Top 10 Best Cell Phones Xiaomi In 2020 (Mi 9, Redmi Note 7 And More)

Top 10 Best Cell Phones Xiaomi in 2020 (Mi 9, redmi Note 7 and more)

Completinhos while accessible: these are the Xiaomi smartphones. Cellular Chinese brand fell into the graces of Brazil to offer more than competitive and cost, in most cases, the same price or even less!

Since Xiaomi smartphone has models for all users, check our tips on how to choose the optimal device for your profile. Also, be sure to check our ranking with the top 10 best smartphones Xiaomi.

How to Choose the Best Smartphone Xiaomi

Choosing a smartphone, be it of Xiaomi or not, involves some care to avoid frustrations. Follow our tips below to know which model to buy based on quality construction, performance and user experience.

With Snapdragon processors 660 or higher, will be Easier Give Labor Account

Top 10 Best Cell Phones Xiaomi In 2020 (Mi 9, Redmi Note 7 And More)

Smartphones from Xiaomi is using the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors to achieve both performance as efficiency. Chipsets are three rows with three different purposes: Snapdragon 400 series; Snapdragon 600 series; and Snapdragon 800 series.

Our recommendation is that you choose a smartphone with the Snapdragon 600 or higher processors, since they ensure consistent speed when opening applications and bring longevity to your new smartphone.

That said, it is worth mentioning that the Snapdragon 800 is fine if you are willing to pay much more expensive. The processor series is geared for high performance and usually perform well in games – as well as opening apps faster.

GPU Adreno 530 or higher is Important to who intends Play

Top 10 Best Cell Phones Xiaomi In 2020 (Mi 9, Redmi Note 7 And More)

The GPU, which is the graphics processor, is what will ensure that your games and videos to run without crashing and with good quality. So if you want to play on your device, choose GPU Adreno 530 or higher. Below that, you simply will not be able to open the Fortnite.

In general, the better the processor, the better the GPU. Devices with Snapdragon 855, for example, usually have GPU Adreno 640. However, to use the most basic and simple gaming applications, you do not need to worry too much about the GPU.

Prefer smartphones Xiaomi with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM

Top 10 Best Cell Phones Xiaomi In 2020 (Mi 9, Redmi Note 7 And More)

The Android operating system needs more and more RAM to function properly. This means that choosing a smartphone with minimum 2 GB of RAM is essential to be able to run applications without having problems all the time.

However, with 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM the user experience starts to get better. At this point, your applications no longer close automatically every time you perform new tasks. Below 2 GB, only if you want to save too!

Videos to Watch and Play, Prefer Full HD screens of 5.9 “or More

Top 10 Best Cell Phones Xiaomi In 2020 (Mi 9, Redmi Note 7 And More)

If you are the type of user who just wants to save some money and do not need the best audio experience, with a screen size between 5.2 inches and 5.9 inches will suffice. Instruments with this screen size usually have resolution HD +, which is not ideal for watching movies.

As for those who enjoy watching movies and playing often recommend screens of 5.9 inches or more. Besides having generally full HD + resolution (2220 x 1080 pixels) or more, they guarantee a greater productivity at work.

Choice of 3,500 mAh or more for Your Smartphone Xiaomi

Top 10 Best Cell Phones Xiaomi In 2020 (Mi 9, Redmi Note 7 And More)

No one deserves to have to walk around with a charger every time you will leave the house, is not it? To prevent such annoying situation, keep an eye on the top of the smartphone battery capacity you are buying. This capacity, which is measured in mAh.

Here, the higher the number, the better the phone’s battery life. For users that barely connect the smartphone screen, a battery of 3,500 mAh is a good thing. We recommend above 4,000 mAh for those who make more intensive use of the smartphone.

Take Enough photo? Then choose a Smartphone with Multiple Cameras

Having more than one lens on the back of your smartphone can come in handy, especially if you tend to take a good amount of photos per day. Many smartphones offer two, three or even four rear cameras, the main one being the wide angle.

Two other types of cameras are also welcome: the ultra-wide angle and telephoto. The first serves to further increase the viewing angle of the lens – that is, it is more people in the photo. The latter, however, is for very close pictures of objects, and the “opposite”.

Also check the resolution of the cameras. You can find Xiaomi smartphones to cameras 48 megapixels (MP)? The higher the resolution, the higher the price of the device. If you want to save, choose models with 12 MP!

Ensure More Features Android 9.0 Pie

Like any good smartphone that is not Apple, Xiaomi’s phone uses the Android operating system to take advantage of all the advanced hardware it brings. However, what we see here is the “MI UI”, a modified Android experience.

To simplify the time of purchase, all you need to know is: always choose a smartphone with the latest version of Android if available. In other words, Android must be at least in version 8.0 Oreo, it is most recommended Android 9.0 Pie.

Models with Gorilla Glass 6 and Splash Guard are more resistant

Yes, both feature phones as smartphones Xiaomi are fragile and prone to various types of damage. However, to avoid most of the risks, scratches or cracks caused by falls look for a device with Gorilla Glass 6, which is a highly resistant glass.

Another factor of great importance is the protection of internal components against liquids or dust. Unfortunately, the phones from Xiaomi almost never accompany IP68 certification, most models have only splash guard water.

Top 10 Best Smartphones from Xiaomi

With all these tips in mind, it’s time to for hands-on and decide what your next Xiaomi. Separate the major brand models available on the internet, then take advantage of our top 10 best smartphones Xiaomi!

Comparison table of the Best Smartphones from Xiaomi

Smartphone Redmi Note 7

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Overall, the Xiaomi smartphones are always extremely balanced in time to deliver features and performance. Still, it costs nothing back here from time to time to ensure that all of our tips are freshly baked in your mind.

That said, it is interesting to focus mainly on the processor when choosing a mobile phone, since the chipset will dictate the dynamics of their work. It is very important not skimp here if you want to do everything on your mobile device!