Top 10 Best Christmas Wreaths

Top 10 Best Christmas wreaths to Buy in 2020

There’s nothing hotter than the Christmas mood, is not it? Decorated environments, little lights blinking around the city and the traditional Christmas wreaths decorating the houses. It is a reminder of harmony, peace and love. So, we’ll help you choose an incredible Christmas wreath.

To set the purchase, choose a garland that has the size, color and style that suit you. The options are many, with Santa, balls and fairy lights, Christmas Traditional brands, Cromus and Espressione Christmas. Enjoy also our ranking of the 10 most beautiful garlands this Christmas!

How to Choose the Best Christmas wreath

For your Christmas wreath shine, you should consider your personal tastes and other Christmas decoration elements of your home, so as to match the style and colors. The shape of the garland, as well as the material and size are also important points at the time of purchase.

Choose your format by Garland

You can find wreaths in various formats, from classical round up the options in the heart and pending format. When planning your Christmas decorations, consider the garlands of various formats to innovate, or keep the tradition of beautiful wreaths round.

Top 10 Best Christmas Wreaths To Buy In 2020

When we think of Christmas wreaths, they are automatically the round we remember, after all this is the traditional format of this beautiful decorative object. They are still preferred for many people because they are imposing and offered in several styles, colors and sizes. It’s bet!

If you like to change the Christmas decorations every year, choose a garland in different format guarantees you a lot of creativity and personality. pending garlands are unique and great for indoor decoration, while the heart-shaped leave the most romantic and modern atmosphere. Gorgeous!

Check Agreement material to the environment decoration

The garlands are usually placed on the doors, as a representation of festive and full atmosphere of harmony in the house. Mainly made of plastic is also possible to find alternative produced with fabric, felt and even natural materials such as wood and cone.

Top 10 Best Christmas Wreaths To Buy In 2020

The plastic is the main material used to produce the garlands. This material is recommended to hang the garland external home side as the doors, after all it is durable, climate change survives for a long period and is super easy to handle. Great choice!

Indicated especially for interior decoration, Christmas garlands made of fabric are lightweight and super creative. The choice made with flaps, using the sewing technique of patchwork is becoming more popular day, combine that style with the inner rooms, to create a warm and mild climate.

It is a good option for those who live in apartments and the house door is facing a covered corridor, ensuring that the garland will not suffer from sun or rain.

Top 10 Best Christmas Wreaths To Buy In 2020

Felt Christmas wreaths are beautiful and blend in with the decor of indoor environments such as living rooms and up rooms. The felt is considered a role, developed with a mixture of wool, it is super soft, lightweight and has a texture that provides a detailed finish.

Twigs, dry leaves and pine cones are used to compose the garlands made with natural materials that combine with harsh environments, vintage decor. Remember that these materials do not last for a long time, so are ideal for those who like to renew the Christmas decorations each year.

Small, Medium or Large? Choose agreement with Local!

Top 10 Best Christmas Wreaths To Buy In 2020

To set the proper size of your garland, the first step is to know what the space available for it. They are sold in different sizes, so from small, even the most impressive, sure you can find an option that fits perfectly in your decor.

Large wreaths usually have about 40 cm in diameter and are great to put on the front door and show the Christmas atmosphere of the residents. As for the medium-sized garlands fit easily in different rooms, including the outdoor area. You find options of 30 to 35 cm.

Those who live in apartments or want to display the garlands in the inner rooms of the house, you can bet on small garlands, with a maximum of 20 cm. This size also makes it much easier time to save the decoration. Grace any home, contributes to the family feel the Christmas mood.

Choose What Color? Red and green are traditional, but there until Models Pink

Christmas is synonymous with decorations in red and green. These shades are super traditional and very beautiful, perfectly match the festive date. If you want to keep the tradition, bet these colors, but if the intention is to innovate, know that there are several color options to stand out in the decor.

Red with white or silver: it is virtually a modernization of the traditional colors, leaves the environment with a modern look, without forgetting the Christmas symbolism.

Silver and gold: individually, or combined with other colors, silver and white are decorated softer and clean the environment. They are super stylish shades that can be easily combined with other decorative items.

Purple and pink with silver and green: surely these colors are super current and will render modern decor, full of personality to the home. To ensure a harmonious combination, it is a great idea to keep all the decoration in these same tones.

Select the style that pleases You More and combines with its decoration

Top 10 Best Christmas Wreaths To Buy In 2020

The symbols surrounding Christmas are many: Santa, snowman, balls, ties and gifts, you can join these figures in your garland, or prefer a more neutral design done only with leaves and pine cones, for example. This choice mainly depends on your personal taste.

Consider a garland that combines varying sizes balls, different colors and textures to achieve a super innovative and modern decor, full of symbols. Remember to also check the garland combines with other Christmas decorations, so that the decoration be harmonious and beautiful.

To highlight the Garland, Select Model with flasher

There is no way to think of Christmas decoration without considering the flasher, right? So some garlands come with these pretty little lights, which ensures full brightness environment, just as is the Christmas season. Put the garlands with flasher at the entrance of the house leaves the decor a charm.

Top 10 Best Christmas wreaths

Discover below the most beautiful wreaths for the Christmas decorations this year. Our Top 10 offers options of different sizes and made with plastic, felt, fabric and even natural pine cones. Check which model most enchants you and suits your home to stand out in Christmas decorations.

Comparison table of the Best Christmas wreaths


Garland Decorated with Pinhas

Garland bells Colorful Metal

Garland Santa Claus with Light

Mini wreath Dried leaves on Silver Glitter

Decorated with garland Light Silent Night

Christmas Wreath Decorated Snowman Snow

Christmas wreath Pendant

Christmas wreath Felt Santa Claus

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With all these tips on how to choose the ideal garland Christmas, you sure are ready to shine with the Christmas decorations this year. When shopping, be sure to consider your personal tastes as well as the size and shape that best match your home.

Enjoy our articles, written especially for Christmas, and let your beautiful home with an atmosphere full of joy, love and harmony. We wish a Merry Christmas!