Top 10 Best Cutlery

Top 10 Best Cutlery to Buy in 2020 (Tramontina, Wolff and more)

Practicality, durability and aesthetics are key factors for choosing a good knife set. After all, the cutlery are essential parts in time to prepare food and serve your guests well. The good news is that there are many options in the market cutlery. You can find cutlery Stainless steel or silver and with different cable types, such as cutlery stylish bamboo.

But what is the best cutlery for you? To help you decide, we’ll tell you everything you should check before choosing the ideal cutlery. In addition, we separate the 10 best cutlery market and organize two rankings. There you will find brands like Brinox and Wolff and also cutlery super coveted as the Malibu and Laguna, Tramontina. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Cutlery

Choose a knife set is not a complicated task, but we must think of some important details that make all the difference in the final choice. Check out our tips!

Keep an Eye on Cape Material

The choice of cable material is generally related to two things: durability and economy. In general, the cutlery have the body – or tip – stainless steel, which sets them apart are the cables, which can be made of various materials. Cables with increased durability often have a high price, but it may be worth. See the advantages and disadvantages of each type of following cable.

Top 10 Best Cutlery To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Wolff And More)

Stainless steel is a durable material and is virtually a unanimous choice when it comes to silverware. The quality of the material may vary according to the marks. But in general, stainless steel is durable and has long durability, hardly warp or rust and parts are easy to clean because they do not accumulate dirt.

Fully cutlery stainless steel are recommended for those who like durability, practicality and elegance. Probably, you need to invest a little more in the purchase, but on the other hand, the products last longer. There are also silver and gold options, which are resistant material, heavy and very sophisticated; They are recommended for those who enjoy luxury pieces.

Top 10 Best Cutlery To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Wolff And More)

polypropylene cords are practical and great for everyday or for simple meals with a lot of people because they are an inexpensive option. Despite the tip stainless steel, plastic cord does not have such durability, it can break or melt even when touching a hot pan.

Wood cables are resilient and practical, but depending on its quality end having the changed color or fraying using time. Both materials accumulate a lot of dirt in their cracks, and of course bacteria. By choosing the material of your cutlery, watch out for these issues.

Note the number of parts x Number of People to Attend Your Home

The number of pieces of a knife set is something fundamental. Start by assessing the number of people who live with you, or attending your home and usually receives many guests for meals. If you live alone, you can choose a cutlery with fewer parts. See the number of pieces of cutlery, which ranges from 24 to 130:

Question What are Essential Cutlery in your kitchen

Top 10 Best Cutlery To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Wolff And More)

Cutlery most used in the kitchen are serving, ie, forks, spoons, table knives. However, other functional parts can be missed in the kitchen, such as teaspoons and dessert, big spoon for rice and conch.

Also, there are 2 types of knives cutlery in common: the table knives BBQ and knives common table. Barbecue knives are those pointed and very high mountains. Already the table knives common, have rounded tip and your saw is more subtle.

The essential cutlery in the kitchen rely on habits that each person or family owns. For example, if your family is used to eating red meat often a cutlery with barbecue knives can be better. Watch out for these issues at the time of choice, and remember: when choosing a complete set, you already have all the functional tableware in a kitchen.

Make sure that the cutlery can go to Internet Connection

Top 10 Best Cutlery To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Wolff And More)

Washing dishes can be something boring to most people, but machines dishwasher facilitate this work enough! However, if you own machine dishwasher and uses it frequently, be sure to check if the chosen cutlery can be washed in the dishwasher. If you use your machine to wash the cutlery without checking that they can be completely scratched or otherwise damaged. Caution!

Moreover, even if you do not wash your cutlery in the dishwasher, remember to wash them always with soft sponge and dish soap! The steel wool can scratch as much steel as other parts of the silverware.

For occasions Sophisticated, Elegant Cutlery Choose

Top 10 Best Cutlery To Buy In 2020 (Tramontina, Wolff And More)

Finally, think of the time when you want to use your cutlery. You may have silverware simple to use on a daily basis, and more sophisticated to the dinners and lunches with family and friends. Or simply choose a product that meets two needs: it is durable and practical, yet has an elegant design to accompany your meals and surprise your guests.

In general, the models made entirely in stainless steel are more sophisticated. In addition, there are more options noble, steel with golden color or pinkish. Keep an eye!

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Formerly the cutlery were considered a luxury item to receive as a wedding gift, especially if they were silver. Gradually, this item was becoming more common and increasingly essential in the kitchen of our homes, whether for small or large families; there are options for all needs and tastes.

In this article you learned how to make the ideal choice of a knife set, watching all the important details and even gave the best products available in the market. Did you see how to choose a knife set is not nothing complicated ?!