Top 10 Best Crib Mattresses

Top 10 Best Crib mattresses to Buy in 2020 (Ortobom, Americanflex and more)

The mattress Crib is certainly one of the most important items of the trousseau. After all, it is he who will ensure a peaceful sleep, helping the proper development of the baby. Knowing this, renowned brands such as Ortobom, Probel and Americanflex launch several options on the market.

Among the many products, you know to choose the best? There are a few key features to make a good product and you make the right choice, we have prepared an article with all of them, as well as a ranking of the 10 best mattresses for cots. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Crib

From now on, you will know everything you need to choose the best mattress for cot. Information such as material, special measures and treatments are important to ensure the comfort and safety of your little one.

Cradle American or National? Check Ideals Measures

Top 10 Best Crib Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Americanflex And More)

If you already have the crib and looking for a new mattress, be sure to check the measures that it should have. In Brazil there are two cots standards: the American, who uses mattress 130 x 70 cm, and the cradle national standard, which requires mattresses 130 x 60 cm. The height can vary between 11 and 17 cm.

It is very important that the mattress measures are compatible with the crib to prevent accidents. A cot with mattress lower, for example, will leave dangerous gaps where the child can fall, get hurt or suffocate. To find the ideal mattress, just do the internal measurement of the crib.

Give preference to Foam Mattresses

Top 10 Best Crib Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Americanflex And More)

Although there are on the market a few spring mattresses options for cradle fits the warning that they are not suitable for babies. This is because the springs return the impact applied to the mattress to the body and babies do not have fully formed bone structure capable of absorbing this effect.

Pediatrics indicate foam mattresses D-18 density. They are ideal for children up to 3 years, supporting up to 35 kg. Above that, the ideal is to opt for a mattress with foam D-20 to 50 kg. These values, however, may vary according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep an eye!

Raincoats mattresses more resistant

Top 10 Best Crib Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Americanflex And More)

When we speak of everyday life with children, all prevention is welcome and care of the mattress too! After all, he will accompany your baby up to 3 years old and will not be a few times where there is a risk of damage. Water, juice or even a wetting can escape to the mattress lining and damaging foam.

To prevent damage, some mattresses for cots are waterproofed. Most have only a waterproof side to promote tissue respiration and are very useful when the baby starts desfralde, for example. So, you have an option to keep the mattress of the small protected.

Allergy Treatments Are More Secure for baby

Top 10 Best Crib Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Americanflex And More)

The hypoallergenic mattress is an important feature, especially when aimed at children. In these models, the foam and the lining fabric receive a treatment that prevents the proliferation of mites, fungi and other agents that cause allergies and respiratory diseases.

To find out if the mattress offers this benefit, check the information provided by the manufacturer. Ideally, it has anti-allergy treatment, anti-mold and dust mite nights to ensure the quietest your baby. Some brands do not offer the three treatments, only the allergy. So be careful!

Extras make the resources more Mattress Safe and Comfortable

Top 10 Best Crib Mattresses To Buy In 2020 (Ortobom, Americanflex And More)

Although rare models of mattresses for cots, some brands offer on their differentiated features products that can make the mattress of your little safer and more comfortable. Check out a few below:

These features are not common in mattresses for cots, so if you have preference for any, have few options of brands to choose from. On the other hand, their presence not more expensive the product, being a good purchase for those seeking differentials.

Inmetro seal ensures that the mattress is Safe

Before buying your new crib mattress, make sure the product has the cerificacao seal Inmetro. It ensures that the mattress has undergone stringent quality tests, has foam, measures and tissue within the safety standards and poses no risk to your baby.

To ensure the safety and comfort of small, be sure to notice this detail. After all, it’s about this mattress you deposit every evening the most precious thing in his life, is not it? Keep an eye!

Top 10 Best Mattresses Crib

Now meet our selection with the top 10 mattresses for cots. They were chosen based on criteria such as major material, density, extra features and security ceertificacao.

Comparison Leaderboard mattresses Crib

Mattress for Baby Crib Light

Crib Mattress for National D18 Bamboo Pattern

Crib Mattress for Baby Mesh

Crib Mattress for Baby Super

Crib mattress D18 Antialergico

Mattress for Baby Crib Physical

Crib Mattress for Americanbaby

Crib Mattress for Polar Baby

Mattress for Crib Guard Coast probaby

Crib Mattress for Castorzinho

Learn How to Take Care of Your New Mattress cot

The mattress of your baby should accompany him the next three years, when he already will be old enough for a mattress measures and different density. Until then, a few simple tips can help maintain, for the product to follow new and safe. Check out:

Did you see how simple it is to keep the mattress your baby always safe and clean? So you not only ensures good nights sleep, but more quality of life and health to the one you love!

Meet Our cots also notes

Now that you know what is the best crib mattress for your little one, that it contributes the best cribs on the market? Our site offers super full articles on the various types of crib. Access the link below and check it out!

Choosing the best mattress for your baby’s crib got a lot easier now, right? Do not forget to check the measurements, material and special treatments. They are very important to ensure the safety and comfort of your baby!

If you know someone else who is also researching crib mattress, share this article and help bring information so that more people can make the best choices. We wish an excellent buy, and peaceful nights filled with sweet dreams for your little one!