Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders For Moto In 2020

Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders for Moto in 2020

The mobile phone is an indispensable aid for motorcyclists! Useful for driving through unknown paths or even to work, it can not be handled with the bike moving. However, with a holder for bike he becomes a great ally for viewing maps and changes in the path.

So the best way of application bikers and travelers take advantage of the phone on the bike is using a bracket. But you know how many types are there? It has to stand with charger and waterproof. Read about them below and know what are the top 10 mobile supports for bike!

Why Use a Cell Phone Holder for Moto?

The mobile support for bike is ideal for anyone who walks through unknown routes and need the GPS to be guided. The brackets keep securely phone in an easy viewing position, preventing the device from falling even with vibrations or high speed!

So much for the biker who works with applications such as for those who like to venture out on the roads, the mobile support is essential for bike can look at the map as you drive. In general, these supports can also be used on dedicated GPS devices, if this interest.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Stand for Moto

To choose the best phone support for bike rate type, material of manufacture, the fastening system and it has charger or not. Also consider the movement of the support, and he has his cell the size of capacity! Learn more about each of the following topics.

Choose Media Type As Your Need

There are two types of mobile media which are used in motorbikes. The supports holding claw pressure cell, since the supports involve the entire bag machine and are waterproof, protecting the rain cell. Choose according to your needs!

With the gripper support type cell is fixed by pressure. In this type of support is exerted on a pressure side of the cell, which is firm and does not move. The quality supports prevent the cell from moving with the bike shake or even piloting at high speeds on the roads.

The support claw is easy to handle on a daily basis. Just drop the claw to release the cell, however, this support has the disadvantage of failing to protect the phone against rain. For those who have a water resistant cell all right, but who has not should be aware of and protect the device!

The type bag is the mobile support for the bike waterproof. This support has a casing that protects the device against rain, ideal for those who can not stop riding a bike even on rainy days. The bag is made in specific sizes, so you need to check your device behaves.

As the bag is completely closed, you can heat the cell. Who uses the phone for a long time, as those who work with bike must be careful that this warming does not actually turn off the power. A good solution is to use the support bag only on rainy days and a support claw on a daily basis!

Make sure the support is compatible with your Mobile Size

Last but not least, you should assess whether the mobile support for bike can hold your mobile phone. Who uses a small cell need to check carefully the capacity of the support claw and purse to see if he can fit a small size. It can get loose!

The measurements in centimeters indicate how much support can “open”. In general, the capacity varies between 6 and 10 cm side, but may also be informed by the mobile screen size in inches, usually between 5 and 7 inches, ideal for the used cell.

Opt for fixing the handlebar or the Mirror As the Field of View

Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders For Moto In 2020

The mobile support needs to be in a comfortable position in your field of vision. It can not cover the panel, disrupt Lane vision or stay well below your line of sight. As there are many motorcycle models, you will need to evaluate in its best position to support.

With the cell stuck on the handlebars, the ideal is that the motorcyclist not much lower your head to view the screen. However, in some motorcycles, the phone in a holder on the handlebars will be too low. In such cases it is best to use a rear-view model, which is fixed by screw.

Back in the rear view of the screw is possible to adjust the support to align the field of view. If you choose the fixation on handlebars, remember to check if the diameter of the support is compatible with the bike’s handlebars. Generally the maximum diameter ranges from 25 to 35 mm, note!

Prefer Mobile Holders Aluminum Made

The main concern related to the mobile support for bike is the product to fall. Wear support is a risk factor for falls, so pay attention to manufacturing materials and exchange your support if he gives any problem. The plastic supports are less durable than the aluminum.

With the action of the weather, sun, wind and rain the plastic is being worn. Eventually, the support can break because of this wear, which will be a problem. Although the aluminum brackets are more expensive, they last longer, so it’s worth investing in a sturdier model!

Supports Drive with Free Offer More Convenience

There are many completely fixed supports, which only allow you to change the inclination of them if you unscrew. Some models allow rotation 360 °: to turn the phone from horizontal to vertical and vice versa simply flip the stand. As for changing the inclination is necessary to loosen the attachment.

Today there are brackets that allow the cell slope without unpin. The supports with free movement (rotation and tilt) are more practical because it is easy to adjust the phone in a way that it is more comfortable to view the screen. Consider this practical!

Consider a Mobile Stand for Moto with Charger

The charger built-in support is very important for those working with the bike or travel long distances. The USB port allows the cell to be loaded while positioned on the support, which is very practical and efficient. So, can you use the phone all day!

The mobile support for bike with charger must be installed by someone who has experience in electrical, for the power supply must be connected directly to the battery. You can even search for tutorials on the internet, but for those who understand it is much easier to install.

Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders Moto

At that point you already know all the aspects that must be observed to choose the best mobile phone holder for bike. Now, we will introduce what are the top 10 models of the moment, so is easy you choose your new mobile support for bike!

Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders For Moto In 2020
Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders For Moto In 2020

Comparison Chart of Top Mobile Mounts Moto

Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders For Moto In 2020
Top 10 Best Cell Phone Holders For Moto In 2020

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For those who were in doubt about which phone to buy support, we hope this article has helped. Here, among the topics discussed, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile support for the bike waterproof, in addition to fixing differences in the rearview mirror or handlebars.

Thus it will be much easier to choose which will be the next mobile carrier that you will install on your bike. We hope he’s on our list of the top 10 mobile carriers to bike, so you can buy today! If you liked the article, share with other bikers!