Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual In 2020 (Inciclo, Fleurity And More)

Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual in 2020 (Inciclo, Fleurity and more)

If you think about changing your disposable absorbent by a menstrual cup, you are not alone! In this article we will help you choose the best model and the right size for you. Inciclo, Fleurity and Korui are the most popular brands, but we will also introduce you to other of the best brands in the market. There is even the disposable menstrual cup of prudence!

Also, we will take all of your questions about how it works, how to use, how to sanitize, how to save and how to buy your cup. And to you even more help, we set up a top 10 ranking of the best menstrual collectors at the best prices. Keep reading and see how to deal with menstruation will be very easy!

What is a menstrual cup and What Are the Advantages of Using?

Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual In 2020 (Inciclo, Fleurity And More)

Popularly known as a cup, the menstrual cup is an alternative to disposable absorbent. It is made from TPE (thermoplastic rubber) or medical and non-toxic silicone. The cup is inserted into the vagina and collecting menstrual flow, rather than absorbing it.

Using the collector instead of absorbing, you will be able to know the intensity of the flow, the color bleeding and monitor any changes. Moreover, it does not interfere with the moisture in the vaginal flora and pH, things that the tampon does.

Another major advantage is the economy. Good collectors cost at least 50 reais, but can last up to 10 years! Imagine the amount of absorbent which will save you! And that makes him a much more environmentally friendly alternative as well.

There are many brands and models on the market, with different diameters and lengths. Continue reading to find out how to choose the best for you!

How to Choose the Best Collector Menstrual

You should consider a few things when choosing: colo height of the uterus, intensity of flow, age, number of pregnancies and the practice of physical exercises. Sounds complicated? Keep reading and you will see how simple it is to choose your own!

First, Discover what the Collector Right Size for You

Most brands sell up to 3 collector sizes: small, medium and large. The general indication is to prefer the smaller sizes when you’re under 30 or do not have children and prefer larger when you do not meet one of these characteristics. However, factors such as intensity of the flow and cervical position may also influence the decision. Learn more below.

Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual In 2020 (Inciclo, Fleurity And More)

Younger women with no children usually have a stronger pelvic muscles. That’s why most is best suited to smaller collectors. But attention! Your case may be different. If you are young and do not adapt to smaller, there’s nothing wrong with you!

The size of the collectors varies in diameter measured at the edge and / or length marks and some even have a specific collector for each type of lap and flow. Minors are the most suitable for women with cervix down. You do not know the height of your? It is very easy to measure and we explain how to do all right at the end of this article. Do not forget to go check before you buy your collector!

Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual In 2020 (Inciclo, Fleurity And More)

On average, those with moderate flow need to change the pad every 4 or 5 hours. If this is your case, try to use average collectors. The higher the collector, more milliliters flow fit it. Avoid buying a very small cup, because it will fill up quickly!

The average collectors are also the most suitable for women with the neck of the womb high. You have no idea what we’re talking about? The method for measuring the cervical height is simple, we explain every little thing at the end of this article. Find out what your power to invest in the dream catcher!

Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual In 2020 (Inciclo, Fleurity And More)

After 30 years and after pregnancies, pelvic muscles often become weaker. That’s why these women feel safer with collectors one bit larger. As the size is larger, the cup capacity increases. The capacity is a measure of how many milliliters at most he behaves.

Collectors give a far greater freedom than absorbing. Who has light flow can use for up to 12 hours straight without empty! However, the greater the flow, the faster the collector fills! And when he fills needs to be emptied.

If you go to the bathroom changing absorbing every 2 or 3 hours, its flow is intense. So if you use a smaller collector, you will have to go to the bathroom to empty more often too. Then prefer larger collectors to stay longer without emptying the cup.

If You want to monitor your flow, Select Collector Colorless with Volume Measurement

Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual In 2020 (Inciclo, Fleurity And More)

Menstrual collectors are produced in different colors, with non-toxic pigments. Some have internal markings with volume measures, others do not. So if you want to follow the color, appearance and the amount of your menstrual flow, it is better to use a cup without color and markings.

Colored cups are beautiful and can best disguise the stains that occur naturally during the years of use. They are also ideal for those who do not like to see blood, as the color and opacity do not allow you to see the content as well.

If You Use New to collectors, more Prefer Long Stems

Each brand produces collectors rods with sizes and formats. cylindrical or flat rods, rod-shaped, or ball handle. Some are very long, others short as well. The rod is for you to locate the base of the cup when it is inserted, and is particularly useful in the first few times you use the collector.

