Top 10 Best Diets For Tropical Fish

Top 10 Best Diets for Tropical Fish to Buy in 2020

The aquarium is a hobby practiced much, after all, riding a tank and take care of fish is something relaxing, pleasurable and puts us in touch with nature, since the aquarium containing fish, plants and starfish. But there are always doubts that permeate this practice, especially if you are beginner.

Choosing the right diet is perhaps one of the biggest questions. Thinking about it, we’ll show you how to choose the ideal food for tropical fish, and then present a ranking with the best feed for tropical fish brands like Aleon and Tropical.

What Are Tropical Fish?

Top 10 Best Diets For Tropical Fish To Buy In 2020

We can divide the fish for aquarium, also called ornamental fish in two types: freshwater and saltwater (marine). Within these two categories there are species that have to live in warmer water, between 24 and 28 degrees.

These fish need water heated to survive are called tropical fish. Here in Brazil, perhaps the most popular are the Betta Fish and Disco, both freshwater. However, there are several other species. Below we’ll talk more about them and show how to choose the right food!

How to Choose the Best Food for Tropical Fish

The fish world is very rich and there are always new things to learn, and feeding one of the most important issues. After all, it is directly related to the pet’s survival. Therefore, we show the following aspects important related to the choice of the feed, as formats and ingredients!

Choose Between feed for Top, Middle or Aquarius Fund

The anatomy of the mouth of the fish varies greatly, some have the mouth facing up, the other has a straighter shape and have those with the mouth facing downwards. This directly influences the choice of feed. See how!

Top 10 Best Diets For Tropical Fish To Buy In 2020

Because they are lighter, diets do not sink into flakes are therefore indicated for fish that eat the surface, such as Betta and Butterfly fish. One must consider, however, that it is a food that usually has many dyes and lose many nutrients in the milling process.

Without proper hygiene care, this feed may end up polluting the aquarium since its waste may rot in the environmental background. Another negative aspect is its short durability. However, some brands have already developed products that do not pollute or have dyes. Always check the label!

Top 10 Best Diets For Tropical Fish To Buy In 2020

The Tetras, discs, barbs and cichlids South American and Clowns and Angels, are intermediate fish, or are not even in the background or on the surface, but in the middle of the aquarium. Therefore, the type of feed is the most suitable release granules.

This type of feed is the way from top to bottom, covering the entire aquarium slowly. Thus, they may also be offered for other types of fish. However, depending on the brand, the travel time to the bottom may be different, so be sure to observe the product label!

Top 10 Best Diets For Tropical Fish To Buy In 2020

The bottom fish are known as well by having the anatomy of the mouth slightly different from the others: its mouth is facing downwards. This hinders format that feeding occurs on the surface or in the middle of the aquarium, so he needs to feed straight down to the bottom.

The feed in this case are those indicated in tablet, disc or tablet, as to be more dense and heavy sink quickly. Recalling that to facilitate the client’s life, most of the time, the brand has shown in the feed label whether it is suitable for this type of fish.

Feed Holiday Dura Several Days, Ideal for When the Owner will Travel

The fish need to be fed every day, and even some brands have diets that should be offered to fish up to 4 times a day. But what about when you will be away for a long time for a trip, for example, how to keep the fish fed?

That’s what the holidays are rations. Are rations that last several days, some can last up to 15 days in an aquarium with 10 fish. You simply put in the tank that the fish eat enough every day. It also has some options that will releasing a bit of food every day.

Check What Feed the Fish Species is Indicated

Top 10 Best Diets For Tropical Fish To Buy In 2020

There are a variety of tropical fish, including the most common, when we talk about fresh water, are the Tetras, Neons, Gupis, Platis and Mollies. Disco Fish Fish and Gold are also well known, and of course we can not fail to mention the so famous Betta.

Representing the saltwater fish also have the clown fish, Nemo from the movie “Finding Nemo.” It also has the patella Surgeon, Dory, the same film as well as the Yellow Surgeon, a variation. actual range and fish dominoes are other common choices, as well coexist with other species.

Each of these fish has specific characteristics that influence the choice of feed, such as the size, the type of water in which they live, their age and the nutrients they need. So always check the packaging for which species the feed is indicated.

Analyze the composition to Nutritional Whether the feed is Nurturing Able Your Pet

Choose a complete feed nutrient is essential for the health of your fish. Algae and soya lecithin, for example, are excellent sources of vegetable protein, as shrimps and fish meal are good animal protein options. Recalling that the ideal is to have about 45% protein in the feed.

Do not forget that vitamins and minerals are also important for the nutrition of these pets. Here the focus is on vitamin C, which acts nutrient in fish immune system, inhibiting the emergence of infections, strengthens the epithelial tissue and maintains its beautiful and healthy fins.

Speaking of beautiful fins, carotenoids, especially astaxanthin, it is essential to enhance the colors and brightness of the fish. So if your pet is colored, be sure to observe this point. Finally, we still have the pre-biotic elements that favor the intestinal flora of the fish.

Top 10 Best Diets for Tropical Fish

Now that you know what to consider before buying food for your fish, check out the following best feed options!

Table Comparison of Feed for Best Tropical Fish

ColorBits Granules feed for fish

Bionautic Food for Fish Flakes

Krill feed for Gran Develop Fish

Wels Chips Food for Tropical Fish Fund

Cichlids beads Food for Tropical Fish

Premium Food for Fish Betta

GoldFish Color Food for Fish Aquarium

Feed Flakes for Tropical Fish

15 Days Holiday Food for Tropical Fish

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Then, excited to start building your first aquarium? Well, even if this is not your first aquarium is always important to learn more about the feeding of tropical fish, either salt water or fresh. Remember to always start by looking at the type of feed and for which species it is indicated, okay?

Another important point are the ingredients, they ensure that their fish are always healthy and with a very pretty color. Finally, if you are traveling, opt for a holiday food can be an interesting option, so the pets are excited and keeps strong!