Top 10 Best Cases For Macbook

Top 10 Best Cases for MacBook to Buy in 2020

Over time it is common to end up gathering dust MacBook or having a few scratches, as it may end up falling or taking a swipe. To prevent all this from happening the ideal is to protect it with a cover. There are several types on the market, between soft and rigid models!

Brands like Incase, Innovate Technology, XTX and Slim Case provide transparent covers, colored, with practical design, resistant materials and very light. To help you in choosing, as did a guide to choose the right product and list the 10 best covers for Macbook market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Cover for MacBook

The ideal cover for your MacBook should offer some protection, convenience in transportation, room to carry essentials and have a resistant material. Furthermore it is important to have the size compatible with your device. Check out our tips!

Choose Type As Use

The covers for Macbook can be divided between soft and rigid. The film can be used to get an extra protection against dirt and light scratches. But to transport the machine to work or college, the ideal is to be the case type. Understand best to follow!

Top 10 Best Cases For Macbook To Buy In 2020

For those who live taking the MacBook to work, college or meetings, the soft model may be the ideal. Usually they have a strong structure that provides protection for the device, thus preventing that damage with hits, impacts and weights.

Many cases come with pockets and compartments to store other items such as mouse, card, charger and cables. Prefer a model with at least two pockets to be able to take these essential items. So, everything will be more organized and easy to access!

Top 10 Best Cases For Macbook To Buy In 2020

For those seeking extra protection even indoors, this is the ideal type. The film or adhesive, molds to machine format offering more protection against dirt and scratches. Transparent is ideal for those who like to keep the MacBook design, but there are several color options.

It is usually mild, without harming the operation and device ventilation. Not all models have a high impact resistance, so if you want to take to work choose a bag that protects well. Bear in mind that it is indicated to avoid scratches, dust and fingerprints.

Choose the right size for the model of your MacBook

Top 10 Best Cases For Macbook To Buy In 2020

Every MacBook has a different size and design. It is very important that you choose the cover to the right size for your device. If it be large or too tight will not offer optimum protection and fit. So pay attention and check out the product description which machine is compatible!

Some covers are made for specific versions of MacBook Air 13.3 “. However, they may be compatible only with the models manufactured until 2017. Newer versions have different design, although they have an equal size. So if you has a MacBook Air confirm what is your version!

Prefer Resistant Materials and Light as Nylon, Neoprene and Polycarbonate

Top 10 Best Cases For Macbook To Buy In 2020

To transport safely MacBook prefer soft covers made of nylon, polyester or neoprene. They are very resistant to impacts, scratches and weight. At the same time they are also lightweight and flexible, offering comfort and practicality. Some may also be impervious to moisture and liquids.

For rigid covers the best materials are polycarbonate, acrylic and carbon fiber. Polycarbonate is highly resistant and does not create that yellowish appearance with time. Prefer this material to ensure it does not happen!

Covers for Macias, Make sure Have compartments, handles and more

In the case of soft covers, it is important to pay attention to specific details such as the presence of compartments for carrying smaller items, straps for more comfort and zipper for added security. Check out more information on these points!

Top 10 Best Cases For Macbook To Buy In 2020

Models with compartments allow you to carry mouse, headphones, cables and cell along with the MacBook. Everything will be practical and organized in one place! The more pockets the cover have, the more items you will be able to take.

The back pocket can be very discreet and safe for valuables. You can place documents, mobile phone or wallet without drawing attention. The front pockets are great for storing items you use frequently, such as headphones. Organize the way you find most convenient for you!

To successfully carry with ease and more comfort choose a cover that comes with handle. There are two main types of handles: hand and shoulder. The hand strap helps pull the time the inside cover of the bag and also allows you to carry it like a briefcase.

Already with the shoulder strap you will be able to take your MacBook slung over his shoulder, leaving both hands free. So you can just go out with the cover without the need for other exchanges. If you choose a model with shoulder strap, make sure it is removable for even more convenience.

Prefer a cover with closing on zipper, because it usually does not leave gaps. This will ensure more security for the device. There are also models without closing that are very practical for those transports frequently, but less secure.

For those who prefer a model so it is best to keep the cover in a bag or backpack, since only the cover closing without leaving an opening through which the device can slip. To avoid any accident, be sure to check this detail!

Rigid covers with rubberized feet offer more security

Some devices can slip easily and even run the risk of falling during use. To avoid this, make sure the hard cover is rubberized feet and more security guarantees. So even when you are browsing or writing, your MacBook will be still in place.

The adhesive layers are more difficult to have rubberized feet, but worth looking for an option that has, so that you will be able to work or study with more tranquility. Check the description of each cloak comes with this option!

Top 5 Best Case for MacBook Macias

We’ve put together the top 5 soft covers for MacBook, bringing products that offer more security and care to take anywhere. Check below and choose yours!

Comparison table of the Best Case for MacBook Macias

Top 5 Best Case for MacBook Rigid

Check below the 5 best hard shells for MacBook, ideal products for domestic use and that offer more protection against dirt and scratches!

Comparison table of the Best Cases for MacBook Style Film

After reading all our tips, do not hesitate and choose the best cover for your MacBook! Check whether it is compatible with your model of Macbook and meets your needs. To carry their device, prefer soft handle and covers that have good impact resistance.

As for use at home and protect against light scratches and dirt, prefer hard shells. They protect without much volume and without disturbing the outputs and connections. If you enjoyed our article, be sure to share with your friends. We hope to make a great purchase!