Top 10 Best Contour Palettes In 2020 (Ruby Rose, Luisance, Mac And More)

Top 10 Best Contour Palettes in 2020 (Ruby Rose, Luisance, MAC and more)

Palettes are a great option for those who want to adopt the facial contour, after all are versatile and easy to carry, you should only check a few features before buying. Check the texture, finish and colors to choose one that best matches your skin and your makeup style.

The two textures more found in the boundary palettes are powder and creamy, to decide what is the best for you, assess your skin type, whether it is dry, oily or mixed, your skills with makeup and also the effect you want with the look: make sweeping courses for day to day?

The powder texture is ideal for a makeup with striking effect. Apply the powder contour is simple, they are easy to blend, simply use a brush and let levinha hand, not to commit excesses. Depending on the amount of product applied, the effect can be natural or well defined.

Versatile, both professional makeup artists, as beginners can use this super texture well, the key is to pay attention the amount of product used. The powder contour palettes, are also popular among people with oily and combination skin, as well sequinha leave the skin.

contour palettes with creamy texture are primarily intended for creating a natural look, those who love to day to day, you know? simpler to apply yet, you can use a brush or simply spread the product with your fingers to shade areas of the face.

This type of texture is best for people with dry skin, as the glow finish is more apparent and the creaminess helps to hydration. This prevents skin dryness and therefore, the makeup crackled throughout the day. Good choice to create a subtle look, but full of style!

As you know, to make a good face contour is necessary that the palette offers different tones. There are darker, also known as bronzer, to shade, and the lighter, which will be used as a corrective or illuminator, to highlight and clarify the areas you want.

To choose, is simple: check for color options in the palette one or two shades darker than your skin. These are shades that will be used to make the face of the shadows and define the contours of the face. The shading makeup should be more even dark, do not be afraid.

Regarding the color of concealer, you have two options: get a palette that has exactly your skin tone for a more natural effect, or seek an option with color one or two lighter tones your skin, so as to create an effect illuminated in the desired regions, such as the cheekbones.

contour pallets may simply be a duo, or contemplate a gradient brown tones. It is best to choose the products have different shades, as well you can make natural makeup for the day to day, but also glamorous looks for parties.

Another advantage of pallets with various shades is that you can make the outline in different seasons, as in the summer, when the skin tends to become more tanned. Moreover, if the intention is to make up other people as friends and clients, of course, the versatile palettes are the most suitable.

Having a makeup bag in the bag is great not to go trouble, is not it? Then consider a small palette and extra accessories such as brush and mirror for easy touch-up makeup away. It is worth investing in a complete choice to give up the visual, anywhere!

Now that you know how to choose a palette straight boundary, we will present our ranking with the top 10 options market. With different shades, textures and finishes, choose the right for your style will be even easier. Come on!

The facial contour technique is a great strategy in makeup, especially for those who want to tune the face, or highlight its main features. It may even seem complex, but the secret is to know well his whole face and follow a step by step in time to apply the product, see:

1- Start preparing makeup face with primer and the application base. Then choose the colors lighter palette and use as a corrective applying in the area around the eyes, to lighten it and disguise dark circles;

2 Continue with light colors and apply to the center of the forehead and nose, the temples, the bow cupid and center of the chin. Deposit the product in sufficient quantity to mark these areas and lighted leave them. It is in this step you can choose the sparkling colors;

3 Now, with darker colors, preferably one or two shades darker than the color of your skin, apply the product in the hair root in the jaw, below the cheekbones and also on the sides of the nose to afina- it. These are the areas that will be shaded at the end of makeup;

With the defined colors on each face area, begin to smudge the product, if it is powder, or spread, in the case of makeup with creamy texture. There you go, your facial contours will be finalized and her look even more stunning. Try it!

If you are a super practical person and like to have all make products easily to hand, discover our tips on how to choose makeup palettes and even a ranking of shadow palette options, boundary and mixed to make a stunning look from beginning to end!