Top 10 Best Children’S Beds Buy In 2020

Top 10 Best Children’s beds Buy in 2020

The purchase of a children’s bed is a big change in the small life. After all, he gains more autonomy and the possibility of a new environment, leaving little room for the baby back. To make this transition more special, the market offers a variety of options.

Bed with slide, mini bed, or single? To choose the ideal, here you will find a complete guide, as well as a ranking of the top 10 children’s beds market with brands such as Multimoveis, Casatema and RPM, among others. Follow us, and choice without fear of making mistakes!

When Opt for a Children’s bed?

Top 10 Best Children'S Beds Buy In 2020

There is no rule to make the transition from crib to bed. Pediatricians indicate that the ideal is to start this change when the baby already has more autonomy, that is, it’s been around more safely and have good speech development, which occurs at about 2 years.

Another tip is to observe the behavior in the cradle. If the baby even with the platform fully lowered and fixed railings, starts to climb to try to jump from the cradle, so it is best to start using a bed to ensure the safety of small.

How to Choose the Best Children’s Bed

Check now how to choose the best bed for your little child. You know all the important criteria to be considered to make the ideal choice, as material, weight supported, the presence of guardrails, among others.

MDF beds offer more mobility

Top 10 Best Children'S Beds Buy In 2020

The most common material used in furniture making MDF is a plate formed of wood particles with synthetic resins. Affordable, good strength and ductility, the MDF allows the production of curved designes with good finish. Being lighter, MDF offers more ease of movement of furniture.

Another material that offers good quality MDP is formed by layers without wood particles resins. By having greater strength than the MDF, it is mainly used in furniture structure as doors, shelves and TV panels. That’s because it is not as malleable and accepts only straight lines.

Finally, we can find solid wood furniture, extremely durable. But these are much more expensive and heavy, not always meeting the need for mobility in a house. Generally, solid wood is used in details like feet and bed.

Check whether the measures are compatible with the environment

Top 10 Best Children'S Beds Buy In 2020

It may seem elementary, but many people forget to check the measurements of the mobile before buying, which can be very frustrating if it is not compatible with the room size. This tip is especially precious when it comes to children’s beds, since they vary greatly in size.

So before you take your home, determine where it should go and measure the available space. So you will sure be taking a mobile that will meet your expectations, without the need of frustration ask for change or rearrange entire environment not fit the space.

Note the mattress Measures

Top 10 Best Children'S Beds Buy In 2020

Infant beds can use 2 mattress standards: the mini beds with smaller steps than a traditional bed, use mattresses of 70 x 150 cm. Other children’s beds have the dimensions of the single beds and mattresses use that can vary in size with 78 or 88 cm wide and 188 cm long.

Some beds come with mattress included, but it is not the case, check the measurements of the mattress, especially if you plan to reuse what we have at home. So, you buy more safely, avoiding setbacks, losses and accidents on the wrong mattress.

Check Supported Weight

Top 10 Best Children'S Beds Buy In 2020

Before you buy be sure to check the weight supported to ensure that the product will be suitable for your small. Some cribs support a maximum of 30 kg, making them safe to the 7 or 8 years of age, depending on the child’s weight.

But if you are looking for a durable mobile and accompanying his son throughout childhood, look for models that support up to 120 kg. This way, you ensure a product with durability and safer.

Side offer more security protections

If your child is in transition from the crib to bed, invest in a mobile with side shields. They are essential in this age, when the child moves enough during sleep and may end up falling out of bed. Some beds have protection only in the head, while others, throughout the length of the furniture.

Beds Multifunction Helps Optimize Space

If you have a small space to accommodate your small, the tip is to invest in a multifunction mobile. With drawers, niches, doors and shelves, these beds optimize space and offer the possibility of storing clothes, Linens, books, toys, hygiene products or what you need.

Some beds even offer an auxiliary bed, excellent for those who receive many visits, has a nanny who need to stay overnight or two children. The bunk beds are great option for tight spaces stay organized, accommodating two people comfortably.

Issue beds They make the Sleep Time More Attractive

Your child is resistant to the idea of ​​leaving the cradle or even have a little room just for him? How about investing in a thematic bed? Super colorful and attractive, they can come in the form of cars, carriages, boats or emblazoned with their favorite characters.

Some are true playgrounds with slides, little huts or high bed and step stool to get there. Perfect for making the little room an amusement center and let the imagination loose roll. Impossible not to delight little ones with so many possibilities!

Top 10 Best Children Beds

Now meet our selection of the top 10 children’s beds market. They were chosen considering important criteria such as material, supported weight, presence of side shields, among others.

Comparison table of the Best Children’s Beds

Bed Children’s Cars Disney Star

Bed Children’s Castle Blue

Children’s bed with desk

Children’s bed with 2 drawers Bibox

Mini Angel Child Bed with Mattress Probel

Montessori Children’s Dream Bed

Baby bed Montessore Woody

Bed Children’s Carriage Princess Unicorn

Bed Children’s Cottage Montessori with canopy and mattress

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And then? Have you decided how best children’s bed for your child? If you got this far, we are confident that this task was much simpler! Do not forget to consider the material, and standard measures of the mattress to avoid inconvenience. Enjoy and check out the suggestions of our ranking!

If you know anyone else looking for a good child bed, share this article and help more people and make the best choices. We wish an excellent buy and nights much more quiet and comfortable for your little ones!