Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

Menstrual control application allows all women have control of your cycle at all stages. These apps bring very useful functions such as the prediction of each period of the cycle, as well as general reminders, such as using pill and exporting data.

Apps like Flo, Maia and Glow provide an excellent experience for the user. And thinking of helping you choose the best app, we developed a tutorial with the points to be observed. Also selected the top 10 menstrual control applications. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Application Control Menstrual

To choose the best menstrual control application must be observed if the app has useful functions for the user, colorful interface, password creation, compatibility with the mobile operating system and what are the plans available. Find out more below!

Check Functions Available in Application

Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

menstrual control applications have many features that help the user time to manage their menstrual cycles and its TPM. It is not necessary to use all the functions, but it is interesting to see all the possibilities offered by the app. Check out the key features offered.

These are the basic functions that almost every app offers. But some bring other resources such as customized content for women, for example. So, consider which of these functions will be useful in time to download your application.

Colored Interfaces Facilitate Cycle Preview

Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

It is important that the menstrual control application has an intuitive and colorful interface, especially in relation to your calendar. A dynamic visual and with many colors allows the user to quickly grasp the exposed information there without strive to understand the data.

Thus, the best calendars highlight in different colors, the days of ovulation and menstruation of women. Some also show the first day of menstruation and the D-day of ovulation. This makes it much easier to visualize the cycle as a whole.

Choose Applications with Password Possibility

Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

Want security for your data? Then choose an app that brings the option to create a security password. With this, all your information is safe and no eavesdropper will see content app.

Most applications offer the possibility of numeric password, but there are others that offer security through another type of pin. But always remember to write down the password or use some easy to remember!

Prefer Applications Compatible with Android and iOS

Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

Always check if the chosen application is available in the version of your operating system, be it Android or IOS. After all, it is very bad like an application and frustrate not find it in your device’s shop.

In addition, some apps appear in stores only with its international versions, with English language. If you like applications only in Portuguese, the ideal is to jump out of these versions. If understands the American language, no problem.

For more options, check the Subscription Plans

Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

Most applications have free versions. But there are those who offer paid plans that remove the advertisements and also have more features and functions to the user. These plans can be annual, half-yearly or monthly. Be sure to check this detail!

Top 10 Best Control Applications Menstrual

Now that you know how to select the best app for you, it’s time to choose your own! Meet the top 10 menstrual control applications.

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The menstrual control applications offer basic services to any woman who wants to keep an eye on your cycle. If only to keep up with the times, become pregnant or avoid contraception, they bring useful features and extremely easy to use.

And of course, there are those apps that offer various other features, ranging from the export of data from cycles to providing exclusive content. Certainly on our list you will find the best application for you!