Top 10 Best Cookware

Top 10 Best Cookware to Buy in 2020

If you will begin the journey of living alone, wants to develop a new culinary hobby or just swap old pans, it’s time to look for new pots. There are different types of caps, handles of pots and shapes. In addition, there are non-stick cookware, stainless, ceramic, iron and more. With so many options how to decide?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to choose the best pot. Still more, we ranqueamos the top 10 models in the market: it has Tramontina, Ceraflame, Brinox and many other brands renowned for the quality of its products. At the end, you will find tips on how to organize their new pots. Keep reading!

How to Choose the Best Pan

Choose a new pot may seem like a difficult task in the midst of so many types and materials, but you can rest assured: we summarize everything you need to know to get the best pan for you! See below.

Each material offers one benefit. This analysis to Choose!

The raw material of the pot has a direct influence on the quality of your meal, ease of use and can also give a special charm at the time of presentation. See below what each material has to offer you and choose the one that best suits your goals in the kitchen.

Top 10 Best Cookware To Buy In 2020

Aluminum pans are the most common, so you probably have or have had one. They are light, tend to have a very affordable price and are also great conductor of heat. This means that when using an aluminum pan, your food will be cooked evenly without burning only one pan side!

However, the easy scratching aluminum and it takes attention when cleaning to avoid damaging the pan. In addition, it is recommended not to use it with very acidic foods such as tomatoes, as there is a risk of them being contaminated with waste released by the pan. This contamination can also happen if you manipulate the food with metal spoons at the time of preparation.

A good tip is the preferred aluminum pans having inner and outer coating. This decreases the chances of contamination of food and still make it very easy at the time of washing. But beware: when the coating starts to come out, it’s time to change the pan.

Top 10 Best Cookware To Buy In 2020

The main feature of stainless steel pots is that they can achieve and maintain high temperatures for a long time. This makes them great choices for soups, sauces, casseroles and more liquid foods. On the other hand, for beginners in the kitchen can be a challenge to use them, since food can burn any oversight.

They are also not suitable for preparations that require milder temperatures as rice and even fried foods, which can end up burning. They are very resistant and super durable pans. If you have practice in the kitchen, it is worth investing in one of these.

Ceramic pots are just beautiful, but the benefits do not stop there: they can keep the temperature of the food for much longer and are easy to clean. They are perfect for long preparations and need a constant temperature. Moreover, they require the use of serving dishes food, since they give a very special charm when levedas the table.

The main disadvantage of this model is the price, which is usually quite high. You can even find cheaper models, but be careful: some manufacturers use heavy metals in the manufacture of these pans which is extremely dangerous for our health. So always make sure the product has stamp indicating no harmful materials in its composition!

Finally, it must be said that these pans are quite fragile and can end up chipping. If this happens, in addition to losing the beauty may end up getting dangerous to continue using the pan.

Have you ever stopped to think that the pan you use can make their foods healthier? It seems incredible, but somehow the iron pots can do it for you. What happens is that this type of cookware releases some iron (Fe) in foods that are cooked in it. They are therefore very suitable for those who have anemia.

On the other hand, if you have iron intake restrictions, it is best to avoid them. In addition to this benefit, the iron pans are great for burning stove to be resistant and also have a great capacity to maintain the temperature of the stable food. Overall, they are very good for long preparations, sauces, soups and casseroles.

The disadvantage is that they are very heavy pots and very expensive! Also, they take too long to cool and if they have any speck of rust is not recommended to continue using them.

Make sure the pot is Adequate to Your Stove

Today with the technology of the most fire is not necessary induction cooker to heat the pans, but we must be aware of the types of materials that can be used in this type of stove. When the traditional gas stove and the classic wood-burning stove, there are also important features to consider before choosing your pot. Below we will tell you more about it.

Top 10 Best Cookware To Buy In 2020

If you use the stove for induction, is required only use flat-bottomed pots and made of magnetic materials such as cast iron and stainless steel. Pots that have the whole body made of ceramic, glass or copper will not heat in induction cooker, so if you have a stove such, avoid these materials. There are models in which only the bottom is made of magnetic material, it is worth checking it.

Top 10 Best Cookware To Buy In 2020

Already you have the classic stove or cooktop gas, any pan will heat up and serve to cook the meals of the day-to-day. But, it is important to pay attention to the size of the stove and the size of the pot. A very large pan over a very small mouth, depending on the pot material, may cause the heat to focus on a point, burning of the food.

So there is a balance in the heat distribution in the pan, the flame released by the stove must reach the next area of ​​the pan base edges, thereby making the food cook more evenly.

Top 10 Best Cookware To Buy In 2020

If you do not dispense good food made in the wood stove, there are pots which are ideal for this type of stove. The pot most used is the cast iron, which in addition to good food make can be beneficial to your health by free iron in food.

Citing other materials can be used clay pots, soap stone and copper. But it is important to be aware of the life cycle of these materials because they can become a health hazard.

