Top 10 Best Diets For Dogs Small

Top 10 Best Diets for Dogs Small to Buy in 2020

Every lover of dogs care about feeding your pet. After all, nothing more satisfying than giving healthy food to our pets, right? Brands such as Royal Canin, Pro Plan and Golden vying for this market, but what is the best food for small dogs?

Be the feed for young dogs or small breeds, we need to be aware of the balance between the nutrients in addition to the quality of the ingredients. Thinking about it, we have prepared a guide with top tips and a ranking of the 10 best diets for small dogs of the market. Check out!

How to Choose the Best Food for Dogs Small

The origin of the ingredients and the perfect balance of protein, fat, fiber and minerals are essential for choosing a good feed for small dog. Here’s how to evaluate these aspects hassle!

Feed prefer Super Premium or Premium

When choosing a ration, the first thing you should assess is to rank among the market categories. This classification is widely used in Brazil and is directly related to the quality of ingredients and digestibility of feed. Are they:

Whenever possible, choose the Super Premium options because they contain protein, high-quality ingredients. Failing that, select the feed Premium that fit in your pocket. Try to avoid the standard feed, because in addition to lower quality, cost-effective is not worth it.

Choose Diets with High Quality Protein

Top 10 Best Diets For Dogs Small To Buy In 2020

The small breed dogs have a faster metabolism and expend more energy than large dogs, so we need to feed more protein. It is important to choose a diet with high good quality protein levels, as this will help in the development of bones and muscles.

Talk about quality of proteins is essentially speak of their origin. Animal proteins are known to be more healthy than vegetable origin, providing increased absorption and digestibility. Also, diets with more animal protein sources more easily quench your dog.

So, always make sure the first ingredient on the list of their feed is an item of animal origin or a byproduct of it. Among these items, give preference to those who are not by-products (such as “chicken” instead of “flour poultry offal”).

Check the quality of oils and fats

Top 10 Best Diets For Dogs Small To Buy In 2020

In addition to the main sources of protein, other important items are the oils and fats. These ingredients complement the protein content in the feed and provide fatty acids necessary for many vital functions of your pet, like cell formation and development of the immune system.

Always prefer oils and animal fats, because they have better nutritional value and provide more digestible than those of vegetable origin. Among them, the chicken fat stands out for its high palatability and omega-6 content, an essential fatty acid of great importance.

Regarding oil, fish oil has been one of the most suitable, especially for containing high proportions of omega-3, an important antioxidant which, among other functions, acts to reduce the negative effects of cholesterol.

Check the indication of Age and Size and Replace Feed the Right Time

Top 10 Best Diets For Dogs Small To Buy In 2020

Even the cheapest feed dogs have an indication of the age and size appropriate for that food. In general, all brands have specific diets for puppies and adult. Among them, there are those for small and large breeds races.

There are also more specific options, such as feed for older dogs and others that tell an exact age. Of course, these are the best options as it contains the ideal balance between the nutrients to the age of your dog. But of course they are also more expensive.

Also, you need to be aware of the time of the exchange ration puppies to adults. For small breeds, the exchange must be made from the 10th month old when they reach adulthood. Remember to perform the exchange gradually to avoid any discomfort to the dog.

Select Feed Ingredients Free of chemicals

Top 10 Best Diets For Dogs Small To Buy In 2020

As important as the ingredients indicated for good food are the “contra”. If they are dealing with inputs known to cause harm, ranging from allergies to the long-term health problems. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye to maintain the health of your dog days.

One of these ingredients are colorants such as BHA and BHT, and preservatives. They are known health villains, famous for causing allergy and suspected of various misdeeds, including serious diseases such as cancer. There are many options without these components, so avoid them whenever you can.

Another ingredient that should be avoided are transgenic. Are products from plants genetically modified to tolerate large doses of pesticides. We know that pesticides bring numerous risks to human and animal health, therefore, escape of GMOs whenever you can!

Maximum for Food Security, consider Rations Natural or Organic

Top 10 Best Diets For Dogs Small To Buy In 2020

If you want to ensure maximum food safety of your dog, it is important to consider the options of natural and organic feeds that are available in the market. But you know the difference between them?

Natural rations have no chemical additives, such as dyes and preservatives, but may have pesticide traces. Since the organic ensure that all inputs were produced in a 100% pesticide-free. However, organic they are not easy to find, just in specialty shops.

In addition to meat as a protein source, these diets tend to have fruits and vegetables as sources of vitamins and fiber, which increase its nutritional quality and benefit the health of your pet in the long run. However, these are the most expensive of the current market options.

To test, Prefer Smaller Package (Up to 2.5Kg)

The feed brands have different sizes of packages. Each works with its own weight grade, but the most common is 1 kg 2 kg 2.5 kg 7.5 kg 10 kg and 15 kg. If you already know the food you’re buying, you can opt for the larger packages, which generally have better cost-benefit.

But if you are buying a ration for the first time, it is interesting to opt for smaller packages up to 2.5Kg. Thus, it is not like you can exchange for another more quickly, avoiding wasting food and money.

Top 10 Best Diets for Dogs Small

Now that you know how to choose the right food for your dog, check out our ranking of the top 10 feed small market dogs. Here, we follow quality standards and cost-effective, so you can evaluate more falls in their conditions and requirements.

Comparison table of the Best Diets for Dogs Small

N & D Ancestral Grain Chicken and Pomegranate (10,1 kg)

Chicken and Guabi Natural Brown Rice (10,1 kg)

Natural Formula (7 kg)

Nestle Purina Pro Plan (7,5 kg)

Royal Canin Mini (7.5 kg)

Magnus Super Premium (10,1 kg)

Naturalis Chicken, Turkey and fruits (8 kg)

Chicken and Rice Formula Golden (10,1 kg)

Gran Plus meat and rice (10,1 kg)

Important Tips for Feeding Your Dog

Choosing the best diet is certainly a major factor in your dog have a healthy diet. But it is also important to be aware of some rules that will help you make the best possible food and avoid unnecessary inconvenience. Check out:

These are basic guidelines, but important. Choosing the right diet and following these tips, you make sure that your dog is having the best diet possible within their conditions. Now just enjoy the love and affection of his best friend!

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With all this information we’re sure you already know how to choose ideal food for your puppy, according to its financial condition and aspects do you value most in food. Besides, of course, the specific needs of your dog, for example, if it has a tendency to obesity.

Analyze and brands ranking to choose the most appropriate. And for your dog to make the best of it food, be sure to follow our tips to feed it properly. Thus you ensure that the pet will have a healthy diet in every possible way!