After getting used to, many women end up cutting the stem in size with which they feel most comfortable. Most cuts including the entire rod! So if you are going to use a collector for the first time, prefer larger stems. Then you can cut if you want.

If You Practice Exercises Intense, Give preference for Collectors More Hard

If you are an athlete or practice intense exercises of yoga, pilates and pole dance, try to have a more rigid menstrual cup to use during exercise. These activities work the muscles of the pelvic floor and more squishy collector can move around more easily and cause leakage.

Some brands sell collectors ‘soft’, less rigid, and collectors “sport”, which are more rigid than the standard collector of the brand. If the brand you chose not to have these nomenclatures, search for some reviews on the internet. There are many girls comparing the flexibility of different collectors.

No Strings Dirt During Menstruation? Some collectors allow That!

Sex during menstruation? Normal! And you can retire that towel that you put to protect the mattress. There are special collectors that can be used to have penetrative sex. They have disc format, loudly are embracing the cervix, and not take up space in the vaginal canal. Check out two models in our ranking below! Over the mess in those days!

Collectors not Buy Very Cheap Web Sites Untrusted

The medical grade silicone rubber and the thermoplastic materials are not cheap. So if you find a very cheapie collector, be wary! The chance to be fake or not made of non-toxic materials is high. And it is dangerous to use such a product in contact with your body. Always take care of your health first!

Top 10 Best Collectors Menstrual to Buy Online

Now you know how to choose! Check out our ranking with the top 10 menstrual collectors and buy your own!

Comparison Leaderboard Collectors Menstrual

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Menstrual collector Freecup

Coletor Menstrual Easy Cup CBC

Coletor Menstrual Easy Cup A I

Menstrual collector Unique Unicorn G

Soft catcher Menstrual Cup

Using the Menstrual Collector Properly

Put the menstrual cup is something quite easy, see the step-by-step below:

If it did not form a vacuum, it will easily slide and the blood can leak. If this happens, no problem: just remove and replace. Do not worry, the collector is impossible to get stuck or lost inside you !!!

To remove, do not pull on the rod without removing the vacuum. Locate the base and have a tight little to make the air enter. Move gently collector, from one side to the other, to remove it completely.

In the first use, try emptying the sink after 2 hours of use and check for flow has accumulated. If it is full, you will need to empty the collector in a shorter interval of time. If it is pretty empty, take more time to empty the spacing to find out how many hours it takes to fill with you.

With practice, anything is easier to accomplish! With the menstrual cup is no different. The first time you use can be a bit clumsy, but quickly you get the hang. A tip is to use it only at home the first few times or have the support of an absorbent, so you get to know your body calmly and without fear of leaks!

How to Clean and Save the Collector Menstrual

During the menstrual cycle, while you are using the daily collector, you only need to wash it with water every time you flush. It needs to be boiled only before the first use of the cycle and after the end of the cycle. Just put the collector in a saucepan, cover with water and boil for 5-8 minutes.

In the case of a public restroom, school, college or work, you can take a small bottle of water to the cabin, remove the collector, emptying the toilet, passing a water only to remove clots and re-enter. Or use a damp handkerchief without alcohol.

Most of them come with a package to save your sink between uses, usually a cotton bag. If your do not come, it serves any small pouch of fabric that allows air circulation. The collector needs to “breathe” so they do not accumulate moisture and does not occur the growth of fungi or bacteria.

Take the Quiz and Find out if has the Cervical Down!

The cervix may be high, medium or low in the vaginal canal, but it moves with you and with the cycle. Make the height test during menstruation because the neck tends to decline slightly during menstruation.

Put your finger into the vaginal canal until the tip touches the cervix. You will feel something rounded, with a consistency similar to the tip of his nose. In the middle is the small hole where the menses exits in a slight relief.

The fingers are divided into three pieces, the phalanges. See how much of your finger you had to enter up to the cervix. If it was only the first phalanx, your lap is low. If were two phalanges, the neck is average. If you were the third phalanges, the lap is high.

This is an approximate measurement, and most of cups fits well to the three neck heights of the uterus. However, those with very low lap may have problems with larger collectors. The rod or the collector body can get very close to the entrance of the vagina and cause nuisance and leaks. Then measure as a precaution.

Ready! You see how it’s easy to choose your pickup? And whenever you have any questions on how to use or about the size of a cup, just come back here in the article. And share it with your friends too! It may be that they have the same doubts you.

In our ranking, you can check out what are the best menstrual market collectors, sold in stores and more reliable at the best prices. Now just buy your menstrual cup and live your cycle with one less thing to worry about!