General Purpose Select capacity of 2 L, 1 L for Secondary Use

To make additions to sauces, purees or frying something, it is recommended a smaller pan with 1 liter of capacity. As for the main use, how to prepare their traditional rice, risotto or meat, the size of two liters is a best option to cook your meals! Many items in the ranking have prepared for you have a capacity of approximately 1.5 L, serving as an intermediary between the two sizes.

Choose Cookware Coated Nonstick: They do not stick!

No one likes to spoil the food because it stuck all in the pot and much less to spend hours scrubbing a pot at the time of washing. Therefore, coating with nonstick pans are so popular: they do not stick! However, they require some care to not use metal cutlery at the time of cooking and not steel bushings during washing.

When your pan begin to stick or nonstick start to fade or peel, buy a new pot! nonstick cookware, especially the Teflon can release substances and present health risks when very worn.

As larger the pot thickness, Best! Prefer 3 mm or models +

thin pans transmit the heat much faster, but the temperature control and uniformity of heat distribution are a problem for them. On the other hand, heavy pots can keep warm without “hot spots” (hot spots), making the cooking is more uniform.

Therefore, the thicker pans have an advantage over the more independent fine material. Not to mention that they can also keep the heat longer, reducing variations in temperature during cooking.

Choose Types takers and Tampa More Suited to Your Use

If on one hand the pans with metal handles are more practical day-to-day, on the other, is very annoying not being able to take them to the oven’s time to give that gratin finish or a good steak. Next we will talk a little more about the types of handles and lids that your pot may have citing the pros and cons of each type.

For added versatility of use of your pan, it is recommended that the cable and the lid are the same body material, so you can use it both the stove and in the oven. Very cool, is not it? Especially if the pot is pretty enough to take it to the table!

However, these pans the handles end up overheating, making it necessary to use oven gloves for handling during food preparation. So, a tip is to prefer heavier pans, so you can stir the food in it without it sliding stay by the stove. If it is mild, you will need to be left holding the cable with a glove while cooking and boring!

Many current products come with glass lid, which is an interesting accessory to accompany the cooking of food. However, keep in mind that like most of the preparations usually steam drop in many cases will be difficult to see the content even with the transparent cover. Still, it’s a nice item and that can facilitate day-to-day.

The plastic or silicone handles are also a great choice to make the most practical routine. How are materials that do not heat up during the preparation of food, you do not need to wear gloves to handle or open the pan. But be careful not to forget the next sucker flame as it will melt. Also, always make sure the cable is securely fastened.

Not All Can Go to Pan Dishwasher, Check This!

If you wish to wash their pots in the dishwashing machine is necessary to pay attention to the type of cookware to be washed. Materials such as cast iron or nonstick may be damaged during cleaning due to the high and constant water temperature in addition to humidity which is inside the machine. For other types such as aluminum and stainless steel, it may be that the washing process scratch the product.

In addition, some materials such as copper and stainless steel will darken with time and if you want your pots are always clean, can be a bit tricky remove stains and whiten the pots. On the issue of washing, the ceramic pots are the best because they can go in the dishwasher machine and are also easy to wash in hand!

Who indications tested and approved

Before going to the ranking of the top 10 pots to buy online, see the indications of MyBest partners: professionals, experts and bloggers that indicate products tested and approved by them. It is worth checking!

Top 10 Best Cookware to Buy Online

Now we already know the most important information to choose the right pot! Below, we separate an incredible list of the 10 best options available in the market. Choose pans casserole and gravy boat type which are the most common models. Choose one of the items below and start to cook delicious dishes!

Comparison table of the Best Cookware

Casserole pot Duo + In Ceramics

Signature Round pan

Casserole Professional Blow

Ceramic pot casserole

Signature pan with Taker Phenolic Orange

Panela Ceramic Life Smart Plus Preto

Casserole 2 handles Inox Solar Line

Stainless pot Triple Fund Ventura

Aluminum pan Monaco

Nonstick pan Aluminum Paris

Organize Your Way Right Pots!

Arrange the pots in storage time is a concern for many, especially when you have little space available. Save the disorderly pans can cause risks in materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, non-stick coating damage and there are still chances to break the product as in the case of ceramics.

By default, avoid the maximum stack the pots, but if you do it, use materials that protect the contact between the products. One option is to use tabs to own pots. In addition, the lighter pots and hole in the cable can be hung with the help of hooks.

As for the covers, use a dish rack to hold them vertically is an interesting solution for those who have little space. Another option is prendura them on the closet door with the help of hooks, but always be sure to leave them firmly tightened to prevent acidantes. Use these and other creative ways to take advantage of spaces to keep your pans usable for much longer!

Now it’s easy to choose the best pot for you, is not it? With all the information we present here you will be able to choose between more beneficial materials for health, more versatile to use in the oven or stove and also non-stick types.

In the options of our ranking are no products to suit all tastes and pockets, one of them certainly will be perfect for you! Choose one of the options presented and start preparing delicious meals!