipate the odor of feces and urine of the pet.

It facilitates the interaction between the owner and the pet, as just extend a finger to pet the animal. However, this model is not suitable for small hamsters, because they can get away by vain bars. Moreover, many pets can bite structure therefore ensure that the material is nontoxic.

The plastic cage is suitable for all hamster breeds. It has a structure of transparent and closed plastic tubes on the top or side of the cage. This model is safe because there is no chance of hamster escape or trying to poison gnawing the bars.

By being transparent, you will easily be able to find your hamster and get him to play with. However, these cages do not have ample ventilation and, to compensate, manufacturers include air vents pipes. Although these tubes offer greater well-being, their hygiene may be more complicated.

Make sure the cage size is ideal for your Hamster Race

Top 10 Best Cages For Hamster To Buy In 2020

Hamsters are animals who have a habit to travel long distances, so it is important to pay attention to the size of the cage. Therefore, prefer spacious models so that the pet can run and exercise. This will ensure the welfare of the pet, avoiding overweight and stress.

The sizes of the cages vary between 21 and 54 cm in length 17 to 46 cm wide. For small hamster breeds, such as Russian dwarf and campbell, the cages at least 30 cm long and 17 cm wide are a safe and comfortable alternative.

For large hamster, as golden Syrian and, from cages of 40 cm long and 30 cm wide are ideal. To prevent leakage, also check the spacing between the bars, the ideal is to have a minimum distance of 9.9 mm between them.

Cages with 3 Floors Are More Fun

Top 10 Best Cages For Hamster To Buy In 2020

To optimize the internal space, many cages for hamsters are divided between 1 and 4 floors. Models with only one level are safe. The downside is that this structure leaves little room for the running hamster, since it shares space with the house, feeder and rollaway exercises.

The cages for hamsters 2-4 floors have spaces for pets to exercise, sleep and eat in peace. Although comfortable, downside risks are high. Therefore, to avoid accidents it is important to opt for cages with plastic pipes and stairs between each level.

Opt for cages with Toys and Accessories included

Top 10 Best Cages For Hamster To Buy In 2020

The hamsters are animals that need to be in constant motion, so it is important to invest in toys. Prefer cages equipped with exercise wheel, external pipes and stairs. Thus, they can do exercises frequently and run freely throughout the cage.

The cages equipped with water dispenser, feeder house and guarantee the welfare and comfort of the pet in her new home. The washable plastic tray is another useful item as it facilitates cleaning and enables the lining with sawdust or sand. The handles assist in transporting the cage anywhere.

But if you prefer to buy toys and accessories on your own, check the width of the cage. In this way, you ensure that the new items do not take up space and that your hamster can run and have fun.

Top 10 Best Hamster Cages

Top 10 Best Cages For Hamster To Buy In 2020

Comparison table of the Best Hamster Cages

How to Clean the cage for Hamster?

As important as buying a comfortable and safe cage, it is to keep the new home clean hamster. The first step is to remove the pet from the cage and let him playing on exercise ball while you do the cleaning. After that, remove and clean all the toys and accessories.

With water and sponge, begin to clean the walls, pipes and cage floor. But beware: do not use household cleaners, disinfectants but veterinarians and without ammonia. Then put the cage in the sun for two hours so that everything is well sequinho.

After finishing the cleaning, keep all accessories hamster in the cage, put the fodder and take the opportunity to renew water and pet food. Finally, put your pet back home. The ideal is to make daily cleaning to ensure the well-being of the pet!

A cage for large and secure hamster is everything your pet needs to be happy. So, put our tips into practice and choose the best cage for your pet. Review the material, size, floors and accessories to ensure the comfort of your pet!

Check out our ranking and see a number of options for simple hamster cages, cheap and even three floors. Surely you will find the perfect model for your hamster. Do not forget to also maintain good clean cage whenever we teach!