Top 10 Best Cocoas Powder

Top 10 Best cocoas Powder to Buy in 2020

Myths and legends permeate the origin of cocoa. According to the Aztecs, the god “Quetzcoalt” would have stolen the seeds of the sacred tree (cocoa) of the kingdom of the gods to offer them as a gift to mortals. Well, we can not judge them for that belief, after all, everything is made with cocoa is even divine!

And if it is really a gift from the gods, it is best not to disappoint them and choose quality products, right? Brands like Nestle, Mavalerio or Mother Earth offer great options. To choose, look at the tips below and then check out our ranking in the top 10 in market cocoas powder!

Differences Between Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Powder and chocolate drink

Top 10 Best Cocoas Powder To Buy In 2020

To transform the cocoa powder is required a long process. First cut up the flesh of the fruit, leaving only the seeds that pass through the drying process, fermentation and roasting. After roasting, they are broken into and withdraws the nibs which are ground and processed into pulp.

This cut up the fat folder, leaving the “cocoa cake”, a dry paste which is liofizada and turned into powder. This is cocoa powder, a product widely used especially in confectionery. Nothing should be added to it, no sugar or additives. Moreover, it does not dissolve easily because it is pure.

The cocoa powder typically has 50% cocoa and 50% sugar. It can also be used in preparations. Since the chocolate tends to be 10% cocoa and 90% sugar, flavoring agents and water soluble, so dissolve easily. In general, it is made to mix in milk, not for revenue.

How to Choose the Best Cocoa powder

Alkaline, natural, black or lecithinated? Ufa are so many variations, is not it? Therefore, we will show below how to choose the best cocoa powder for you!

Choose between Natural Cocoa Powder or Alkaline

PH is a measure scale that indicates the acidity or alkalinity of food. On this scale, ranging from 0 to 14, acidic foods having pH below 7, while alkaline have pH above 7. If treating cocoa powder, it is possible to find two options. Below we will explain better!

Top 10 Best Cocoas Powder To Buy In 2020

Natural cocoa is one that has just been freeze-dried and turned into powder. Due to their acidic pH, somewhere around 2 or 3, their color is lighter. Moreover, this type of cocoa powder has a more intense and bitter taste, ideal for dishes that have a pronounced flavor.

However, when using it in recipes, it is important to always combine it with sodium bicarbonate, which is alkaline. The reaction of the mixture of these two ingredients different pH will cause neutralization of the acidity and cocoa fermentation required to properly grow the dish.

Top 10 Best Cocoas Powder To Buy In 2020

Flavored soft color darker, sometimes even a little reddish, alkaline cocoa is the most common to be found. This product is nothing more than natural cocoa passed the alkalizing process to have neutralized their acidity, so its pH passes for 5 or 6.

As he has passed the alkalizing process, of course, need not be alkalized with the use of bicarbonate, as in the natural version. Not to mention that the combination of bicarbonate with the alkaline cocoa leave a metallic aftertaste. So in this case, use the baking powder.

If an Option Search More Soluble Opt For Cocoa Powder lecithinated

Top 10 Best Cocoas Powder To Buy In 2020

The lecithinated cocoa, and pass through the alkalinisation is also enriched with soya lecithin. This additional ingredient, in addition to promoting the health benefits, acts as an emulsifier, preventing water and fat from separating in revenues. It is an excellent option, for example, to make ice cream.

For having lecithin, it is also easily diluted in milk, it can be used not only in preparations that have this ingredient, but also to replace chocolate in hot chocolate. You can also add it in other drinks, such as vitamins and smoothies.

Preservatives may Cause Damage Health Opt for Cocoa Powder Free Them

Top 10 Best Cocoas Powder To Buy In 2020

Many studies show that the use of preservatives is associated with the emergence of allergies, stomach problems and even more serious diseases such as cancer. To lead a healthier life, so one of the first steps is to stop consuming in excess, products with this substance.

Several brands produce cocoa powder without the additive, therefore, prefer this option. But always keep in mind that as the preservative does not have to extend the life of food, its duration will be less. If there is a delay in consumption may occur the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Allergy sufferers should stay away from Cocoa Powder With Waste soy or gluten

Many brands that produce cocoa powder also develop other products, many of them made with flour, milk, soy or nuts. Since, most of the time, cocoa and all these products end up going through the same equipment, it is common waste of these ingredients remain in it.

This is hardly a problem for most people, however, there is a segment of the population that is allergic and intolerant to gluten flour, lactose milk and other ingredients. If this is the case, always check the label of the product and opt for a free cocoa such waste.

Top 10 Best Cocoa powder

Now that you know how to choose the best cocoa powder, is the time to associate your knowledge with the options available in the market. Check out the top 10!

Comparison Leaderboard Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder Alkaline lecithinated

Meet Cocoa Black, A variation of Cocoa Powder Alkaline

A type of cocoa little known but which has an interesting taste is black cocoa powder. This cocoa is alkalized at maximum level, its pH reaches 8. It is the same type of cocoa used in crackers and Oreo as Negresco. Its flavor is a little more intense than traditional alkaline version.

This is a widely used in confectionery product, especially for making syrups, toppings, confectionery, desserts and dry mixes. However, it is a very difficult product to be found and, most often, is sold only in bulk. Below we show a choice of where to find it!

Revenue from Cocoa Powder: Chocolate Brownie

After following all these steps, let the brownie to cool on the baking sheet for about 1 hour and then cut it into squares or rectangles. Enjoy your food!

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There are so many options cocoa powder that is will experience all, is not it? But you can do it gradually, each recipe testing a version and find out what pleases you most. And if when shopping hitting any questions, come back and re-read our article!

So you will know exactly the characteristics of each type of cocoa, which use yeast, and whether to opt for lecithinated. And keep an eye always on the label, right? Check for allergenic ingredients or preservatives. Finally, do not forget to test our brownie suggestion, it’s delicious!